Mother Nature Smiles On Cherry Blossom Festival

Markeshia Ricks PhotoThe cherry blossom trees hadn’t quite popped, but it seemed that spring had — finally, maybe — Sunday just in time for the 45th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Wooster Square.

And it was right on time for the thousands — estimates were at more than 7,000 people — of winter-weary people who came to soak up the sun and have some fun.

Elsie Chapman, a recent-former president of the Historic Wooster Square Association and a member of the festival planning committee, said her heart is always a little in her throat this time of year. Not because she’s worried that the cherry blossoms won’t put in their appearance. She’s always worried the weather might not hold.

But as she watched bands perform and people dance in the sunshine, visit vendors spread throughout Wooster Square Park, and children enjoying all the expanded opportunities to make art and play, she realized she could breathe easy.

Another festival had been pulled off, kicking off the festival season in the Elm City.

The festival once again transformed the park into a place for everyone with people gathering with their friends and family, and many four-legged friends. The Friends of Wooster Square also made sure to honor the hometown heroes Marianne Mazan and Bill Iovanne Jr.

There were familiar faces ...

... dancing and acrobatics. ..

... music and more dancing.

But there was also plenty to eat and you could always burn those calories with just a bit more dancing.

And if you were lucky, when you were all tuckered out, you could take a nap and get a lift home.


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posted by: Fairhavener on April 23, 2018  1:14pm

Amazing entirely neighborhood volunteer run event.

posted by: hartman on April 23, 2018  1:34pm

What wonderful photographs! Thanks Markeshia!

posted by: wendy1 on April 23, 2018  3:39pm

Gorgeous, colorful, international….gets bigger and better every year.