“Class Of 2027” Graduates

Paul Bass PhotoFifteen graduates of the Montessori School on Edgewood entered a final procession Tuesday, then heard about another graduation they’re expected to attend in 17 years. Underclassmen (pictured above) donned robes and joined the procession, too.

Technically the graduating 5-year-olds are members of the Class of 2010. At a festive ceremony at the Edgewood Avenue school Tuesday morning they were honored for completing the program and heading on to kindergarten in the fall.

They were also handed a plate of expectations: That they will become graduates of not just high school, but college.The school’s education coordinator, Cecile Malm (Pictured), welcomed the gowned preschoolers as “The Class of 2027.”

Tuesday morning the graduates (in white gowns) as well as gowned members of the lower grades lined up on Edgewood Avenue. Parents escorted the children through a balloon archway down the driveway to the stage. The little ones didn’t need to duck.

Parents recorded the moment for posterity. Tomeka Vinston (pictured) brought both a still camera and a videorecorder to capture the graduation of her son, Tyler Hanes ...

... as well as her friend’s daughter, Azack Thompson.

Dignitaries on hand included State Sen. Toni Harp.

Performing musicians included the infant-toddler class. They offered renditions of “A-B-C-D” and “I Can Count.” The microphone didn’t reach where they were standing, so assembled parents and friends needed to quiet down to hear the performance. They did.

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posted by: Teacher Gal on June 25, 2010  8:39am

Congratulations little graduates!!!

How about some PR for some other schools besides Davis, Edgewood, and Hooker. This paper is perpetuating the belief that there are only a few schools in NH that are doing anything good! Quite frankly, I am tired of reading about them.