Cop Background-Check Reports Falsified

Markeshia Ricks PhotoA cop filed at least 17 false background-check reports on potential police officers, leading to reexaminations of their applications, an internal review found.

So reported Assistant Police Chief Racheal Cain.

Cain said that the officer responsible for faking the reports, Leah Russo, resigned from the force Monday once the department opened an internal investigation.

Russo did not respond to calls or a text message to her cell phone seeking comment.

Cain said officials discovered the problem during an executive session at a Board of Police Commissioners meeting in May when a rejected police applicant pleaded his case.

The applicant told commissioners that he had reviewed his file and discovered that it included a report of a conversation between one of his neighbors and a background investigator. That conversation couldn’t have taken place, the applicant said — because that neighbor is dead.

Cain said the remark surprised her: “We put a lot of trust in our officers to do the right thing. Obviously, I was extremely concerned about it.”

Police brass immediately removed Russo from doing background investigations and looked into the allegation, which turned out to be true, Cain said.

Then she had officers review Russo’s other files. They found 17 instances in all of false reports, involving supposed conversations with friends or neighbors that never took place, involving a total of “six or eight” applicants. All those false reports involved positive alleged recommendations.

Those cases (except for the one brought before the commissioners in May) involved applicants whose cases were still under review, Cain said. Staffers redid those investigations from scratch, and all have been completed. The chief has since recommended hiring some of those applicants and rejecting the applications of some others, according to Cain.

Russo filed her reports electronically and did not sign anything, Cain said. “I don’t believe it’s a crime.” But the department plans to forward the information to Connecticut’s Police Officer Standards and Training Council (POST), which may decide to bar her from filling other law enforcement jobs in Connecticut.

Russo’s partner did not take part in the reports in question, according to Cain.

“We acted immediately. One saving grace is that there are checks and balances put in place,” she said. “The applicant had the opportunity to go to the police commissioners, tell the police commissioners what he found, and based on that process, we were able to address it.”

Rank & File “Upset”

Russo, a member of the academy class of 2015, had been working as a city cop for less than three years when she landed a spot in the background investigations unit last fall.

That concerned some rank-and-file cops, who consider that a coveted position. In the past, the department has generally required cops to have at least four years experience and meet certain standards to start doing background checks. No written rule requires that four-year threshold; it was an unwritten practice.

So news of these 17 false reports touched a nerve in the department.

“People are upset,” said one officer familiar with the sentiment at 1 Union Ave. “A lot of people would like to be in that position, people who are more qualified. And I care who’s going to be my next back-up.”

Assistant Chief Cain said the move to younger background investigators reflects the department’s youth in the face of waves of retirements. Most cops have under five years on the job, she said. “Ideally,” she said, “we like to have more experienced veteran officers in any of these units.”

The Board of Police Commissioners is scheduled to meet Thursday night to vote on recommendations from Police Chief Anthony Campbell to hire 37 applicants for the academy class that starts June 25. (Thirty-one of the officers will train at the department’s training academy, six at Connecticut POST in Meriden.) The department aims to draw another 35 or so cadets from the approved civil service list for another class beginning in October.

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posted by: jamesj@newhaven on June 13, 2018  8:20am

Ok so now the obvious question: Who did Russo know that she was able to get a coveted promotion barely two years out of the Academy?  On what basis was she promoted?  Looks like someone promoted her based on a friendship—or worse.

posted by: Atticus Shrugged on June 13, 2018  8:43am

Can we get more information on the people Ms. Russo tried to help?  The real concern here is potential for lawsuits against the city due to a bad apple.  But as Chris Rock said, in some jobs, you don’t get to have bad apples.

posted by: cunningham on June 13, 2018  8:50am

“We put a lot of trust in our officers to do the right thing.”

Probably not the smartest idea!

posted by: Concord on June 13, 2018  9:04am

Leah Russo should be held criminally not just allowed to resign. Were these friends of hers that she was trying to help get hired?  Was she receiving compensation from these applicants? Lots of unanswered questions. Let’s hope the NHPD administration does the right thing and proceed with a criminal investigation into Russo.

posted by: Noteworthy on June 13, 2018  9:20am

This is another mark of poor leadership at the NHPD - unqualified and lazy people in critical positions and an astounding level of management incompetence in managing the force and keeping it within budget, the second largest in the city. The NHPD has exceeded its budget by millions of dollars.

posted by: 1644 on June 13, 2018  9:22am

I suspect she was just lazy, so made things up that seemed plausible,  rather than actually track down the people she was supposed to interview.
Funny story:  My brother-in-law needed a clearance to work at Los Alamos.  While watering a vacationing neighbor’s lawn, an agent walked up and asked him how well he knew the guy who lived in the house next door.  He answered, “Pretty well, since I live there.”

posted by: Ocean1776 on June 13, 2018  9:40am

It’s a shame that a sworn officer would take her job so lightly as to not do a thorough investigation of potential candidates who would someday wear the uniform. That position of back ground investigator should be filled with officers who have pride in the NHPD, she obviously did not. I hope she os charged criminally if that’s even possible.

posted by: Tiggy on June 13, 2018  9:47am

Russo committed a white collar crime by falsifying a public document. This is a felony amd she should be arrested!! Anybody else would be behind bars right now.

posted by: concerned_neighbor on June 13, 2018  10:04am

The cover-up begins:

Russo filed her reports electronically and did not sign anything, Cain said. “I don’t believe it’s a crime.”

Please, if you believe DC Cain then I have a bridge to sell you. DC Cain, I thought you might be the sort of 21st century leadership NHPD needs. False reports are false statements. These are crimes. Investigate and document the malfeasance.

Remember, where there is smoke there is fire. If former officer Russo doctored background checks, what else did she do? Shouldn’t DC Cain open an investigation into every report written by Officer Russo to find out how deep this goes?

DC Cain should, but she won’t. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Just get enough dirt to force a resignation. Avoid a court battle. Sweep it under the rug.

posted by: Ozzie on June 13, 2018  10:17am

This shows how bad the Department has gotten, and this is not the first person who has fudged background checks. As for Cain’s excuse that the Department has gotten younger and that’s why this person had gotten the position is a joke . Everyone knows these people are hand picked. Here’s a solution , retiree’s are allowed to work for the City 19 hours a week. Tap into that resource , but the problem with that is they may scrutinize the applicants to much and the City wont be able to hire who they really want .

posted by: SpecialK on June 13, 2018  10:53am

NHPD from top to bottom is a poster child for a generation of failed policies of feel good/look good hiring and promotional practices. It’s not even about who you know anymore, never mind what you know, it’s all about identity politics and checking the various gender and racial boxes.

posted by: observer1 on June 13, 2018  11:22am

The fish rots from the head is an old Italian saying. The conduct exhibited by this officer is not surprising in the city of New Haven. Start with a financially incompetent mayor who does not understand budgeting, and then go down the chain of command. A lot of these people down the food chain simply emulate the actions of their leaders. Why are we surprised when we have accepted this type of behavior for decades? Incompetence and poor performance have become the standard. Cynical, but I speak the truth.

posted by: WMACHQ on June 13, 2018  11:27am

D.C. Cain is a conscientious and professional officer. The hunt for the guilty always starts with finger pointing. She followed up, she followed procedure.
It’s up to others above her to decide where to take this egregious act of dishonesty.

W Mac

posted by: challenge on June 13, 2018  11:40am

Wow. Is there any credence or integrity left within NHPD? AC Cain feels what this officer has done is “not criminal”. Hopefully she never becomes chief because we all know the integrity of any organization begins at the top. As far as the officer having a position she did not qualify for, it must be nice to be able to commit criminal acts and simply resign instead of facing prison. NHPD is quickly returning to a band of rogue cops making it hard for good, honest, hard working cops. And the chief. Is he chief in name only? It seems Cain is running the department and if she is the city should be bracing themselves for more scandal and more lawsuits. The incompetence in this administration is astounding. It’s heartening to see the Police Commission doing real work. If they did their job well enough there would be no need for a civilian review board. I just wish these rogue officers were not allowed to simply resign. They should be charged as the criminals that they are.  At least this one is not on a paid leave. The city can be grateful for that.

posted by: victoria on June 13, 2018  11:43am

This is for Observer1…i completely agree with your statement.  There is no longer effective leadership.  Leaders lead by example and they show their subordinates that ethics, morals, respect, character and integrity matters.  But the poor leadership has lead the dept for morale to plummeted to a point that is non existence.  I remember years ago when the dept had great leaders that installed pride, honor, courage, integrity, morals in their subordinates.

posted by: on June 13, 2018  12:16pm

Sad but this isn’t the first time the New Haven P.D. has been under the microscope. An investigatIon must be ordered. This has to go further up the food chain. My question is why did she do it in the first place? My time in New Haven is coming to an end. The lose i’ll take on my paid for Home will be my problem but this city is down the tubes and I don’t see it improving in my lifetime.

posted by: T-ski1417 on June 13, 2018  12:30pm

So instead of replacing Russo with a more seasoned officer, what does the PD do?????  They replace her with an officer that has less that a year of street time….  Just amazing.

posted by: robn on June 13, 2018  12:52pm

There’s only two motives I can come up wit to explain why Officer Russo did this. One is laziness…sure its a possibility. Another is graft; that’s more worrisome because according to this article, NHPD is allowing some of the candidates with falsified background checks to proceed.

posted by: Samuel T. Ross-Lee on June 13, 2018  1:01pm

From the article: “Assistant Chief Cain said the move to younger background investigators reflects the department’s youth in the face of waves of retirements. Most cops have under five years on the job, she said.”

How is it possible to run a police department of a city this size when the majority of the officers have so little experience? How did this happen? What happened to the officers with more experience?  What led so many of them to retire or leave en mass? 

These are some critical questions that should be raised, given the information above.  Does anyone know the answers to these question? 

Rev. Ross-Lee

posted by: southwest on June 13, 2018  1:45pm

Great reason why people don’t trust cops..Lets see a three year rookie doing background for other applicants to be police offficers lied 17 times and even said she spoke to the dead as well as the living…I can just imagine what she faked in her reports regarding the living when it came to her arrest reports.. Every week it’s some kind of police misconduct from the retired detective who had files in the basement that could clear two suspects in a homicide but never put the evidences in the property room or turned it over to the prosecutor, to a officer informing his drug dealer friend that the Narco Cops were doing surveillance on him. From the officer who arrested a 70 year old woman for a crime she didn’t commit to someone in record room tampering with the warrant changing the date of birth..Question what else is happening that the public don’t no about?? The Board of Police Commissioners isn’t doing a good job picking these so call candidates plus some have been on the board to long and have lost sight on what their duties should be as a commissioner.. Their should be term limits in theses positions to make them more credible.. Assistant Chief Cane said a crime has not been committed because she didn’t sign it and it was written electronically ...So any report done electronically isn’t legitimate?  What a bunch of crock excuses when officers do wrong from need more training to,reports done electronically to what ever else the administration comes up with….Who is actually running the Department now?? Cyber Space 🚀!!! I see More lawsuits coming regarding the recruitment/candidates.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on June 13, 2018  1:56pm

If you want to get to the Bottom of this.Call these Guys in.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E



posted by: narcan on June 13, 2018  2:03pm

Aside from the obvious potential criminal ramifications, the question is begged:

Who put this officer into the background unit? On what criteria were these officers selected?

posted by: narcan on June 13, 2018  2:06pm


A funny thing happens when you slash pay and benefits…high quality employees don’t hang around.

An employer with the lowest pay and poorest benefits in the state for a given job will inevitably have a higher than average turnover and incidence of problem employees.

posted by: alphabravocharlie on June 13, 2018  2:39pm

Disturbing. What made her think she could get away with it.

posted by: OldMomYoungChild on June 13, 2018  3:33pm

The self-congratulatory reference to the “checks and balances” that led to this discovery is kind of laughable, considering that, had the rejected applicant not 1) asked to see his file and 2) shown up to a meeting and raised objections, the police department NEVER WOULD HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THIS.

The discovery of Russo’s highly unethical behavior would never have come to light had this applicant not been extremely motivated.

posted by: JohnDVelleca on June 13, 2018  3:53pm

@ Rev. Ross-Lee

    Many things led to the mass exodus of veteran officers.  Three things in particular: pension modifications, health benefit modifications and Dean Esserman. 
    AC Cain is a good cop and a solid administrator, she did an outstanding job for me when I was Assistant Chief and Acting Chief.  Quite frankly, I don’t know what the hell happened here, or who is truly to blame, but it’s a mess.  A large scale administrative investigation needs to be undertaken and should review the current hiring initiative from it’s inception.  I would suggest requesting the help of, or subcontracting, an outside agency to take the lead in such an investigation.  I think it needs to be confirmed that this officer was the only officer doing this and that the behavior was not systemic within the hiring process, which would create a much larger problem.  I’m most concerned that 17 cases got by without a hitch, which suggests a serious lack of oversight and quality control of the process.  There should be some type of command level oversight, I know there used to be.  Also, I certainly wouldn’t let Russo off this easy; criminal charges should at least be considered.  I think the case can be made without the signature.  There’s a lot of work that needs to be done here.  Maybe it’s already underway.

posted by: Ex-NHPD on June 13, 2018  5:12pm

Part 1

Velleca noted 3 reasons for the exodus of veteran officers; but there is one overwhelming reason.

Chiefs of the NHPD since January, 2008: Ortiz, Redding (acting), Lewis, Redding (acting), Limon, Velleca (acting), Esserman, Campbell.  3 Chiefs who were not temporary were Outsiders; 2 of whom brought in their Outsiders to fill the Assistant Slots,  That is a whole lot of inconsistency for 10 1/2 years.  Lewis was supposed to be the Savior and fix what PERF said was wrong; he was only here to give an underling Executive Experience and throw a bone to an old friend.  Limon was even worse; gave an AC position to someone who was 5 years removed from police work and another to someone who never was a Supervisor.  And, don’t forget the debacle during DeStefano’s term in May, 2011 when he sent a warning to all the City Unions by laying off Cops.  He then out did himself by bringing back the nightmare that was Esserman.

This inconsistency in the leadership with these Chiefs, along with them having no skin in the New Haven game, showed every veteran officer and supervisor that the NHPD was a rudderless ship.  The wealth of Institutional Knowledge about the City and the Department that left was devastating through the entire structure of the NHPD.

Supervisors saw that hope for future advancement was iffy; they left. They were replaced in Promotional Exams by very inexperienced officers. Veteran Officers saw Chiefs who did not know them, never gained trust in those Chiefs.  The FTO Program was destroyed when these officers left.  There are FTO’s now who are barely out of being FTO’ed teaching new graduates.

This didn’t happen overnight. Lewis/Limon/Esserman (who has so much Chief experience*sarcasm*) didn’t notice or care.  Esserman was in fact proud of all the Senior Officers and Supervisors leaving; he could then mold the NHPD in his image.

This led to current NHPD Chiefs who were made long before they were ready; those who should have been made, are long gone.

posted by: AverageTaxpayer on June 13, 2018  5:28pm

@ Narcan,—or when your Union contract allows you to retire after 20-25 years, on almost a full salary, and the opportunity to go do the same job elsewhere,—for essentially double pay!

How many of the officers “retiring” in their late 40’s or early 50’s, just go on to work a different job? My guess is the majority of them!

If the union contracts didn’t allow such early retirements, we’d have plenty of experienced officers kicking around. Instead they are encouraged to cash out as soon as possible.

posted by: Ex-NHPD on June 13, 2018  5:47pm

Part 2.

The idea that anyone would think that an officer with 3 years experience was suited for the task of performing background checks is mind boggling.  Russo started the Academy in January, 2015.  Graduated July, 2015.  Then she was under the tutelage of the FTO Program for 3 months.  Next, on her own. In the NHPD, that means immediately to a walking beat.  That is a disservice to every new officer, since they are very limited in what they learn how to do, based upon being only on the beat and not handling many different type of calls.  It can be a very limiting learning time, when they should be learning everything. At best, she has just over 2 years of Street Experience. 

I know both officers and supervisors who were assigned to background checks at the NHPD.  It requires a “Cop’s Eye” as they make their way through all the avenues they must explore.  It also requires CONSTANT interaction with the assigned Supervisor.  This brings up many questions:

Is this Russo’s first time assigned to background checks?
How many other very junior officers are assigned to background checks?
Who had input into who got the assignment?
Who selected the officers for the assignment?
How Junior is/are the Supervisor(s) overseeing the officers?
Does the Supervisor assigned have experience doing background checks ?
Is the manual for doing the tasks being followed or ignored?
Where was her partner during the 17 falsifications?
Did Russo submit overtime slips for her “work”?
Any of those slips be connected to the 17 falsifications?

For this egregious amount of falsifications to get so far without being noticed is a failure of the process as it exists now. This should require an immediate auditing of the entire group.  Step 1 should be an immediate end to any officer/detective/supervisor with less than 10 years experience to be assigned to the unit.  Don’t forget that the NHPD also does background checks for the NHFD!

I hope the NHPD asks the States Attorney for an opinion.

posted by: strangefruit on June 13, 2018  6:09pm

Whoever thought it was smart for the city to calculate overtime paid by outside firms into pension screwed up the cities budget and Officer thinking for years to come.

Russo needs to be tried in the court of law.

This administration is a complete joke. Police, Fire, Mayor, & Of course BOE.

New Havens Promise is if you raise your children here, we will tax you to death and give you a rebate on college education at a state school

posted by: southwest on June 13, 2018  6:45pm

Average taxpayers I agree with your comment 💯 percent if the city change the contract we wouldn’t have this great exodus plus these officers with their pensions and another police job some is making about $200,000 a year or more…they are laughing all the way to the bank with their cash 💰 cow…no other job will allow you to do this..all city contracts need new policy and contracts when it comes to policying or else they will go broke… plus some of the officers is obviously incompetent…they have no fear of repermand or written up because it’s obviously the Young supervisors or clueless and the Chiefs are clueless also….

posted by: new havener on June 13, 2018  6:49pm

All it’s really going to take is one officer, that was hired based on falsified background checks, to screw up in the field and get called out, as seems to be the repeated case in New Haven…the lawsuit liability will be compounded.

Further, I am quite certain police reports are not written and submitted on open computers. the fact that databases and metadata logs who created and submitted reports is enough to sustain the argument of an ‘electronic signature’, where actual ones are not possible. On this point, AC Cain is on thin ice.

posted by: Samuel T. Ross-Lee on June 13, 2018  8:20pm


Thank you for the comprehensive presentation.

Rev. Ross-Lee

posted by: Adrian35 on June 13, 2018  8:35pm

Paul: Why has the Independent shown no interest in the sudden departure of former Director of PSAP Michael Briscoe? You seemed to follow the trials and tribulations of his appointment by Mayor Harp through his tenure, but now silence? The public deserves to know the “ background” on his resignation. Don’t you think?

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on June 13, 2018  10:13pm

posted by: JohnDVelleca on June 13, 2018 4:53pm

There’s a lot of work that needs to be done here.  Maybe it’s already underway.

Do you think we need something like the The Knapp Commission?I do.

posted by: Hill North on June 13, 2018  10:27pm

@ 1644, specialk, robn,  oldmomyoungchild

It is so hard not to say anything about the issue before us. However, I will share this. What the STUDY GROUP identified as the discrepancy with Russo and coordinated with the Cadets on how to process in there review of their file, what to look for in the file and present their arguments. The NHPD will never give the Study Group credit for the hard work they do behind the scenes to create an even playing field for everyone. That is the over-looked and undervalue of the STUDY GROUP.

posted by: T-ski1417 on June 14, 2018  2:18am

Cain said:

“Russo’s partner did not take part in the reports in question, according to Cain.”

Then why did her partner just resign as well???

@ Paul Bass

You might want to look into this.

[Paul: Thanks. The partner was reassigned because now that the cadet class is complete, there wasn’t as much work for the unit to do, according to the department.]

posted by: narcan on June 14, 2018  3:20am

Hi Average,

Your estimate for the value of the city pension is a little high. The cops are barely clinging to 50% of their base pay after 25 years. Other departments, overtime is often included or the percentage is 60%+. Don’t know many people who would feel great about their retirement lifestyle on $33k a year.

If you’ve done 20-25 years locked into city service (especially public safety), you’ve earned your pension as far as I’m concerned. It matters not if you are 45 or 75, you should be allowed to stay or live a new life chapter as you choose.

But it really has nothing to do with the age we “allow” people to retire at. If more experienced employees weren’t concerned about losing benefits in progressively worse contracts, they would stay more than the minimum.

I hear time and again, people talking about the budget, experience, and contract issues with the cop shop. The math is simple; You simply don’t get tenderloin at chuck prices.

posted by: T-ski1417 on June 14, 2018  6:54am

@ Paul Bass

I see, so you reassign an experienced officer because there wasn’t much work to do, HOWEVER you assign a new officer to the unit with less than 1 year street experience…...Makes sense.  The amazement never stops…....

posted by: westville man on June 14, 2018  8:06am

Yes, Narcan, the math is simple-  it reveals that these retirement payouts are unsustainable.  I know numerous New Haven Firefighters and police officers. They retire in their 40s after 20 years of service so they can collect their first pension and move on to a second career so they can collect a second one by the time they are in their 60s. Most of them have retirement pensions in the $40-$50,000 range. Being “locked in” for 20 years doesn’t impress me. Try working a career for 40 to 45 years like most of us.
At the very least, it should be a 30 year requirement with no access to pension until age 59.
In West Haven, they now have more living retired police officers then they do those active on the force. The system is unsustainable and the chickens are coming home to roost.

posted by: JCFremont on June 14, 2018  8:24am

Could be laziness, but could be that the department and city did not want to deal with a slew of articles about “one mistake” or youthful indiscretion disqualifying a candidate so the this is what we get. And as always somebody is going to end up in court.

posted by: PDFF418 on June 14, 2018  9:44am

After reading this article,it seems there is more to the story. I feel the department has lost its credibility with the public after so many changes and incidents over the years.
How can it change if every couple weeks there is another issue brought forward to the public where trust is violated or swept under the rug.
DC Cain, no charges..I thing the electronic document agreement would hold water in a court of law, unless they have advised otherwise..!
Best of luck to the department, the days of trust and transparency are no longer..! Isn’t there enough issues in today’s Public safety that already effects the daily operations..? Yes , so do the right thing.

posted by: noone on June 14, 2018  11:47am

This is what happens when politics and optics are more important then the citizens of New Haven. The City keeps on appointing the same type of people with the same power hungry ambitions to Chief and Assistant Chief , they give not one *@(@& about policing or the citizens of New Haven.

Policing is at a cross roads in this country, what have the people who guide this department done to address these issue, to make the men and women who serve the citizens of New Haven the best educated, the most professional and the type of officer we all would like to have interactions with.

We are in a City with one of the great learning institutions in the world, that contains the worlds future political , industrial, medical and scientific leaders how are we not everyday leaning on Yale to become the best and brightest police department with the most progressive leaders the world over.

The time for blindly saying oh this is the way we have always done it, this is how policing has always been can no longer be tolerated. When will the citizens of this city demand that the Mayor do something.

Inadequate leadership
Inferior Training
Old school Practices
Incompetent Supervision
Run/Hide/deny instead of transparency

These are what the New Haven Police Department is dealing with and until City leaders truly do not care about politics and optics and hire individuals who are smart and true leaders that the men and women of the New Haven police Department can follow with pride, it will never change.

Mistakes are mistakes they can happen to anyone, allowing an officer with 3 years on the job to do background investigations is not a mistake , it is plain stupidity, borderline incompetent and extremely insulting.

I guess If maybe she had a Masters or Doctorate in Human Resources we could re-evaluate but I think that would have come up.

posted by: Yuuup on June 14, 2018  11:53am

This has nothing to do with the amount of time an officer has on the job. It has to do with integrity and moral compass. Some people on the PD have tons of education and work experience and skill sets that would make them a great background investigator. It’s too bad that people believe that the amount of years on a job is the determining factor in what type of cop one will be. Obviously honesty and laziness was the issue. I know a lot of people that have been on jobs for years and won’t retire and they are lazy as they come. They come for the paycheck. So miss me with the fact she only had 3 years on. It has nothing to do with what she did.

posted by: Trustme on June 14, 2018  12:37pm

Thank God for the 2018 World Cup!!!!

posted by: Timothy G. ORourke Jr. on June 14, 2018  1:56pm


I am really not trying to be sarcastic but I suspect a huge reason why the force cannot keep seasoned officers is from the public’s hyper-critical, presumptuous and prejudice disposition to call every cop a racist who arrests a black man in this city.  Who can long take cameras being continually shoved in their face just looking for you do something wrong with baited breath as your making a simple arrests?

posted by: T-ski1417 on June 14, 2018  3:50pm

@Paul Bass

Someone lied to you. Her partner resigned and was not reassigned.

posted by: Hill North on June 14, 2018  4:19pm

The Board of Police Commissioner’s Meeting scheduled for June 14th 2018 6:00pm has been canceled. At this time the process has been put on hold for approximately one month while Internal Affair complete their investigation.

posted by: Ozzie on June 15, 2018  3:37pm

I see in a new article on this site that this upcoming Academy class has been put on hold. I’m just wondering who trained Russo to do background checks in the recruitment unit that features her prominently in a recruitment poster. Did she do this on her own or was she coached by someone in charge of the unit. These are questions that need to be answered

posted by: Hill North on June 15, 2018  5:49pm

I agree with your observation. There was three bosses that signed off on Officer Leah Russo files before it went to the Commissioners. I do not think she acted alone. If criminal chargers are filed against Leah Russo. She might flip on the entire group.

posted by: ThinkingOutLoud on June 16, 2018  7:03am

Rachel Cain, you say “I don’t believe it’s a crime”, Wow…..If you don’t believe it’s crime, then your position, duties and responsibilities should be investigated, as well as whoever else is part of this larger cover up.  17 false reports is not a mistake.  You think it’s fair that taxpayers pay for your jobs, and these jobs are not even performed in the proper manner?  Totally ridiculous.  17 false reports, could’ve been the potential for 17 hardworking, committed people, who didn’t get a chance at the job they wanted.  So glad I don’t live in New Haven anymore.

posted by: victoria on June 16, 2018  8:19am

Another officer just resigned involving this scandal and the Officer is Kris Ramirez according to the new article.
The plot thickens.  I wonder who else is involved?  This is a damn shame.
So these 2 Officers get to bail out of this mess with no real consequences just a resignation and no criminal charges.  What about those 17 individuals that were victims of these two officers?  Where is the justice for these 17 individuals?

posted by: Nhdump06511 on June 16, 2018  4:08pm

Rachel Cain “doesn’t think” any laws were broken. Yeah, that’s the first problem. She doesn’t think otherwise taxpayers wouldnt be footing the bill for the extra expenditures and lawsuits bc her “thinking” or lack there-of. Its time for the wizard amd his minions to go