Cops Make Arrests In Murder, Zip Gun Cases

NHPDPolice have arrested a 21-year-old Fair Haven man in connection with the murder last week of a man on Ella Grasso Boulevard near Goffe Street.

A passerby called police upon seeing the victim, Nathaniel Bradley, lying dead in the middle of the street.

The alleged murderer is being held on $1 million bond pending a scheduled arraignment Thursday. Police have sealed the warrant and are withholding more details about the incident.

In a separate case, police have arrested three teens in connection with two East Rock robberies last weekend. They also seized a zip gun one of the teens had allegedly manufactured.

Here’s the fully release on the case from police spokesman Officer David Hartman:

“New Haven police have three juveniles in custody, suspected to have committed two weekend robberies in the East Rock area. The first robbery was perpetrated in East Rock Park on English Drive. The second was in the area of State and Humphrey Streets. The suspect descriptions were similar enough to suspect the same perpetrators had committed both crimes.

“These suspects would later be apprehended on East Street. One of them was in possession of a home made ‘Zip-gun.’

“Based on the arrests and subsequent interviews, detectives were able to secure a search & seizure warrant for the Mountain Ridge Road residence of another juvenile who manufactured the gun. At that home, another assembled gun, a partially assembled gun and components intended for assembly were recovered.

“The juvenile was arrested and later told police he’d manufactured and sold as many as a dozen operational Zip-guns.

“Such crude deadly weapons pose a threat to both the victim and shooter. There is a possibility the weapon could explode or misfire. Anyone in possession of such a weapon is at great risk.

“Police are asking for the public’s help. If you know of such a weapon or know anyone in possession of such a weapon, you are urged to call detectives at 203-946-6304. Calls may be made anonymously.”


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posted by: Yaakov on October 23, 2013  10:48pm

Wow. Both Bobby Curtis Griffin (alleged murderer, according to the Register) and the victim, Nathaniel Bradley, were busy men:

Bobby Curtis Griffin:,,

Nathaniel Bradley:,,,,,,

posted by: LadyERT on October 24, 2013  10:40am

Yakkov- What is your point sir?

posted by: Yaakov on October 24, 2013  11:56am

LadyERT: It’s very illustrative of the situation in New Haven. New Haven has a reputation as a violent city. I live in Dwight, which many people think of as a questionable neighborhood. I (and I think the vast majority of my neighbors as well) disagree with that negative assessment of our neighborhood and our city. We feel quite safe here, because our chances of being victims of violent crime are very slim.

I have no knowledge of this particular shooting, but it fits a larger pattern where both the perpetrators and the victims have been involved in criminality in the past.

Does that mean that they deserve to be victims? Absolutely not. Is it a universal principle that applies to all violent crime in our neighborhoods? Absolutely not. Is it true that there is a pattern in New Haven of criminals being the victims of a disproportionate amount of violence in New Haven? Absolutely.