Bella Vista Man Dies In 12-Story Fall

Police are investigating a “probable suicide” in which a man fell to his death from his 12th floor apartment at Bella Vista.

Police believe the man “jumped from his 12th story apartment window” early Tuesday, according to Officer Dave Hartman. “He did not survive the fall. Foul play is not suspected.”

In other news, according to Hartman:

Where Was She Shot?: A woman may face criminal charges after lying about the circumstances in which she was shot. Here’s what happened:

At 9:04 a.m. Tuesday, “officers were dispatched to Yale-New Haven Hospital after staff reported a woman had come there seeking treatment for a gunshot wound to her right hand.”

They met the victim, who lives on Sylvan Avenue in New Haven. “She told the officers she’d been walking from her apartment to a neighborhood bodega on Sylvan Avenue when she heard a gunshot. She said she realized she’d been wounded and walked to the hospital.

“Detectives investigating the case didn’t believe [her] story and developed a different theory. During her talk with them, she finally admitted lying about the circumstances and that she was actually shot inside her apartment.” She named a 21-year-old man as the shooter.

“As medical professionals attended to [her] wound, patrol officers and detectives rushed to [the alleged shooter’s] home.” When cops got there, the man tried to flee. “He failed, was tackled in the back yard and arrested.”

“During his talk with detectives, [the suspect] let them know where he’d stashed the gun. Police recovered it moments later.”

The shooting victim has not yet been discharged from the hospital. Her wound is not life threatening. The alleged shooter was charged with interfering with police.

“Additional charges relating to the firing of the gun, the false report and the risk of injury to a young child in the apartment are certain to be added when the case is wrapped up,” Hartman said.

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