D, B & Q Drive Into History

Paul Bass PhotoThe D bus has not run late all week and never will again.

The 212 bus? That could be a different story.

That’s because, as of Sunday, New Haven no longer has a “D” CT Transit bus serving Grand Avenue and Dixwell Avenue, or a B bus connecting Whalley to the Hill, or a Q ferrying passengers from Fair Haven through Edgewood and West Hills.

CT Transit has converted all letter routes to number routes. New Haven’s bus routes are in the 200s.

“The new system is designed to work with new technologies such as real time bus information and will make the bus system easier for new and current riders to use,” the state agency states on its website.

We asked the state Department of Transportation why the numbers work better.

“We started it because of travel between systems,” responded spokesman Kevin Nursick. “It is important for the real time information system because all the divisions share the scheduling system.  So they couldn’t all continue to use the same letters or numbers.”

He added that the change “should not have been surprise to riders.  It has been on the alerts [web] page and been posted on the buses.  Staff has been on the Green talking to customers and explaining the changes as well.”

Following are the new route numbers, from the DOT:

224 – State Street (Route M)

224 ends at State & Ridge
224D goes to Devine Street
224N goes to Northside

228 – Whitney Avenue (Route J) | 229 – New Haven/Waterbury (Route J4)

228 ends at Whitney & Davis
228C goes to Centerville (some trips also serve Hamden Plaza or Cheshire)
228H goes to Hamden Plaza only (no Centerville)
229 runs between New Haven & Waterbury
229X runs via I-91 for part of the route between New Haven and Waterbury

234 – Winchester Avenue (Route O)

234 ends at Newhall & Mill Rock
234P goes to Putnam Place via Davenport Apts. (some trips also serve Leeder Hill Drive)

237 – Shelton Avenue (Route G)

237 ends at Marlboro Street
237P goes to Putnam Place (some trips also serve Pine Rock Avenue)

238 – Dixwell Avenue (Route D)

238 runs between downtown New Haven & Hamden Plaza
238C goes to Centerville (some trips also serve Circular Avenue and/or Hamden Hills)
238P ends at Putnam Place

241 – Goffe Street (Route Z)

241 goes to West Hills
At night and on Sundays, Routes 243 & 246 provide additional service to West Hills

243 – Whalley Avenue (Route B)

243A goes to Amity Rd. (some trips also serve the JCC or continue to Seymour)
243B goes to Brookside via SCSU
At night, some 243A & 243B trips run via West Chapel St. and/or West Hills

246 – Edgewood Avenue (Route Q)

246 ends at Fountain Street
246A goes to Amity Road
At night and on Sundays, some 246 & 246A trips may run via West Chapel St. and/or West Hills

254 – West Chapel Street (Route F) | 255 – New Haven/Ansonia/Seymour (Route F6)

254 ends at Ella Grasso Blvd.
255 runs between New Haven, Derby, Ansonia & Seymour
At night and on Sundays, Routes 243 & 246 provide additional service to West Chapel Street

261 – Boston Post Road (Route O)

261 goes to CT Post Mall
261X runs between downtown New Haven and CT Post Mall via I-95

265 – Congress Avenue (Route B)

265 ends at West Haven Center
265B goes to Bull Hill Lane (some trips also serve Union Station)
265R goes to Oyster River/Bayshore
265S goes to Savin Rock

268 – Washington Avenue (Route M)

268 ends at Ella Grasso Blvd. (some trips also serve Union Station)
268B goes to Bull Hill Lane via Veterans Hospital
268C goes to Coleman & Greta via Veterans Hospital

271 – Kimberly Avenue (Route J) | 272 – Union Avenue (Route J)

271 ends at Ella Grasso Blvd.
271M goes to Milford Green & CT Post Mall
271R goes to Oyster River/Bayshore
271S goes to Savin Rock
272 ends at Union Station (some trips also serve Columbus & Howard)

274 – Sargent Drive (Route Z)

274 ends at Long Wharf
274C goes to City Point

State Street Station

Connections are available at New Haven State Street Station with CTrail New Haven Line (Metro-North), CTrail Shore Line East and CTrail Hartford Line (coming soon). The following CTtransit bus routes stop within one or two blocks of State Street Station:
204 – East Haven
206 – East Chapel Street
212 – Grand Avenue
215 – New Haven/Wallingford/Meriden (part-time)
223 – Lombard Street
274 – Sargent Drive
278 – New Haven Connector (Weekdays AM only)
Union Station

Connections are available at New Haven Union Station with CTrail New Haven Line (Metro-North), CTrail Shore Line East, CTrail Hartford Line (coming soon) and Amtrak Northeast Regional & Acela Express service. The following CTtransit bus routes provide service to Union Station:
212 – Grand Avenue (Sundays only)
265 – Congress Avenue (Nights only)
268 –Washington Avenue (Nights only)
271 – Kimberly Avenue
272 – Union Avenue
278 – New Haven Connector (Weekdays PM only)

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posted by: BetweenTwoRocks on October 11, 2017  4:49pm

The numbers are sensible and even seem to have some logic to them. The 24X seem to go to Westvilla via Whalley/Edgewood, for instance.

It’s just personally a bummer cause I JUST got used to all the letters. But all the buses do generally say where they’re going so it shouldn’t be a total shock and most of the bus drivers are happy to take the time to explain it (the riders, however… ).

posted by: __quinnchionn__ on October 11, 2017  5:22pm

I was surprised by how many different numbers there were on the buses that were going to different places in different directions, even though I knew that the change was coming. Good thing I know my way around town already.

posted by: Pat from Westville on October 11, 2017  6:56pm

One small correction, bus 246 (formerly the Q2) does not END at Fountain Street: it travels on Fountain Street from Alden Avenue tp RAMSDELL Street, which is its terminus point.

One real problem with the new signage on the bus is that all inbound buses have only “Downtown New Haven” on the front of the bus, until a block or two from the Green when the bus’s destination outbound from the Green appears. A great many bus trips are taken through downtown on the same bus, for example, the Whalley Avenue bus to New Haven becomes the Congress Avenue bus to various destinations in West Haven. If you take the Whalley Avenue bus from the Amity Stop & Shop plaza and want the Savin Rcok (formerly B7, now 265S) bus, it would be less confusing to have some indication, like “continues to Route 265S.” as it does in the printed schedules.

posted by: robn on October 12, 2017  8:43am

...because computers don’t understand letters…