Double Homicide On Front St.

Contributed PhotoThree people were found shot, two of them fatally, in Fair Haven Saturday night.

The shootings took place at a Front Street condo complex at a unit that neighbors said has become a drug-dealing spot. They’ve told the cops that. They’ve told their landlord that. However, it was not known Sunday whether the dispute leading to the shootings had to do with drugs.

“Police arrived quite fast” after five shots rang out in the dark, one condo neighbor reported. “There were quite a few characters that definitely were not from here, and they all looked nervous and were on their cell phones” at the scene immediately following the gunshots.

The third shooting victim was expected to survive.

Police spokesman Officer Joe Avery released the following statement:

New Haven –  On January 29, 2011, at approximately 9:30pm, NHPD Patrol Officers responded to 24 Front Street and 95 Poplar Street, respectively, relevant to a report of a triple shooting.  Upon arrival at 24 Front Street, officers located two apparent shooting victims; Michael Fernandez (DOB 6/17/78) and Marquis Sumler (DOB 10/25/85).  Both victims were suffering from gunshot wounds to the chest and were removed from the scene to area hospitals.  Shortly thereafter, both victims died from the aforementioned injuries.  Both Fernandez and Sumler were New Haven residents. 

Upon arrival at 95 Poplar Street, officers located a third shooting victim identified as Samuel Maebry (DOB 3/5/78) of New Haven.  Maebry was suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen and leg.  Maebry, who refused to provide any information to police, was also removed from the scene to an area hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery.  Detectives from the NHPD Major Crimes Unit responded and initiated a homicide investigation.

MCU detectives have determined that all three victims were shot inside 24 Front Street as the result of an ongoing dispute, and the victims seem to be specific.  Since the inception of the investigation, detectives have made significant investigative progress.  However, many details are being withheld at this time, as the investigation is continuing.

The residence located at 24 Front Street is characterized by redundant drug dealing and habitual drug use.  The location has been the target of previous drug investigations by the NHPD Tactical Narcotics Unit. 

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posted by: DKR on January 30, 2011  11:22am

shocking what happens when you get yourself involved “in the game” some days you win big,..but sooner or later,’re going to roll “snake eyes”,..perhaps someone can give me a logical reason why any “reasonable law-abiding citizen” wouldn’t want to cooperate with the police if he or she had just gotten shot. just throwing that out there..!!!

posted by: sick of it on January 30, 2011  1:07pm

Something is definitely wrong wrong wrong with the system, when upright, law-abiding, condo fee-paying, tax-paying citizens have no rights to get this kind of low life out of our complex.  We cannot discriminate to keep them out- that’s illegal.  We cannot have them evicted- that’s illegal.  The owners (this time, the Center for Independent Living) can place whomever they like in their units, and not keep tabs on the conditions the rest of us are forced to live with in our midst. We have been complaining about this for quite a while, and it’s not the first time something like this has happened in our complex.  What we’d like to know is how to prevent this from happening again.  What rights do WE have?  Does it take murder to clean house?

posted by: andrew garrow on January 30, 2011  4:31pm

if mr. maebry refused to help the police, i’m o.k. with him being refused medical help.  This is what’s it’s come down to in new haven, people taking this stupid “don’t snitch” thing to their graves, yet cry foul that the police aren’t doing their job.  to hell with the people who refuse to cooperate.  they want to be left alone - leave them alone.  no more govt checks, no subsidized housing, no medical help.
two months two days until my new haven lease is up.

posted by: K on January 30, 2011  6:26pm

I 1st heard of this when I drove by this am, and saw all the NHPD’s yellow tape all over an otherwise decent-looking condo. This complex is directly across from a nice public park where families go and children play, where the farmer’s market sets up. This is unacceptable. The NHPD needs to take our community’s complaints about drug-dealing much more seriously. And our residents need to report suspicious activity. Get descriptions, license plate #‘s. If you are afraid, send an anonymous complaint via the mail-in NHPD drug-detection reporting form (available at: ) and cc your Alderman and cc your local top cop. We have to drive these criminals out.

posted by: Fairhaven Dave on January 31, 2011  12:54am

Andrew Garrow - I completely agree.  Well said.  If a person behaves like an animal they should be hosed down like one.  I wish guys like you would stick around…

Here’s a tip:  When NHPD ignore your calls about drug deals call the state police and report them.  Get the name of the dispatch person.  Call them repeatedly until an officer arrives.  Track your calls.  Be polite and persistent and accurate.  Get plate numbers, photographs, and stay out of it personally.  Relay everything to your alderman so that people are kept accountable.  Do not stop calling until something is done.

posted by: lance on January 31, 2011  2:01am

but ya’ll will keep voting democrat, won’t you?

posted by: davec on January 31, 2011  10:33am

I personally would welcome a little more Federal presence in New Haven.  The local authorities here just aren’t getting it done.

posted by: Love Fair Haven on January 31, 2011  1:31pm

” Fair Haven is a great neighborhood.
I pray for the families of all involved and hope that they recover from this horrible incident. New Haven is a small city. I don’t know off hand if Knew the people involved outside of the neighbors, but I am sure in the days to come I will meet someone who has been affected therefore I will be affected. I live in Fair Haven it’s a very diverse neighborhood with many hard working, friendly and caring people. Great things happen in Fair Haven every day the media would not be able to keep up with the good stories of Fair Haven and the great families that live and work here. No City, town or group of people is Immune from this type of crime it can and will happen everywhere. The word of the day is Compassion. It will not cost you anything we will all need it someday and the returns are great.
So give it up! ”

posted by: LB on January 31, 2011  9:52pm


posted by: RIght on on February 2, 2011  3:47pm

Hello people, the people that were killed here were drug dealers. They did it to themselves, if that is the life you choose to lead that is how you may meet your demise. I have no sympathy for them. In fact my neighborhood is probably better off without them. What about the people in adjoining condos that have had to put up with this or could have a bullet come through the wall. Oh Please lead a thug life die a thug life. This should be a clear indication to the city that things are out of control. The neighbors have reported this drug den many times. Fortunately the matter eventually took care of itself. Play with fire and you might get burned.

posted by: NH Teacher on February 9, 2011  4:47pm

My thoughts are with the Fernandez family.  When posting comments, please remember that these people have families who love them.

posted by: Lil Mac on February 12, 2011  11:51am

Let my boy mike rest in peace. He was the best dude you would ever meet. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover maybe if there’s was jobs out here there wouldn’t be drugs selling and violence. So to all the people who have something bad to say keep your mouth shut and think before you act.

posted by: Jack on February 27, 2011  12:37pm

Lil Mac - I’m sorry that “the best dude you have ever met” was a guy who sold crack and pimped out women.  What a great example he was setting for his kids.