Family Stands By Annie Le Murder Suspect

Nine months after his son was charged with murdering a Yale grad student, Raymond Clark, Jr. came to court for the first time to publicly support his son.

Clark, Jr. showed up at Connecticut Superior Court on Church Street Wednesday morning, where his son, Raymond Clark III, had a brief court appearance before Judge Roland Fasano. The son, a former Yale lab tech, was charged Sept. 17 with strangling Yale student Annie Le and hiding her body in the basement wall of a Yale laboratory building where they worked.

The son appeared in court Wednesday wearing ankle shackles, handcuffs, and an orange jump suit. For the first time, a row of family and friends showed up to support him. When he entered the courtroom, Clark turned to the audience, raised his eyebrows in greeting, and mouthed a kiss over to where his mom and dad sat, both dressed in blue button-down dress shirts.

The suspect’s sister and a half-dozen supporters sat by quietly in the courtroom. The judge continued the case until July 26. He said the case is being postponed pending more results from the state forensic lab. Lab results have been slowly coming in, he said. Clark’s public defender, Beth Merkin, said there is a tremendous amount of evidence, including over 1,000 photographs.

After the brief appearance, Clark’s family lined up in the hallway to speak for the first time to reporters. Clark’s father read from a prepared statement, scrawled on a piece of unruled paper. Next to him stood his wife, Diane and his daughter, Denise.

The father said the family and friends came to court to support Raymond Clark III, “whom we know to be a loving, caring, kindhearted son, brother, fiance and friend—unlike the picture that has been painted of him.” The father declined to answer any further questions, and asked that the family’s privacy be protected.

Standing among the supporters was the suspect’s fiancée, Jennifer Hromadka. She lived with Clark in Middletown at the time of the killing on Sept. 8. Police said she rode away in the getaway car after the murder. Police took a DNA sample for her after the killing, but said she is not considered a suspect in the crime. Hromadka took some time off, then returned to work at the Yale lab building. She remains engaged to Clark, according to the suspect’s father.

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posted by: chris on June 16, 2010  11:51am

Are you kidding me?  What nerve to make a statement that confrontational without any mention at all of Annie Le.  ... Annie and her family are the victims here.

posted by: mw on June 17, 2010  11:10am

I feel bad for Clark’s family, but I think they need to stay in the background.  Annie’s family doesn’t need to hear what a wonderful person Clark is.

posted by: mn on June 17, 2010  8:26pm

The family should just back-off and support him in silent.  For him to make kissing jestures and carrying the cavalier attitude is a slap to Annie Le’s life and family.
May justice prevail.

posted by: Jmk on July 6, 2010  11:07am

I am convinced there is way more to this. 

What I am getting at is this:  Clark could be a mind control victim, he could be a patsy, etc.  There is ample evidence this case was botched by police as well. 

I’ve been watching this and despite supposed DNA evidence (which CAN be faked) I just don’t see the real motive, nor do I think this guy would just snap once and kill a coworker in a way that would guarantee he gets caught.  DOES NOT COMPUTE.  Yale conspiracy? *