Firefighter Down

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When he was healthy, firefighter Jaime Polite didn’t hesitate to jump into the harbor to save a man’s life. Now Polite needs help—and a fellow firefighter is urging people to rally to the cause.

Fire Lt. Gary Cole wrote the following appeal on behalf of Polite; you can contribute money at this link.

I have created this group to help my brother New Haven Firefighter Jaime Polite, who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Jaime is unable to work and provide an income for his family.

Jaimie is a 16 year decorated veteran of the department and has selflessly served our city with honor and distinction.

Jaimie was personally recognized and received commendations for jumping in the water without hesitation off Lighthouse Point and bringing a drowned man to shore and was able to revive this man so his family could enjoy him again. That is the most noble thing one could do for another.

We firefighters do this everyday, everywhere, and we all do it without hesitation and do it proudly for whoever needs our help. Now it is my mission to give the public the chance to help a true hero and quite the gentleman I must say. Please click on the link I have provided to make a donation to a true friend and inspiration to me. Also know this is not affiliated with local 825 or New Haven Dept. of Fire Service.

This man also served his country and is a wounded veteran. Need I say more? Today is your day to give back to a man who gives selflessly to others. We all love you Jaime, and wish you a speepy recovery, and as always we thank you for the service to your country.

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posted by: Justin McCarthy on December 19, 2013  1:29pm

A Great cause for a great guy. We wish you the best Jaime.

Justin M

posted by: member on December 19, 2013  1:57pm

First I want to thank you Paul for running this for me. To your readers I thank them all in advance for your prayers, well wishes and most of all your financial support. I just wanted to explain to your readers what a great thing they will be doing for Jaime, Jaime and I came on the department together and I have to put him into a category only reserved for the few. Jaime has not only served his community with hard work and distinction but has given selflessly to our country. Jaime was wounded while serving this country and deserves our help now. You have to rememberthe warm blankets of freedom our nation sleeps under at night don’t come free, it comes with the help of great people and great patriots such as this man of honor. Now is our turn to give back for the sacrifices Jaime has made for us. Thank you everyone. 
Sincerely, Lieutenant Gary W. Cole NHFD

posted by: Hill Resident on December 19, 2013  11:26pm

Thank you Firefighter Polite for your courage and service. Thank you Lt. Cole for giving me the opportunity to show my thanks.

posted by: LadyERT on December 20, 2013  10:23am

I am donating what I am able to. My nephew is a New Haven firefighter and the stories he tells of the things they go through are amazing. The whole city needs to rally around this great man and his family and help. God bless

posted by: lelaz31 on December 20, 2013  5:54pm

Much blessings to you and your family during this holiday season..Praying your home will be filled with much joy, and the presence of Jesus Christ, the healer..

posted by: member on December 20, 2013  7:31pm


You truly do have the best readers there are. I just want to say I am floored the response from your site, it is amazing when you personally see caring for another while it’s in progress and that I have seen in the past day. It proves with all the bad I have seen in my career, that caring people exsist in over whelming numbers. I want to ask your readers to keep this mission of care going. Please make a donation to a man who has done his lions share of caring and giving to someone in need.They can find the link above I’ve provided to give back to take away maybe just an iota of burden from Jaime. Thank you all. Sincerely, Lieutenant Gary W. Cole NHFD