First Snow-tos

Chris Randall PhotoMichelle Reynard Photo(Updated) The snowstorm barely got going before Independent readers caught some memorable images.

(Updated Monday 8 a.m.) The first batch came in from the East Rock precincts, including Cedar Hill and Upper State. Others followed from nighttime Wooster Square. As the storm progresses through Monday, email us your photos .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
Michelle Reynard Photo

Rebecca Turcio Photo

Rebecca Turcio Photo

Rebecca Turcio Photo

WIlliam Kurtz Photo

William Kurtz Photo

Edison Photo

Mark Abraham Photo

Chris Randall Photo

Chris Randall Photo

Anika Singh Lemar Photo

Jordan Nodelman Photo

B. Lee Photo

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posted by: Anon on December 27, 2010  1:19am

Riding a road bike in the snow, downhill?

Not on a mountain bike even, or a cyclocross bike-which do quite well offf road- and on a road with cars travelling on it?
What exactly is the point? I mean besides the photo op?

posted by: Cedarhillresident on December 27, 2010  9:18am

Chris, knew the second I saw the photos they where yours :) and great as always. I love them all. First one is interesting. Were is that? Fractional one is cool and love the traditional NE tree and old urban store front. But dude you are maniacs on bikes in the snow! It looks like I was out at the same time as you (by the snow on the groud) AND IT WAS CRAZY windy! Must say truly a New Haven scene.

thanks for sharing I hope we get some from all over.
Mine are rice field, cedar hill railroad, and bishop gate.

posted by: streever on December 27, 2010  9:29am

As a bike note, the only real difference between a cyclocross/mountain bike/road bike in the snow is going to be the tires. Bikes are really simple machines. Put on the right tire, and pretty much any bike can function very well in the snow.

We had a blast riding 24 miles yesterday with neither slips nor falls. Anyone who wants to join us should come to Lulu’s European Coffee House on Cottage Street for a 10 am departure.

posted by: robn on December 27, 2010  10:15am


I’ve got a riddle for you.

Q: When is a bike the safest means of transportation?

A: Anytime cars aren’t on the road.

posted by: anon 2.0 on December 27, 2010  11:15am

They edited my joke out of my comment!!!!!!!! Which would have made my comment more understandable.

Hey guys, relax.
Thanks for the instructions on cycling tires Streever, that was my point. Everyone in the pic looks to be on skinny tires.. Right?

Been a lot safer wiv cross tires or on mountain bikes or cross bikes. Of course, mountain bikes generally have suspension and other things that stabilize the ride, but whatevs.

And actually Streev, there is a huge difference between mtn, Xcross and road bikes in those conditions: disc brakes work a lot better in snow, mud and slush. Just sayin. Mnt and xcross bikes have ‘em. or at least cantilever brakes. Road bikes dont.

But lets just say for the sake of argument, that you did slip and one of those cars plows into you.  What happens then?

My point was maybe off road would have been smarter or something.
I was just giving some obvious safe advice and comments.
You guys are all about bike safety, if I am recalling hundreds of comments posted here about traffic problems in NH and how no one does anything about cars, and traffic calming and bikes lanes and pollution etc etc.
I think a 24 mile ride sounds great. THe problem was the pic with you guys creeping down East Rock in the middle of the road with cars coming up behind you.

posted by: Jonathan Hopkins on December 27, 2010  11:52am

“What exactly is the point? I mean besides the photo op?”

Cool photos.

posted by: streever on December 27, 2010  3:09pm


posted by: amedat on December 27, 2010  4:12pm

Love these photos; particularly marjolaines and court street.

posted by: Chris Randall on December 28, 2010  1:11am


I love your pic (as well as the others). I have a two part question for you: Did you add the sad-faced, angry-eyed voodoo man in the middle of the pic or was it a result from the flip? And if you didn’t add it,did you see that sad-faced, angry-eyed voodoo man in the middle of the pic before you mirrored the shot (meaning was that itself the cause of the flip) or was it a “happy accident” and happened by default?