Fly Us To Charlotte

Starting Dec. 22, New Haveners will be able to fly once a week from Tweed-New Haven Airport to North Carolina to a hub connecting to 150 other destinations.

Tweed announced the weekly Saturday American Airlines nonstop flight to Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in a press release issued Monday.You can buy tickets here.)

“We are confident that the addition of this flight, with hopes for others to come, will solidify New Haven’s place as the transportation hub Connecticut needs to bring jobs to area residents,” Mayor Toni Harp, who has been lobbying against airport neighbors for paving more of the runway to accommodate more flights, states in the release.

Added Economic Development Corporation CEO Ginny Kozlowski: “The new service clearly demonstrates American’s confidence in the greater New Haven market, but there is still more work to be done to strengthen Tweed and make it the economic engine that our region so desperately needs.”

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posted by: JCFremont on August 7, 2018  7:21am

Well it is a start kudos’s for American Airlines and City Hall to backdoor past the protests. Charlotte as a hub will be a better stop over than Philadelphia in the winter, better for all those snow-birds when your not on a tight schedule also more options to connect to the Caribbean. Recently booked a flight south from Tweed (PHL) and found the fare cheaper than Bradley and only $20 less than LaGuardia, so unless I take local buses and the subway I’ll save money on getting to the airport.

posted by: NHPLEB on August 7, 2018  8:50am

Dear JCFremont,  pls provide evidence of the price you paid.  I have NEVER, EVER found Tweed to be cheaper than any other airport going anywhere.  Thank you.

posted by: Concerned74 on August 7, 2018  1:31pm

I just looked up to see how much a flight would be in January if I went to visit family.  The cost for the non-stop flight is $2063.  Who is going to be able to buy a ticket??!!

posted by: NHPLEB on August 7, 2018  3:36pm

Thanks Concerned74—-  can you tell where you were flying to and if it was round trip??

As we wait for this data——  there you have it,  TWEED supporters!  2G’s to save all that time flying from Tweed.  I ‘ll go to Bradley, thanks!

posted by: Esbey on August 7, 2018  5:20pm

I just used Google flights to price flights to the southeast out of Bradley and Tweed.  Bradley seems systematically better for Florida, especially because you can often get a non-stop for a good fare.  But for other destinations Tweed is more than competitive, especially given its much greater convenience. 

For example, I checked CT to Charleston SC one way on 1/5/2019.  A 6am flight is $127 out of Bradley, arriving at 9:55AM.  A 6am flight is $151 out of Tweed, arriving at 9:58AM.  The price difference is less than the difference in taxi fares to Tweed vs. Bradley and you would get a full extra hour of sleep leaving from Tweed.  So Tweed is better all round for that flight. There are other times and destinations where Tweed is a good deal, and yet others where it is not. 

Contrary to the comments above, AA is not going to offer service with exclusively two thousand dollar tickets that no one takes, as they only make money when some people buy their tickets. Tweed is and will be a good option for some people for some flights.  But service is so restricted that there is no incentive for AA to offer super-cheap fares that could fill their planes up twice over. It turns out that they can only sell each seat one time per flight.  If you want cheaper fares you will have to allow more capacity. (Of course, even then it will pay to shop across airports and airlines.)

posted by: Noteworthy on August 7, 2018  5:22pm

There is no risk for American. This is not a new airline as promised and the mayor once again is lying about jobs. So you go to Charlotte vs Philly. It’s another hub. Who wants to go on a Saturday to catch a connection to somewhere else? Like the bond deal, the trip to China, it’s all smoke and mirrors for which the taxpayers are paying.

posted by: JCFremont on August 7, 2018  5:54pm

@NHPLEB Paid $202 plus tax and fee’s, for a round trip (Main Cabin Fare) to a Carolina airport that is not serviced by a discount airline so the choices where Delta American or United Bradley was at the time of booking twenty to thirty dollars MORE even on American, still had one stop. New York City was 20 less but unless I used local buses to a Bronx Subway stop I couldn’t stay with in costs. Lets look at American Airlines to Chicago for the same dates base fare main cabin. Tweed - $230, Bradley $375 and LGA $148 a $62 dollar difference. Delta fares are similar. Fares for Southwest is cheaper from Bradley for their Wanna get a way is $188 but the next level goes to $413. Now I could have used the discount airlines but then I would have to rent a car. PS Main Cabin gets you choice of standard seat, one free bag and versus basic economy you pay extra if you want to choose your seat pay for checked bags and most importantly if they need to bump people your probably the first ones to be bumped.

posted by: NHPLEB on August 8, 2018  6:06am

Thanks, Fremont.  I have to honest and say that I have never found a flight from Tweed anywhere that was under 400.  Maybe I don’t know the right places to look but I searched at the last minute and I searched well in advance of a trip.  Your experience is not one that I share.  I appreciate your reply!

posted by: steve on August 8, 2018  5:33pm

Just checked for Tweed to Charlotte on Dec 22 HVN CLT
9:55 AM 11:58 AM 2h 3m Nonstop AA 5053 CRJ-Canadair Reg. Jet
Operated by PSA Airlines As American Eagle
Details, for HVN to CLT, departing at 9:55 AM Nonstop Seats , for HVN to CLT, departing at 9:55 AM Nonstop
Main Cabin
One way
$ 206

Bradley to Charlotte on Dec 22 BDL CLT 10:05 AM 12:11 PM 2h 6m Nonstop
AA 5291 CR9-Canadair RJ 900 Wifi on-board
Operated by PSA Airlines As American Eagle
Details, for BDL to CLT, departing at 10:05 AM Nonstop Seats , for BDL to CLT, departing at 10:05 AM Nonstop
Main Cabin
One way
$ 543

Time to clear the air with the fake news being posted. Tweed’s flight is even 3 minutes faster.

posted by: WSQres on August 8, 2018  6:41pm

One flight a week is not much but it is progress. I will eagerly await the day when there are flights to Charlotte from New Haven on larger jets like an A319 or a 737.

posted by: steve on August 8, 2018  9:01pm

@ WSQres, This one weekly flight will test the waters for AA. As far as a 737 or A319, I think the route will eventually be covered by a CRJ-700 or a E175, both seat about 65-75 passengers. Charlotte is a good hub airport that offers service to many southern destinations and the Caribbean which means just making one connection. This will eventually be a popular flight and further reduce the areas dependence on Bradley field.