Goldson Backs McMahon

Thomas MacMillan File Photo(Updated)As Democrats rally to rescue Dick Blumenthal’s Senate campaign, West Rock’s alderman broke ranks and endorsed the Republican contender.

Democratic Alderman Darnell Goldson said he has a lawn sign in his yard for Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon, has offered her a tour of his neighborhood, and is open to becoming a paid campaign worker.

Goldson endorsed McMahon in a press statement sent out late Thursday.

“I’m supporting Linda McMahon for Senate, because I am convinced our state needs a Senator who knows how to create jobs,” he wrote.

Goldson said he maintains his support for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Malloy.

His endorsement rankled local Democratic party activists, who called the combination inconsistent. It came during a week when polls showed the race dramatically tightening. Blumenthal stood neck-and-neck with McMahon, who had trailed him by 41 percent in January.

Goldson said he met McMahon a few weeks ago during a visit to New Haven. He said he is impressed by her experience growing the World Wrestling Entertainment empire from scratch.

“She is the American success story. She is what we all strive to do,” Goldson said. “I think that if she talks to the people directly, I think her story carries some weight and influence.”

He said McMahon is an inspiration because she made her millions after starting from meager means and at one point subsisting on food stamps.

“She wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She’s lost everything to bankruptcy and she knows what it means to be at rock bottom. If you took away the Republican title and put her in the home of one of our neighbors, she would be just like one of us.”

Democratic Party Chairwoman Susie Voigt called the endorsement a “surprise” and a “disappointment.”

Just Thursday, McMahon said she is open to reducing the federal minimum wage. That’s a disconnect with poor, urban voters, she argued.

McMahon and Malloy are “two very different figures presenting very different challenges in front of us,” she argued.

She said despite Goldson’s endorsement, “I think the voters in New Haven will make it very clear that they stand behind Democrats. Not because of labels, but because the Democratic leadership provides a voice for many of us who don’t have a voice.”

“Republicans will clearly stand on the side of the wealthier few,” she argued.

Goldson said he interpreted McMahon’s comments Thursday to mean that before increasing the minimum wage, lawmakers should examine the consequences. That makes sense, he said.

He called his support “not anti-Blumenthal, but pro-McMahon.”

Goldson has made a part-time job for himself this year by diving into campaigns on the opposite side of the fence from the Democratic Party leadership. Through a consultancy company he set up called Campaign Management, Goldson worked for state representative candidate Deb Hauser in East Rock, and for Malloy’s primary campaign. He brought in about $13,000 in wages from those campaigns, according to state records.

The alderman said he is not being paid by McMahon’s campaign at this time.

“I am not working for McMahon. I have not been paid, haven’t been offered any payment, and I haven’t asked for any payment,” he said.

He said he would be open to the opportunity: “I have never ruled out a job offer. If they offered me a job, I would consider it. I don’t think anyone in this economy should ever rule out a legitimate job offer.”

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posted by: Truth Avenger on October 1, 2010  10:55am

Goldson demonstrates strong capitalistic and opportunistic tendencies.  He would fit right in with the
McMahon camp.  There is more to govenance than turning a buck and being able to run a business-at least we know where Goldson’s priorities are focused.  It is clear that Goldson he is focused on lobbying for a job even if it means that the wrong person is elected to serve as Connecticut’s next Governor.

posted by: Daniel Casey on October 1, 2010  10:56am

what a terrible choice to make Alder Goldson

posted by: visitor on October 1, 2010  10:57am

Just curious—where is Goldson employed right now?

posted by: Truth Avenger on October 1, 2010  11:03am

Correction to last statement: Goldson is willing to work for McMahon, even if it means electing the wrong candidate as the next Senator of Connecticut.

posted by: webblog1 on October 1, 2010  11:05am

Goldson just sealed his doomed fate for any attempt in a Democratic primary, or independent run for Mayor in New Haven for the foreseeable future.
Opposing a popular Attorney General for a rich novice wannabe U.S. Senator, is not wise decision for a new Haven politician.

But, why tell Goldson that??

He aint trying to listen.

posted by: streever on October 1, 2010  11:13am

Darnell, I can’t believe you are picking the candidate who is OK with lowering the minimum wage.

Oh well. Good luck to you and your candidate!

posted by: Cedarhillresident on October 1, 2010  11:39am

Self preservation :( hmmmmmmm I am looking at this not as a political agreement with her but as ... can not say it. I am let down.

Linda McMahon is so out of touch with the majority it scares the CRAP out of me. hmmmmm

posted by: Curious on October 1, 2010  11:52am

Darnell, you’ve got to be kidding!  Not only is she opposed to minimum wage, she makes 46 million dollars a year but does not pay for health care for her employees. I saw her on a t.v. show and she answered the question about health care by saying that several times a year she brings in a company *salesman) to offer health coverage to her employees, BUT THEY HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. I don’t know what you’re thinking. Have you really listened to this woman? She may have been broke at one time, but she certainly doesn’t remember where she came from.  And by the way, she didn’t even know what the minimum wage is. Here I thought that you were a champion of the “little guy”. I can only assume that you have decided that you don’t really like politics after all.

posted by: davec on October 1, 2010  12:07pm

“New Haven - Where the weird turn pro.”

posted by: Darnell on October 1, 2010  12:18pm

Just Asking….Have you guys been drinking the cool aide? This whole thing about the minimum wage is typical of how folks think, or do not think for themselves. Read her comments that the NHI provided a link to (

She said that before she supports a RAISE in the wage, she would like to know what metrics are tied to the raise and how it would affect workers and jobs, businesses and the economy. She also said that she supports the idea of a minimum wage, and would not agree to abolish it.

Do you folks read past the headline?

And by the way, I’m one guy with one vote, why are folks getting so excited about this?

” Why I am voting for Linda McMahon (and Dan Malloy)

I am a Democratic African American Alderman from a heavily Democratic leaning town (New Haven), and I have decided to vote for the white Republican, Linda McMahon, over the Democrat, Richard Blumenthal for the United States Senate. There, I’ve said it, I’ve confessed to the sin of bolting my party and voting my conscience, and boy, I’m sure I’m going to pay for it dearly.

Why am I doing it? It wasn’t an easy decision to leave my tribe and ignore the label, Democrat, to do this, and I have no doubts that there will be repercussions from many quarters. I’ve already received a phone call from the campaign manager of a statewide candidate who basically told me that I would be working against the ENTIRE Democratic Party (Obama), if I support Mrs. McMahon. I’m hearing the whispers of traitor; mercenary; dead man walking. One blogger went so far as to suggest that I am now a member of the Tea Party.

If Mrs. McMahon were a democrat, it would have been a no brainer for me and many of those same people who are now and will in the future criticize me for my decision to support this woman. She is mother and wife who has overcome major challenges and obstacles to become a successful businesswoman. She is an American success story, picking herself up by the bootstraps; she wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Like all of us, she loathed having to ask anyone for assistance, but she did so anyhow for the sake of her family when she applied for and accepted food stamps for a short time. How many proud black families have done the same? She faced bankruptcy head on, and instead of allowing it to destroy or define her, she bounced back and launched a hugely successful business with over 500 employees in offices all over the world. How many of my constituents are facing those very same challenges at this moment? She believes in the right of women, and not government, to make their own choices about their reproductive decisions.

Change the label from Republican to Democrat, and we have ourselves a winner.

Last weekend I went to a meeting of people who are interested in joining a national movement called No Labels. The core value of this group is that we must put our labels aside, and put the issues and what’s best for the nation first. Hyper-partisanship divides America, derailing our capacity to solve our shared challenges. Rather than focusing on solving problems, labels are used to demonize opponents, enforce orthodoxy within the ranks, and marginalize sensible solutions. The No Label organizers are united in the belief that we do not have to give up our labels, merely put them aside to do what’s best for America.

It started me to thinking about the label with which I have allowed myself to be branded. What does it mean to be an African American Democrat in New Haven and Connecticut? What I concluded is that in New Haven, it means being ignored by the Democratic nominee for Senate. It means that as a demographic that robotically votes for the democrat, you will be ignored because, well, who else are you going to vote for?

So, the answer to the question as to why I am voting for the Republican is simple. It was many years ago I learned how to think for myself, and not let labels define who I am, or how I think. Yes, I registered as a Democrat at the tender age of 18, and yes, I generally vote for the democratic candidate, but not always.

I reject the notion of group-think (Big Brother); I like the American idea of individuality and freedom.

I no longer mindlessly vote for the label, but instead for the person I believe will best serve the community and issues that are important to me.

I don’t subscribe to the lies and mis-truths put out during this campaign. She does support the minimum wage; she does support quality health care; and she will not march in lockstep with the republicans.

So to all those folks that think that they should tell me how I should vote, based on some label arbitrarily assigned, oftentimes based on location and opportunity, please make sure to inform me far enough in advance so that I don’t have to waste time and energy thinking for myself. ”

posted by: William Kurtz on October 1, 2010  12:43pm

Mr. Goldson, you never cease to create interest.  That’s for sure. 

You certainly don’t have to answer to me as I am not even a constituent, but I am curious to know why you believe Mrs. McMahon will “best serve the community.”  Even accepting the inspirational version of her life story as the gospel truth, how does that indicate anything about the way she will vote or serve the interests of Connecticut?  In what way do her political ideas align with yours?  None of that is clear (to me, at least) from your statement below and it’s hard not to read your support for Mrs. McMahon as a reaction to a perceived snub from her Democratic opponent.

posted by: Bill Saunders on October 1, 2010  12:47pm

That Darn Goldson…...

posted by: Dempsey Dem on October 1, 2010  12:49pm

I’ve always been fasinated with Linda’s claim to have been on food stamps.  Is it true?  How long?  And how could she have agreed to have participated in such a socialistic program?

Apparently it is now improper and unfair to refer to Linda’s business, so I will remain generic.  Lionda and her husband took a second generation family business and bankrupted it.  They then brought it back by doing away with health care, pensions, job security for virtually all of her employees and their families.

posted by: webblog1 on October 1, 2010  12:58pm

” Why I am voting for Linda McMahon (and Dan Malloy)”.

Darnell, Your confession is noble and you apparently believe it…for now.

But you never explain in your confessional of support for McMahon, why you are also voting for Dan Malloy, who diametrically opposes the views and positions of McMahon. This convolution displays a weakness in your thinking and political reasoning.

More importantly, it simply does not compute how you support the President’s initiatives, then support one, who by virtue of being a freshman Senator, must earn her stripes by following her parties line. Even you should know this!!!

You really are difficult to follow and understand, your all over the lot, even opposing your self at times.

You just ain’t trying to listen!

posted by: Ben on October 1, 2010  1:10pm

Alderman Goldson,

So what policies that she is in favor of would help your constituents?  Seems to me, as an elected official, that would matter most to you.

posted by: streever on October 1, 2010  1:28pm

“And by the way, I’m one guy with one vote, why are folks getting so excited about this?”
Because they wrote an article about you :)

You’re right: she clarified her comments later, but you have to admit, with her 46 million dollar a year salary it is pretty awful that she does not provide health care yet is opposed to government health care.

I mean, the whole argument that smarter conservatives make is, “Private industry should provide health care not public.” So, where does she think health care comes from?

It has been demonstrated all over the world that people actually save money when health care is public—it eliminates waste certainly—and also prevents the number one cost to taxpayers, which is under-insured people not receiving adequate care.

That McMahon doesn’t know much about immigration issues—doesn’t know anything about the minimum wage in the state she wishes to represent—doesn’t understand health care costs vs benefits—and is unable to simply state her position when it deviates from “America oughta be free! No more Obama socialism!” puts her in the same bush leagues as Sarah Palin and the no-nothings that would continue taxing the poorest to death while giving breaks to the wealthy.

This is a big mistake.

You’re free to support any candidate you want, but I wish you’d reconsider this decision.

posted by: Democrat on October 1, 2010  1:28pm

Putting aside Goldson’s decision I bet you these are the same double-faced Democrats (that are complaining)  who voted for Lierberman when Ned Lamont was the voted Dems. candidate? This is why the Dems. are so weak.

posted by: bulldog on October 1, 2010  1:51pm

mcmahon iss against raisng the minimum wage and is for lowering it. mcmahon makess millions in her entertainment business but offers no healthcare to her employess.  alderman darnel goldson is pro-mcmahon.  goldson not only will support her, campaign for her but is open to being paid by her.

sso is goldson going not ssupporting a living wage bill this year in new haven? is he not ssuporting health care coverage for new haven residentss that do work in the city? i thought goldson was for these things?

sso if mcmahon does not believe in healthcare for her employees and is for a reduction in the minimum wage and goldson ssupports her based on her policies doesn’t this in some way make him a hypocrite?

i alsso take issue with his sstatement that if you took away her republican title sshe would be like one of uss.  ssomehow i dont really ssee that.  there are very few in new haven that are anything like linda mmcmahon with or without a title of republican.  whats more is that it is growingly apparent that goldson isnt much like any of uss either.

posted by: Dam shame on October 1, 2010  2:15pm

What a shame. Another political party, “The me selling out my people for a quick buck party”. He has’nt gotten paid yet, but betcha he will. Maybe his party should be the “Job’s for Goldson nothing for the people party”. Good thing he can’t deliver votes no matter what, so Dick is ok.

posted by: JB on October 1, 2010  2:21pm

And by the way, I’m one guy with one vote, why are folks getting so excited about this?

^^How disingenuous.  You sent a press release to the media.  The rest of us just vote and sometimes work on campaigns and don’t require attention for it.

OH MY, are all you folks looking at lil’ ole ME?

posted by: Sandstorm on October 1, 2010  2:28pm

Opportunistic is the kindest word that one might use in describing Darnell Goldson.
His dishonesty is as legendary as his penchant
for personal gain from his brand of public service.

As for the Kool Ade, its supply was depleted by those who drank it before voting him into office, anticipating some behavioral metamorphosis.

posted by: robn on October 1, 2010  2:34pm

yea sure…we need somebody who’s open to lowering the minimum wage and can create jobs in which people are hired without health insurance and die from the complications related to steroid abuse. Smooth move Alderman Goldson.

posted by: Daniel Casey on October 1, 2010  3:05pm

perhaps, Alder Goldson, you should check out Brian K Hill’s campaign:

it is unfortunate that the vast glut of Connecticut voters will only be able to choose between an unqualified reactionary (McMahon) and a sycophant (Att Gen Blumenthal). But I suppose I’m being bitter since as a Green I’m not allowed to have a candidate.

posted by: Once Again on October 1, 2010  3:23pm

Once again Goldson Flip Flopped. ( This time he Flip Flopped on the democratic party ).

posted by: Brian V on October 1, 2010  3:25pm

Glad you changed the article to remove the offensive ‘rabble rousing’ comment and don’t post my last comment or this one either for all i care but you still owe people an apology. You can pretend it was never there but I read it and others did too. Why no “updated” at the top of the article or an apology?? That was a rookie mistake that shows you have an agenda.

[Editor’s note:  The original story used the word “rabble-rousing” to describe Alderman Goldson.]

posted by: robn on October 1, 2010  3:33pm

I’ll not rule out the opportunity to accept payment from anyone who wishes me to continue taunting crass demagogues on this forum.

posted by: gabbygirl on October 1, 2010  4:09pm

Let’s make sure we make Linda McMahon GO AWAY in November.  Goldson just made a career-damning decision.

posted by: Alderwoman Migdalia Castro on October 1, 2010  4:13pm

I think he should just resign as an alderman. If he cannot stand for the views of his constituents, and how it’s going to affect their lives, then he should resign. Having Linda McMahon to win—all that she stands for is corporate and rich. Not for the middle class and poor. It’s time for him to really say goodbye. I cannot see him as a colleague who really stands for the poor people of New Haven.

People are struggling and really hurting. This lady, you think she’s going to cut to the rich? No, she’s going to cut more to the needy and social security and medicaid—all the things that we stand for.

This is a disgrace.

[Editor’s note: this comment was dictated via telephone.]

posted by: Truth Avenger on October 1, 2010  4:37pm

To Brian V… The word “Rabble-rousing [er]” -defined by the dictionary as:
rab·ble-rous·er (rbl-rouzr)n.:
A leader or speaker who stirs up the passions of the masses; a demagogue.

The term was not offensive- the actions of the alderman are. The article’s author has nothing to apologize for and you should worry more about the big picture than worrying about colorful descriptors.

posted by: PaulF on October 1, 2010  4:39pm

She ran a business were people died so what their grown men she didn,t force them to take steroids. This is the life they wanted.She out to stop big government spending and that’s what we want.Forget about republican, democrat baloney lets get a new face with new ideas.

posted by: The Professor on October 1, 2010  5:34pm

Wait, so Goldson just endorsed a candidate who has all but pledged to vote in lockstep to oppose Obama’s agenda over a candidate who would probably consistently support it? 

He realizes that Linda McMahon isn’t in any sort of position to implement policy, right?  She’s one of 100 senators who has an opportunity to weigh in on policy formulation, but even then it usually gets punted to some bureaucrat in the executive branch. 

Just about the only power that McMahon would have is a Senator in what is likely to be a minority caucus would be the power to obstruct, and she has said nothing to indicate she’d do anything but. 

So, just who’s drinking the kool-aid here?  I certainly think that Connecticut could do better than Blumenthal, but all said, he’s remarkably better than McMahon on just about every issue.

At least Goldson will probably get some front row WWE passes out of this.

posted by: Brian V on October 1, 2010  5:40pm

To Truth avenger:
Other definitions for rabble are “the lowest class of people” or “a disorderly crowd of people”
I find that very offensive. She should have used the phrase “alderman who stirs up the passions” if that is what was intended. I don’t believe that to be the case. It has duel meanings at best and one of them is offensive.
The big picture…?
I see Democracy and fair journalism to be the big picture here- ‘truth avenger’. The man has a right to endorse who he wants without a supposedly unbiased press slinging insults at him. You (and I too for that matter) may not agree with his choice and can work to see he is not elected again because of his choice, but the press should not weigh in on the matter. Sorry, but I have come to expect more from the NHI.
Thanks you for the correction Mr Bass and the apology Ms Bailey. Keep up the (mostly) great work.

posted by: Susan L. Voigt on October 1, 2010  5:52pm

Alderman Goldson is supporting Ms. McMahon - despite the apparent contradiction with his own efforts at the Board of Aldermen to promote an increase in our local living wage.  But rather than add to a debate with one New Haven resident, I am confident that New Haven voters will demonstrate by our vote in November who we think best represents our interests in Hartford and in Washington.  I will support our Democratic candidates who want to work together for a progressive agenda and who support our President with ideas, actions and votes.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on October 1, 2010  6:11pm

Look at all of you.Crying in you beers.I keep telling all of you that the two party system is the same.One is a wolf,The other a fox.Both wolf and fox are part of the aninespecies.
look do like me and write in the Teletubbies.

posted by: What? on October 1, 2010  6:53pm

Although I too am impressed that Linda McMahon has created jobs and built a business that is successful monetarily, I am very bothered by her on a moral and ethical level. I would like to support a successful female candidate, mother and businesswoman, but I feel doing so would be at the expense of a large portion of our state’s residents including my own family. I would like to see more jobs available, but they must be made available with fair pay and basic employee rights. The boss of any company should know what these are. The candidate representing our state should also pay enough attention to the news in our state to be aware of the resident I.D. card/debate that has made national news in our country. The right candidate should also be aware of the issues facing many of our young people today including drug(steroid abuse),domestic violence, and young men and women fighting and often killing each other over petty things like who stole the others girlfriend or disrespected each other in front of their associates… Professional Wrestling not only glorifies and promotes all of these things, but markets them to the most impressionable in our culture our youth and future! Maybe I dream of the ideal candidate, and Darnell I would not tell you who to vote for, but I would certainly urge you to help us all come up with a better solution than Linda McMahon. I have always respected the fact that you did not follow the crowd and were a man with firm beliefs to do what you believed to be right and because of that I respectfully disagree with the previous commenter who suggested you resign from the board of alderman. You are a voice that makes us at least think and respond. Keep up the good work!

posted by: AndersonScooper on October 1, 2010  7:33pm

Guys, please give Darnell a pass.

One, he needs the money.

Two, he simply doesn’t understand that a Republican-held Congress would be disastrous for so many of us,—working Americans, the Obama Presidency, cities like New Haven, the environment, etc., etc., etc.

It’s unfortunate that someone like Darnell has never educated himself about the real differences between the two parties, but what can the rest of us do?

Anyone want to bet on whether Darnell will be on Joe Lieberman’s payroll next cycle?

PS—What does it say about Darnell’s character that he can take Malloy’s money, and then embarrass the man so publicly?

posted by: big len on October 1, 2010  9:08pm

Goldson has a right to align himself with whomever he pleases…however I will also remember who he aligns himself with when it comes to re-election. I am very unimpressed by her platform and don’t see how she will benefit our community.

posted by: Once again on October 1, 2010  10:27pm

Once again the New Haven Independent took the liberty to edit my comments…. WHY???? I still feel Goldson is a Flip Flopper… But there was more to my comment. ( Nothing obscene ) Yet they felt the need to edit my comment. Why???? Goldson has posted many times on these comment sections that he is not a Flip Flopper. Yet he continues to prove he is.

I would like to thank & appluad Alderwoman Migdalia Castro who atleast had the backbone to speak out against such transparent alderman she unfortunately has to serve with.

posted by: WESTVILLEOBSERVER on October 1, 2010  10:48pm

Perhaps Mr. Goldson should realize that as an elected official it would serve him well to respect the citizens of this city who may or may not agree with his views rather than talk down to them with statements such as “have you guys been drinking the cool aide…” Your suggestion that Democrats who support Blumenthal aren’t thinking for themselves is not only condescending it is flat out ignorant. Whether you choose to support Blumental or McMahon is irrelevant. What is relavant is your arrogant presumption that you are somehow more politically sophisticated because you go against the partisan label that YOU adopted to get elected, only to throw your support to the (potentially) highest bidder.

You Mr. Goldson are an opportunist who will do anything for a quick buck and a fleeting headline. I appreciate your transparency. Hopefully those living in your ward will understand this as well. Funny, I used to think Clay Davis was simply a character on the Wire. Now I see he’s actually a character in New Haven politics who goes by the alias of Darnell Goldson. Goldson as a viable political figure?? in the words of Clay Davis, “Sheeeeeeeiiiiiiit!”

posted by: angelo reyes on October 1, 2010  10:52pm

these next few elections will be about preserving the democratic ticket.something i thought you believed in.(THINK)its not to late to change your can you get front row seats

posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on October 1, 2010  11:00pm

Now just wait one minute! Have any of you Blumenthal supporters received a contract in writing as what he’s going to do for the City of New Haven? My point exactly! Alderman Goldson has the legal right to vote for whom ever he chooses. In fact, I think it’s very prudent of him to make such a powerful political move.

Look at the current state of the city that has been run by a Democrat for the last 17 years. Can any of you tell/convince me that this current administration is moving in the right direction under this inept leadership?

Almost 46 years ago Darnell’s parents couldn’t vote, based solely on the color of their skin. Moreover, many people of color died trying. Now how is it that you have the unmitigated gaul to suggest what he should do with his vote? Darnell, in my view you personify true and un-bossed leadership. Keep up the good work my Brother, you make people like me proud.

posted by: Westville Mom on October 2, 2010  12:35am

So, since Linda McMahon is so rich, does that make Dick Blumenthal poor or just cheap?  This headline in The Daily Beast may solve the conundrum:

“Meet the millionaire candidate unwilling to fund his own campaign, even though the fate of the U.S. Senate may hang in the balance.”

Or maybe he has just taken re-election for granted for so long, it didn’t occur to him he would even NEED much money ...
“‘Dick’s going to have to step up his game,” agrees another Democratic official who asked that his name not be used. ‘He’s spent the last 20 years with everybody loving him. Now it’s going to be different.’”

Well, at least in terms of “family” wealth, Mr. Blumenthal isn’t doing too badly.  You all know, of course, that his wife, Cynthia (Malkin) Blumenthal is from the FABULOUSLY wealthy Malkin family, owners of myriad real estate and other holdings AND the Empire State Building.  How could you all have missed that?  You remember her brother Anthony Malkin, right?  He’s the one who refused to honor Mother Teresa with blue and white lights on the Empire State Building ... but was more than happy to honor the 60th anniversary of the founding of Communism in China.  What could possibly be wrong with that?

I wonder if Mr. Blumenthal would answer this question ... What is your position on honoring Chinese Communism?  It seems to me that’s a fitting question for someone who might some day be a very powerful Senator.

There are a lot of things about Dick Blumenthal that just don’t smell right, to those of us with sensitive noses (like perhaps Mr. Goldson?) 

Lying about being in Vietnam when he was never there is a pretty big warning sign to a lot of us.  Downplaying his Greenwich blue-blood roots and $2.5 Million mansion lifestyle while pretending to be one of the regular Vietnam vet guys leaves a lot of us wondering just what lies at the core of this man.  The former ponytail-wearing buddy of Eliot Spitzer appears to be quite a crusader—- when it’s safe to be—- and quite a pretender when it’s not.

posted by: roomforaview on October 2, 2010  2:01am

Big mistake by Goldson. Dems remember stuff like this and New Haven is a Dem town. Blumenthal has been an outstanding public official for decades, who has really fought to improve the lives of average people. McMahon is a no-experience, multi-millionaire who would just be another GOP No vote, to block progressive policy and pad the coffers of the super rich and big corporate interests.

posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on October 2, 2010  7:50am

” Now just wait one minute! Have any of you Blumenthal supporters received a contract in writing as what he’s going to do for the City of New Haven? My point exactly! Alderman Goldson has the legal right to vote for whom ever he chooses. In fact, I think it’s very prudent of him to make such a powerful political move.

Look at the current state of the city that has been run by a Democrat for the last 17 years. Can any of you tell/convince me that this current administration is moving in the right direction under this inept leadership?

Almost 46 years ago Darnell’s parents couldn’t vote, based solely on the color of their skin. Moreover, many people of color died trying. Now how is it that you have the unmitigated gaul to suggest what he should do with his vote? Darnell, in my view you personify true and un-bossed leadership. Keep up the good work my Brother, you make people like me proud. ”

posted by: Kevin on October 2, 2010  9:18am

To Darnell: Expanding minimum wage by at least a dollar has no consequences.  You are clearly trying to get a paycheck from McMahon

posted by: Bill Saunders on October 2, 2010  3:19pm

Brian L. Jenkins,

Unmitigated Gaul????

If Goldson didn’t want the attention, he shouldn’t have made a public endorsement. 

What amounts to little more than Anti-Destefano posturing,
has revealed yet another pig in a poke.

posted by: PaulF on October 2, 2010  3:45pm

Keep the democratic ticket so you could fill all those apartments that you own with all the illegal aliens, and collect section 8 and the working people will still be paying for them why they abuse the system. Free medical,welfare etc. Will keep putting in the democrats alright and their will be nothing left for the next generation

posted by: Charlie O'Keefe on October 2, 2010  8:01pm

Both Blumenthal or McMahon are a very poor choice of candidates for all voters. Blumenthal deliberately lied about his Vietnam War record, and on that alone, if he was an officer and a gentleman, should have seen him withdraw from the race. McMahon doesn’t seem any more savory. I would guess Goldson is doing this to gain some kind of political advantage. I can’t even begin to guess what it is. As the only alderperson who has shown any independent thought and will in the 16 years since DeStefano became Mayor, I support what he is doing. He’s thinking for himself and acting in what he sees as the best interests of the city, and no doubt his political career. We need more like him. That said, I disagree with him on about 50% to 60% of the issues he has taken a stance on. But it is so, so, so good to get someone who will think for themselves in city government.

posted by: Alan Felder on October 2, 2010  10:56pm

Mr. Darnell Goldson, people today do not understand that a person should not violate their conscience, let’s face it, both parties are in the back pocket of capitalist corporations sellout the people , the time has come for a political revolution.

“Ultimately a genuine leader is not a searcher of consensus, but a molder of consensus” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ”

posted by: Darnell on October 3, 2010  1:56am

I respect the fact that so many of you are so committed to your candidate, so committed that you can not bear the thought that someone would actually have a mind of his own and vote for a different candidate than you choose. If I have decided to do, I must be doing something wrong or underhanded. How dare I, an African American man in the Democratic Republic of New Haven, not follow in lockstep with Susan Voigt. And worse yet, I actually confess to the sin. I must be crazy, as well as criminal.

The facts people:
1. The New Haven Register called me on Thursday morning, and asked me if I were working for McMahon, since someone from city hall had called them to say so. Since I busy most of the day in Massachusetts, I did not return the call. Finally, at 6 pm, when I went to attend a committee meeting at city hall, the reporter approached me with the question. I told her the truth, I had a sign in my yard, I personally supported her, and I was not working for her campaign.

I did not approach the press, they approached me. Once I answered her question, I decided it was best for me to inform the other news outlets, so that my story (the truth) would be told, and not city hall’s.

2. Susan Voigt, the New Haven Dem Chair, has supported me. She has not even acknowledged my victory last November. In addition, even though I have supported more than 80% of the administration’s initiatives, since I don’y support 100%, I am somehow an obstructionist. There is no room for free thinkers in the New Haven Dem party, tow the line or else. So, if anyone thought that I had any dreams of having a future life in the NH Dem party, well, I’m a realist. So, I certainly don’t worry about my future in politics in New Haven, I take it one day at a time.

3. Some of you folks like to live in some world where there is some big difference between Blumenthal and McMahon. They both are fairly well off (even though she didn’t start that way). Somehow, it is OK to be a dem and rich, republican and rich is a sin.

It was OK for Susan Voigt, Migdalia Castro and the NH Dem Party to support Lamont BECAUSE he was rich. What a double standard.

Frank Alvarado walks McMahon through Fair Haven, reaction nil.

I put a sign in my yard, reaction, hang him from the highest tree.

4. Sure, I haven’t seen McMahon in my neighborhood, not many republicans to visit here. I haven’t seen Blumenthal in my neighborhood either, even though we do have a lot of dems. I see Susan Voigt here when it is time to find a candidate to run against me. Sometimes the mayor runs through on the way to the highway. There are 380 appointments to Boards and Commissions in New Haven, many of which hire, only one appointment from my district, to the Youth Commission. 70% of the city employees live outside of New Haven. The city is now starting tax foreclosures on 25 homeowners in my community. The tax collector pays taxes somewhere else.

Does anyone wonder why I might decide to look at other candidates?

5. Our President comes to CT for Blumenthal, who preceded to hold a press conference the day before to say how on several items he would be opposed to our DEM president. He actually said that he would be an INDEPENDENT thinker. How dare he. Where were all of you folks when he said this? Why weren’t you all calling for his head.

And then he refused to be seen in public with the President, yet was happy to close the door and collect contributions. To me, it almost sounds the type of relationships he accused Craiglist of fostering. Perhaps we should investigate what he was doing behind those closed doors.

6. I have been consistent in everything I do. I do not hide behind lies and fake smiles. I’m tired of my community and taxpayers being pimped by politicians who take money out of my pocket to put in theirs. I’ve opposed any initiative that would add to budget or burden taxpayers. I ran on that platform. Why does it surprise anyone that I would support the candidate who says that she believes in the same?

7. Is the New Haven Dem party so small minded that it goes into full panic mode when one freshman alderman does not mindlessly follow the crowd?

posted by: Darnell on October 3, 2010  2:25am

@ Everyone - sorry for the Kool Aide comment.

@ Professor - I’ve never seen a WWE match, would not be interested. If she does offer me tixs, would you like them?

@ Webblog - I’m not an aldermen so that I can plan for the next office, nor do I plan to be an alderman forever, so you are only half right, I will listen to you, but I will still make up my own mind.

@ Cedar - sorry you are disappointed. I hope that you are open minded enough to understand that we will not always agree. One difference should not define our relationship.

@ Curious - Blumenthal is not a little guy, and will not represent us in the Senate. And yes, I really do not like politics, that is why you don’t see me at all the parties and so on.

@ Davec - you win the award for best and funniest comment

@ Brian Jenkins - Always thanks to you.

@ What? - thanks, I think…lol

@ Big Len - see you at the polls

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on October 3, 2010  4:03pm

posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on September 29, 2010 12:29am

Threefifths, if the system in this country is so bad/corrupt, why don’t you acquire a passport and get ... out of the country

Remember this statement.So would you say that the people who ave voicing there opinion on Mr.Goldson should acquire a passport and get out of the country?

posted by: Darnell on October 3, 2010  7:19pm


You know I don’t think you should leave the country.

posted by: hawkeye on October 3, 2010  9:44pm

Why are so many people upset, because Alderman Darnell Goldson, thinks for himself, supports who he wants to support, and is not a puppet of our failed political system, that has our country, and state, in a virtual state of bankruptcy?

We need more, responsible, thinking, representatives, like Darnell Goldson, serving in our local, state, and federal government.

Our national problem is, that we have too many rubber stamps, in Congress, instead of representatives, who will not be bought by a political party, like Darnell Goldson.

Thank you Alderman Goldson, for being A REAL AMERICAN!  We need more people, in government, like you, as we have too many “Political Robots” SERVING THEIR POLITICAL PARTY, BUT NOT OUR COUNTRY!

Despite the criticism you have received, from some unfortunately biased people, please keep up your good work, Mr. Goldson, and don’t let them get you down!

I believe, you deserve National recognition for your example of individual courage, in your convictions!

posted by: Workin Stiff on October 3, 2010  10:47pm

To Susan Voigt.

I am a democrat and my family are all democrats back to our great grand fathers day. You seem to think that we have no morals and will vote democrat regardless. Blumenthal is Attorney General and is their to uphold the law. In every courtroom everyday the good people are asked to swear on the Holy Bible to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help themselves God. Yet the man who looks after the justice system just plain faced lies about going to Vietnam. He is not fit to be Attorney General and he is not fit to be a Senator. He is a shame faced liar and should have resigned. He should not hold any political office. You are asking us to vote for a bad apple from the bottom of the barrel because he is a democrat. ... By doing this you cast a cloud over the President and all other decent people….

posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on October 3, 2010  10:52pm

No, only you!
Darnell, although In my opinion, I don’t feel that you have to explain your reasons/right for supporting anyone. I must say however, that your explanation was not only apropos, but very well pointed.
It is most unfortunate that the current Board of Alderman is full of sheep, with a few exceptions. Seldom do you here of an Alderman not following the directions of Susie DeStefano. The majority of the members dance to the mayor’s playing of the violin, and when he isn’t playing it, their suspended in mid air.

posted by: hawkeye on October 4, 2010  2:36pm

Workin Stiff:

Listen to Alderman Darnell Goldson, as he did not, buck the Democratic Party, but he merely told the truth!  If you are thin-skinned, then “THE TRUTH HURTS!”

This is America, and Darnell Goldson is FREE, TO MAKE HIS OWN VOTING CHOICES, you are also!
They call it DEMOCRACY!

“Just try to roll with the punches! “Workin Stiff!  BE HAPPY THAT YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN VOTING CHOICES!

posted by: Lurdes on October 4, 2010  7:02pm


posted by: What? on October 12, 2010  11:13am

Brian K. Hill is a write-in candidate… if you google his name we at least have an interesting third option…anyone have any thoughts about him ?  Stay strong Alderman Goldson! I admire your ability to communicate effectively and respond fairly even when people disagree. Ideas from you and Jonathon Hopkins (another intelligent and thought- provoking voice on the Independent) could stir up some real changes in New Haven!