posted by: Lady Li on March 3, 2014  11:03am

“There was a ship that came into New Haven Harbor,” she began. What was the ship called?

Lots of hands rose. The ship, it turned out, has the same name as their school. “Amistad” stands for friendship, one kid announced. It’s also the vessel in which Mende slaves mutinied, were captured, landed in New Haven, and were famously freed by trial.
- - -
The only U.S. port or harbor the original ship La Amistad entered was New London. It was, I believe, auctioned from there and renamed.
There being many other ships that came into New Haven Harbor, technically the question was wrong; but what is a group of children to do when they know what answer is expected whether it is right or wrong?

posted by: ms.mary on March 3, 2014  3:46pm

Fair Haven School you rock !!!!! you inspire us all to believe in your dreams and to go for them!!!!!