Harvey Feinberg Endorses Paca

Westville civic activist Harvey Feinberg has endorsed the mayoral candidacy of Marcus Paca.

Paca is challenging incumbent Mayor Toni Harp this year for the Democratic Party nomination.

Feinberg used to serve as president of the new Haven Block Watch Association and has served on many local boards and commissions, including, most recently, the Commission on Equal Opoprtunities.

Following is the text of his endorsement:

Marcus Paca has the experience, fortitude and character to be a superior Mayor of the City of New Haven.  He grew up in New Haven and attended Edgewood School, Sheridan and Hillhouse.  He displayed an early interest in city politics when, at age 13, he volunteered on John Daniels’ successful mayoral campaign.  As a teenager, he tried to help his community when he served on the Young Adult Board of Police Commissioners.

Paca’s experiences in the workplace and in the community have prepared him to lead the City of New Haven.  These include work in the telecommunications industry, where he built his managerial skills, and work in the non-profit sector, where he focused on community development, job creation and energy initiatives. His invaluable experience with community development efforts and workforce initiatives with Action for Bridgeport Community Development (ABCD, Inc.), as a member of the New Haven Development Commission, and board member of the Greater Dwight Development Corporation have helped him to understand the importance of neighborhood improvement efforts and to be a more compassionate individual.  Furthermore, Marcus understands the need to build skills for our youth and to retrain workers affected by automation and globalization. 

Marcus’s public service and volunteer work have also enhanced his ability to govern effectively as mayor.  He learned about the reality of building coalitions and the process of lawmaking as an Alderman; he honed his negotiating skills and improved his administrative knowledge as New Haven’s Labor Relations Director.  Paca also contributes his time to community organizations, such as the boards of the New Haven Boys and Girls Club and the Engineering and Science University Magnet School.  These experiences have sensitized him to the human needs of New Haven’s residents.  In short, Marcus Paca will bring to the office of Mayor a wide range of valuable experiences which will enable him to govern in a fair and effective manner.

I am impressed with Marcus Paca’s ideas about improving New Haven’s government. He believes in looking forward, in challenging his department heads to determine future needs and future risks. He won’t simply react to day-to-day crises.  He will encourage his top officials to evaluate the work and responsibilities of city departments to eliminate waste within city government and to defend, very carefully, their budget requests.  He intends to meet increases in government expenses through savings, rather than increasing taxes. To him, taxes will be raised only as a last resort, when no other option is possible, because he understands that many of our citizens are facing serious problems meeting their current tax bills.
I am excited to support a thoughtful candidate who will bring foresight and determination to his leadership role as mayor.  I admire Marcus Paca because of the unique experiences and personal qualities I have described and, especially, his courage in challenging an incumbent. It is refreshing to see someone, like Marcus, who is courageous enough to stand up for what is right. Marcus Paca has the potential to be one of New Haven’s best mayors.  I very strongly endorse his candidacy.


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posted by: JohnTulin on April 19, 2017  8:32am

Dr. Feinberg’s endorsement is enough for me!

posted by: wendy1 on April 19, 2017  9:37am

Good CV and Paca has a brilliant bride, is tall, dark, and handsome in person, and lives in the middle of town.
Personally my focus is and always will be housing the homeless and also putting our foot down to demand more city aid from YALE and other big money that has fed off town services and cheap labor for decades.

posted by: Brutus2011 on April 19, 2017  8:44pm

If Professor Feinberg’s endorsement is a good as his teaching abilities, then Paca is likely a good candidate.

Dr. Feinberg is one of the best teachers I have ever had. His HIst485 seminar was memorable although my term paper on E.L. Godkin was likely not.

I’m glad to hear of his civic activity.