Hill Health CEO Resigns

Thomas MacMillan File PhotoAmid mounting troubles under her watch, Jamesina “Jai” E. Henderson resigned Friday from her post as CEO of the Cornell Scott Hill Health Center.

The resignation takes effect immediately, according to a statement from the organization’s board of directors.

Her departure comes amid financial troubles that have prompted pay cuts and company-wide furloughs. It also comes on the heels of an investigation by attorney Floyd Dugas into personnel complaints against her. The probe stemmed from lengthy letter about alleged mismanagement, written in August by Chief Financial Officer Stewart Joslin. Dugas issued the report to the board in October.

The board did not share details of the report, the terms of her departure, or the reason behind Henderson’s resignation, said Hill Health spokesman Rob Rioux.

Henderson took over as CEO in 2009 following the death of long-time leader Cornell Scott.

Melissa Bailey File PhotoThe board Friday appointed Michael R. Taylor (pictured), the health center’s chief operations officer since July 2010, as interim CEO.

“The Board of Directors and the employees of the Cornell Scott - Hill Health Center wish Jai the very best,” said Board Chair and Alderwoman Andrea Jackson-Brooks in the statement. She declined further comment.

Rioux said the departure “doesn’t affect our ability to see patients. We will continue to show up every day and do our job to the best of our ability. Nothing really changes.”

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posted by: THREEFIFTHS on November 2, 2012  6:45pm

I smell Mackereal.

posted by: Charl on November 2, 2012  9:00pm

NOT a good sign for Hill Health, which is already in seriously dire financial straits…..

If recent corporate history shows us anything, watch for Cornell Scott Hill Health to declare bankruptcy, or be purchased at a fire-sale price before the end of 2012.

Perhaps Yale New Haven Hospital will purchase the ailing corporation?

This does not bode well for the poor living in New Haven, especially with the so-called Affordable Care Act to be ushered in in coming months…

posted by: Noteworthy on November 3, 2012  8:18am

These stories talk about financial problems, but they never say what they are. What’s the core problem? Expenses too high? Revenue too low? Both? This is an important entity and its services are critical. So what gives? Is there any real expectation that the new CEO and the board know how to fix the chronic problems?

posted by: anotheropinion on November 4, 2012  6:19pm

Finally the board has taken action, after 3 years of a downward spiral.  What a shame and reflection on them that it took so long.  I give great credit to the staff of the organization who endured for so long and still show up for work each day to do a good job.  I also credit the staff who went public with their concerns by sharing with the New Haven Independent news the administration did not want known.  Let’s hope the Board actually does a search for leadership, and does not expediently take the easy way out by settling for the next in command.

posted by: Walt B on November 5, 2012  10:22am

Cornell would not be happy.
They brought in a woman all the way from California with no idea of New Haven history or culture, and she in turn brings in her people to replace local people. 
She never should have been hired in the first place.
The Hill Health Center is a uniquely New Haven icon, you can’t just put anybody from anywhere at the helm.

posted by: Claudia Herrera on November 5, 2012  11:56am

Walt B

Completed agreed with you, make me wander where is the community input when this changes are happening , especially in places that are use for low income people. WE all have a lot to say about services, needs and specially we know WHO is working or make it work.

Truthfully, I believe that in New Haven have a lot of qualify professionals with skills to be in charge in this kind of places. But unfortunately they don’t are considered and take their talents to other states and as a consequences we have one less home owner who’s whaling stables them selves a long terms and invest in NH.

posted by: southwest on November 5, 2012  12:16pm

Would someone please find out who are the people that sit on these boards,that allow these financial problems to take place.Why did Miss Henderson resign and what were her salary. These places are there to help the less fortune but it seen that they always come up short with so call mis-management of funds while the board or the staff get there pay.. Just wondering for a better follow up on this story.