Holder-Winfield Moves Up A Notch

Third-term New Haven state Rep. Gary Holder-Winfield has a new title this legislative session: deputy majority leader.

He was named to the state House of Representatives post as legislators prepare to get back to work on Jan. 9.

Democrat Holder-Winfield is trading in another position he held last session, vice-chair of the Judiciary Committee, for the new leadership post.

The new position is “important to the city. You get to be more a part of the decision-making. Strategically makes the most sense,” he said Thursday.

Holder-Winfield also heads the legislatures Black and Puerto Rican Caucus.

Oh yeah. And he has formed an exploratory committee to weigh running for mayor this year.

Another New Haven state representative, Juan Candeloria, is also a deputy majority leader. New Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz named seven deputies in all. Click here for a list of all the new rank-and-file House Democratic leadership assignments.

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posted by: Noteworthy on January 3, 2013  2:26pm

And he gets a raise.

Strategic? Did he really use that word relative to the CT legislature? I’ll have to remember that line.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on January 3, 2013  5:58pm

Although popular Negro leaders are now emerging, most of them are still selected by white leadership, elevated to positions, supplied with resources and inevitably subjected to white control. The masses of Negros are suspicious toward this manufactured leader. We have to create leaders that have virtues that we can respect, who have moral and ethical principles that we can applaud. We have to refuse crumbs from the big city machine, and demand a fair share of the loaf—-DR. KING