House Party’s On!

The mayor gave his “State of the City” speech Monday night—and Independent readers watched and commented as it happened.

Below, courtesy of WTNH/ Channel 8, you’ll find (soon if not already) a videotape of Mayor John DeStefano giving his 17th annual address (New Haven’s version of the State of the Union) in City Hall’s aldermanic chambers. WTNH provided a live stream of the speech for readers Monday night.

Below that, you’ll find a panel discussion that took place in real time among invited Independent readers, and others who joined in as the mayor’s address took place. Click on the “replay” arrow to view it. The discussion is closed now; but the debate continues below in our regular comments section, if you’d like to weigh in. (Those won’t be posted instantly. We’ll post periodically this evening, then again Tuesday morning and throughout the day.

WTNH plans to read some of the comments on the 11 p.m. newscast.

And check the Independent Tuesday morning for reporter Melissa Bailey’s news story on the speech and the reaction.

Click here to read the mayor’s speech.

State of the City - Feb. 1, 2010

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posted by: walt bradley on February 1, 2010  5:11pm

Before we get all gaga over this once a year internet thingy, lets remember you can ALWAYS watch new haven board of aldermen meetings LIVE, in color in all of its SD glory on Citizens Television Channel 96 for anyone with Comcast in new haven hamden and west haven.  By the way, nh independent’s own melinda tuhus was a guest on CTV a few weeks ago.

posted by: dave coon on February 1, 2010  6:36pm

will kid n’ play be there?

posted by: Nan Bartow on February 1, 2010  9:23pm

Now at 8:15 PM, I can see the lights of the city on the video.  Something has changed. My computer browser is Firefox at the moment.

posted by: Margaret on February 1, 2010  9:36pm

Thanks for the liveblog on the speech, NHI.  I missed the speech, but liked being able to scroll through a summary, especially with a bit of criticism thrown in.  I hope you’ll do this again for other public events.