Joyner, Torre Speak Up For Paca

School board President Ed Joyner, who has been a visible supporter of Marcus Paca’s mayoral campaign, issued a statement Sunday night explaining why.

So did longtime board member Carlos Torre (a former board president as well). The releases came as Paca prepares to square off against Mayor Toni Harp in Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

Ed Joyner’s Statement

I have been a New Haven resident for the past 49 years and have been a Democrat all my life. I have been fortunate enough to observe first hand the impact of leadership in City Hall on the quality of life in my beloved city and believe that Marcus Paca is the best option for the citizens of our city in our 2017 mayoral election.

Marcus Paca is a young man who grew up in New Haven and graduated from its public schools. He has a practical approach to leadership that our city needs, especially in a time of fiscal uncertainty. His extensive service on boards and commissions is indicative of his great concern for the residents of the community. His willingness to listen to people’s problems is commendable. His management experience in small businesses, community development, and major corporations has prepared him to lead and manage our city government. His boundless energy and effusive personality will serve him well as he continues to reach out to constituents throughout New Haven.

Mr. Paca is well read, articulate, and charismatic; yet humble enough to know that he does not have all the answers. He dares to tell New Haven residents the unpleasant truths that we must face if we are to improve life in our city. He is accessible and personable enough to go to the people when they need him, rather than go to the people when he needs them. He has the social skills and respect for others that will allow him to pool the collective wisdom of this community and beyond to solve the increasingly complex problems we face in the areas of public safety, job growth, elderly services, housing, capital improvements, and education.

His belief in public education and his understanding of the needs of children and families has positioned him to work collaboratively with the school board, parents, educators, and members of the broader community. Mr. Paca credits (along with his family and mentors) our schools for his education, ethics, and devotion to social justice. Mr. Paca will be a godsend to the children and families in our community because he knows firsthand what public education has done for him. He has walked in the shoes, and on the same streets of many of our students, and is a living example of perseverance, devotion to duty, and civic responsibility. He is one of our own.

New Haven needs a leader who is willing to govern by employing experts in their field in all departments and be willing to work collaboratively with each department. The following analogy comes to mind: “Mr. Paca will be a leader who can direct the orchestra and not believe that he can play every instrument in the band”. We need someone who will govern compassionately with a keen eye on how we deploy increasingly limited resources for core services. City government cannot solve all our problems, but I believe that Paca’s style of leadership will allow the broader community to participate in deciding the most prudent path forward given limited resources.

I am pledging my allegiance and support to Marcus Paca and his campaign. I will vote for Marcus because I believe he has the intellectual and personal assets that are required for our city to move forward in these challenging times.

Carlos Torre’s Statement

I am a longtime member of the New Haven Board of Education.  As a result of my experience, I agree with Marcus Paca’s plans to improve educational opportunities for our children.  Paca’s emphasis on building and strengthening student skills demonstrates his understanding that academic skills are vital to student success, both in high school and in post-secondary endeavors.  I also applaud Mr. Paca’s belief that there should be more sharing of knowledge about best practices among teachers.  He is clearly on the right track when he advocates more collaboration within the New Haven school system to improve student achievement.

I believe that Marcus Paca’s experience in the non-profit sector, where he focused on community development, job preparation and energy initiatives, make him an ideal candidate for mayor.  His invaluable experience with community development efforts and workforce initiatives with Action for Bridgeport, as a member of the New Haven Development Commission, and board member of the Greater Dwight Development Corporation have helped him to understand the importance of neighborhood improvement efforts and to be a more compassionate individual.  Furthermore, Marcus understands the need to build the skills of unemployed New Haven residents and to retrain workers affected by automation and globalization. As mayor, he will promote a “Hire One” campaign, encouraging employers to hire at least one New Haven resident within a year.  He also intends to reach out to business leaders in an effort to create a Business Innovation Consortium.  I am also impressed with Paca’s ideas about regional cooperation, especially on transportation projects and efforts to secure grants for governments in New Haven County.

Finally, I believe that as mayor, Marcus Paca will be very careful with the taxpayers’ money.  He will rein in excessive spending of some departments, such as the Corporation Counsel, who has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring lawyers to defend the indefensible.  He will hold his top officials accountable as they attempt to control spending and reduce waste.  Above all, I am convinced that Mr. Paca will respect our hard working and dedicated city employees

Marcus Paca has the potential to be an outstanding mayor.  I endorse his candidacy, enthusiastically, and urge you to vote for him on primary day, Tuesday, September 12.


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posted by: Atticus Shrugged on September 10, 2017  9:24pm

I wonder whether others can see the hypocrisy of the aforementioned statements.  If Mr. Paca truly does not believe that the Mayor can do it all and Mr. Joyner recognizes as much, why treat him as a savior as opposed to the current Mayor who has seen the murder and crime rate drop on her watch and unemployment tick down, and graduation rates tick up.  Either she is doing it all or doing it collaboratively.  At this point, the facts of her accomplishments cannot be seriously denied.  One has to wonder whether these board members would be more deferential to the current Mayor if SHE stayed in “HER LANE” and just them the board of education do what it wants.  How could every other mayor be good but this one be so bad? Really?

Now to be fair, we saw crime rise sharply under the end of Mayor DeStefano’s tenure.  And Mayor DeStefano hired Garth Harries, whom those same board members sought to depose despite knowing his lack of qualifications.  Moreover, the best the BofE could do is hire the same Dr. Mayo who had a questionable track record over his tenure as claims have been made about lack of attendance and drop out rates before this turn. 

To be fair, we talk about character of the two leaders but nothing the current mayor has said goes to Mr. Paca’s “character.”  Character is an attribute that defines a person.  Saying that someone was fired is not a character defect.  Saying that someone could not perform in their duty is not a character defect.  It was not a character attack of Garth Harries when it was pointed out that the Board of Education lost faith in him.  It was simply a perspective or your facts.  One should not be able to have it both ways, it’s character when your guy gets fired but qualifications when you want to fire someone.

As for character, I’m glad to see that Mr. Paca has progressed from his prior issues that plagued his aldermanic reelection campaign.

posted by: Bill Saunders on September 11, 2017  2:38am

Ed Joyner,

I remember when you were running for the Board of Education, and I answered a campaign call for your election.

I asked the person at the other end (probably your wife) about Garth Harries, Charter Schools, etc….... 

The person said ‘hold on’, and after a long pause, you appeared on the line, and we had an honest, real and human conversation about your views of the Education System in New Haven that will forever get you my vote.

I have only gotten to know Marcus since February, when I reached out to him out of interest, when I heard he was thinking about running for Mayor,  and within few days, we were sitting at Patricia’s at the counter having breakfast and talking New Haven Politics.

Marcus impressed me then, and continues to do so in his real approach to people, his up-lifting spirit, and his Energy and Vision for a New Haven that includes paying some serious attention to the neighborhood development,  educational achievement, fiscal responsibility, and government transparency.

Marcus is the real deal and deserves great respect for bringing a real choice to the stale, Bully-Dog Politics of New Haven.

So that is my extra two-cents, Dr. Joyner….  you said it all better than me anyway,
I look forward to casting two votes I believe in on Tuesday….. 

You know when I voted for you the first time, I only went to the polls to vote for Dr. Ed Joyner.
I left TONI HARP and TYISHA WALKER blank…..

posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on September 11, 2017  1:51pm

It amazes me how these Harp supporters continually try and give her credit for the reduction of crime.  Crime is down nationwide.  Since crime is so low, why is Mayor Harp toting a police escort everywhere she goes?  Taxpayer’s have spent over a quarter of a million on security for her this term alone.  Now we know why elderly and youth services have been cut.

The Harp team conveniently never mentions how she sat over the school board and allowed her guy Harries to leave with a 5 million debt on the backs of our children.  Or how she gave Esserman a dump truck full of money as a going away present.

Friends, let’s be real, the Harp administration has been a disaster for NH.  Voters should be excited to remove this political experiment from office. 

She’s paid lawyers hundreds of thousands for defeats.  Not to mention the millions in pending lawsuits. 

Dr. Joyner and Dr. Torre understand quite well what’s at stake in this city.    And yes, the Harp sycophants will try and label both Joyner and Torre as angry and or individuals who did not receive a specific position and thus their endorsement of Paca.

Friends, these are two well accomplished men who could’ve easily ignored this race.  But for their love of city, they obviously couldn’t do the city that they love so much a disservice. 

I applaud these men for standing up to support this dynamic young man in Marcus.  Does Marcus have problems?  Absolutely.  And so do we.  But he genuinely cares for this city that he was born in.  Marcus proudly enjoys the opportunity to diligently work to reduce taxes, thereby allowing people to have more of their own hard earned money to spend on their family rather then allow this administration to waste it at city hall.

Friends, just like your personal physician, both of these doctors too have given you a prescription to cure the problems at city hall.  So I encourage all registered voters to go to the polls tomorrow and fill it in the name of Marcus Paca.

posted by: Atticus Shrugged on September 11, 2017  3:26pm

So, I’d like to point out how quickly Bill changed his tune on Marcus.  Let’s go back to a 2014 article about his hire:

I believe the quote is: posted by: BillSaunders1 on July 1, 2014 4:00pm “Such a meteoric rise—from Alderman, to Food Cart Operator, to Labor Relations Chief??? Hot Dog! Or should I have said ‘Gastronomic Rise’.  I think I have indigestion…..” 

Now, I’m well versed in sarcasm and that statement was dripping with it.  And needless to say, since then his only qualification has been getting himself fired.  Sooo, he’s your guy?  Really, the same person you thought couldn’t handle - and in actuality he could not handle - being labor relations chief has since won you over?  And all he seemingly managed to do in the job many readers thought was unnecessary was get the City sued and himself fired?  Really folks? 

It appears that he’s anything but Harp and not really for Paca.  As he has been for anyone but Harp since she first ran.

posted by: Bill Saunders on September 11, 2017  4:26pm


Sure, I made those allegations at the time, three years ago, before all of the ‘facts’ were out on the table….

Since then,  I have taken the time to meet the Man, watch certain ‘story lines’ unfold,  and make my own decision about this invigorating community leader.

When I’m wrong, I’m wrong, and will admit it….it is called having an ‘open-mind’...
Marcus Paca and his team have won me over honestly…

btw - the Food Cart Operator was Greg Morehead, My Bad…..  I know…. I’m Terrible!!!

posted by: Bill Saunders on September 11, 2017  7:20pm


You got one thing right about me— I’m certainly not one to support corrupt leaders.  You can attach a bunch of real ‘names’ to that description…

Some of those names that would not be included in that list are Marcus, Mendi, and Nicole.