“Juntos, Lo Podemos Lograr”

Justin Elicker isn’t just running to be the next mayor. He also wants to be “alcalde.”

That’s “mayor” in Spanish. It’s also a word at the top of Elicker’s new Spanish-language version of his campaign website, unveiled on Thursday.

Elicker, an East Rock alderman, is one of four declared candidates for mayor. His name will appear on the Democratic primary ballot in September, and, if he loses that race, probably on the general election ballot as well in November, as an independent.

Elicker’s new website is part of an effort to connect with Latino voters in New Haven.

“This website will not only act as a way for Spanish speakers to engage our campaign, but it also serves as an example of the more inclusive approach I will bring to city hall,” Elicker said in a release.

The site features a 6-minute YouTube video of Elicker addressing the camera in Spanish and laying out the case for his election with images and text. Click the video to watch.

“Let’s advance together,” he concludes in Spanish, “to make a government that includes us and is more compassionate. Together we can achieve it.”

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posted by: HewNaven on April 5, 2013  11:41am

This seals the deal for me. No other candidate is more qualified than Justin Elicker to be the next mayor of this city.

posted by: Claudia Herrera on April 5, 2013  12:48pm

Justin Elicker is the only candidate who is directly talking to the Latino Community.

I look forward to heard more from him and at leas in my mind my choices just got narrowed. I know Justin as a activist and alderman he’s being great. Let’s see what else he can do as a Mayor!!

posted by: HhE on April 5, 2013  1:09pm

I opine that some day—and I hope after he is Mayor—Justin ought to write a book Good Local Government. 

After watching this movie (tragically, my Spanish is not much better than No Comprende Espanol), I can now sit back and wait for the cheep shots. 

“Where is the Chinese version.” 

“Look at all the white liberals—and not a single person of color.”


“He only cares about Ward 10, and has no vision.”

posted by: Drosophila on the Wall on April 5, 2013  2:32pm

Wow.  So the era of the NHI even pretending to be interested in reporting news as opposed to advertising for their favorite candidate has officially ended?

posted by: formerNhresident on April 5, 2013  2:55pm

I hope the next mayor realizes that the Latino community includes LEGAL immigrants who have major concerns that don’t include illegal immigration. As a college educated high income earner raised in New Haven,  I left the city because I felt that early childhood education,  propert taxes,  affordable housing etc were not being addressed in the Latino community specifically. Anytime our community was engaged in politics it was for illegal immigration issues.  Sure I’m bilingual and can appreciate the campaign’s message in any language,  but the older generation feels more comfortable when you speak to them in their native language. Don’t have 2messages for 2 communities have 1message in 2languages. If you look at the data one specific LaTino community -Puerto Ricans,  have a very low voter turn-out. Why? because when politicians address the Latino community they talk about immigration reform as if we are one huge homogeneous group.

posted by: streever on April 5, 2013  4:42pm

Can you back that statement up by presenting things other candidates have done on the campaign trail which weren’t covered here?

They covered the launch of Fernandez’s site, Holder-Winfield’s legislative actions, and every public event that the candidates have held.

What are we all missing that they didn’t cover?

posted by: Claudia Herrera on April 5, 2013  9:06pm


“As a college educated high income earner raised in New Haven,  I left the city…”

All I have to say is that I wish you well in your bubble of perfection.

And I glad to say that there is human being like Justin with two master degrees from Yale capable to understand what is to be in need and wish a better life for your family. But silly me what you care if your salaries as a “high earner income” employee give you the right to shout behind your anonymous name.

posted by: factsifter on April 5, 2013  9:23pm

I’m starting to like this Elicker for Mayor.  I like what he is doing out there in the open, I like the way he goes about his business to be elected Mayor.  Up front about running as an Independent candidate if the Democratic Primary does not work.  Not worried about what the other candidates are saying about themselves or about the pureness of their campaigns. Not concerned about pressuring other candidates to follow certain rules. Just keeps going about his business to make himself known to all the citizens of New Haven.  Like a Leader.  Nice style.

posted by: New Haven Taxpayer on April 5, 2013  10:08pm

Me Gusta Justin Eliker!
Justin Eliker para alcalde!

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on April 5, 2013  10:42pm

Lobo Vestido de oveja.

posted by: darnell on April 6, 2013  11:36am



posted by: Claudia Herrera on April 6, 2013  11:42pm

Obviously I am not very technical, what is this mean?



posted by: darnell on April 7, 2013  11:53am

@ Claudia

LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off

3/5hs is always so consistent. Eben though I went to the Google translator to know what his phrase was , I should have known what he was saying from his past comments.

posted by: Claudia Herrera on April 7, 2013  1:19pm

darnell go it,
Just as a quick comment. I know the intention of your “laugh”, as a fluent and first language Spanish speaking I think Justin did a good job with this video.

As a political point of view I can say that he’s showing one important tool to deal with people and that is COMMUNICATION, as a political mayor candidate that he is now, this will be criticized in so many levels form his opponent. But also for many other will help to clarified who he is and how he’s thinking and people actually judge him. How many other candidates can do that?

posted by: darnell on April 7, 2013  2:42pm

@ Claudia:

Just to be clear, I was laughing at 3/5ths penchant to stay on point in any story in any language, not at anything that Justin did or did not do. As a English only speaking person (I should change that, I guess it’s not to late) I did not watch the full video, but Justin seemed to be fluent.

I think that Justin has done a great job communicating so far during this campaign, and I have no doubt that the other candidates will follow suit once the campaign season really heats up.

That being said, just because a candidate is the first out of the gate doesn’t necessarily make that person the best candidate, and it is a little early to judge who will be the candidate with the best ideas. For me, even though we are in the middle of the city’s budget planning, I haven’t heard any of the candidates take a stand or suggest any proposals that will protect homeowners interests during these difficult times. It is all well and good to talk about being “One City”, “inclusiveness”, “approachable government”, and all of these other cute catchphrases that we all support, but will any of these candidates be honest and say and do what it really takes to bring this budget under control, as well as find a way to make ALL New Haveners decision makers in their local government?

posted by: Claudia Herrera on April 7, 2013  11:36pm


Thank you for your clarification, have the good taste to speak our mind with out being the bully, sarcastic rude or offender behind anonymous names is priceless since this actually encourage a healthy and productive discussion between disagreement ,ideas and especially whit subjects that not many of us are experts (better said may be some can be) and that doesn’t mean our opinion has less value.

One thing I agreed with you, still early for some of us to make our mined to fully support our candidate,that being said. I like Justin he’s a good human being and educate neighbor. The credit I give him is that he’s campaign stared since last year when he took his time to know different neighborhood all over New Haven.

About “the cute catchphrases that we all support” you couldn’t say it better. That’s all what there are. As a Mexican-American whit the right to vote and the privilege to have two cultures, I am feel responsible to look after for a mayor that is going to be capable to understand the needs and challenges for the working class community, home owners, job creations, support small businesses, have priority to improve the quality of life in New Haven, understand the school system and don’t forget the undocumented immigrants that are fighting to establish their legal statues, these people are part already of our communities and no question they are working hard, like many of you and me. And when I said undocumented immigrant they are not only Latinos.

What it takes to understand the every year’s budget and matching numbers in paper a good accountant and business management team can do that but, the mayor that knows what is like to work to protect our home owners interests and who get the benefits for the good of the majority is the one that is going to be hard to find.
For last, note how all Justin’s already strong supporters never comment in issues that are not in their concern, my question is who’s and what community they are supporting?

posted by: RR on April 8, 2013  3:25pm

@ darnell
“...even though we are in the middle of the city’s budget planning, I haven’t heard any of the candidates take a stand or suggest any proposals that will protect homeowners interests during these difficult times.”

FYI, I used to live in Justin’s ward and he made a nice video, maybe a year ago, explaining the city’s budget and how bond payments and other long-term obligations are growing as a portion of the city’s budget, with some proposals to get them under control for the long haul. It was very informative and well done. I believe he also did one for constituents explaining how the reassessment would affect their properties. I don’t have access to youtube (at work) but maybe someone else who saw them could post the link?