Kenny Howell Becomes A Chief

Paul Bass PhotoThe top cop in New Haven’s Newhallville and East Rock neighborhoods is moving north—to run his own department.

The top cop, Lt. Kenny Howell, Thursday evening was named police chief of Millbury, a town right outside of Worcester, Massachusetts.

Howell beat out four other candidates for the job. Millbury’s Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to choose Howell.

At first glance the two communities’ departments may look different: New Haven’s has more than 20 times as many full-time officers. It patrols a city with 10 times as many people.

But Howell said they’ll have one important shared characteristic once his puts his policies into place: community policing. He vowed to bring new Haven’s model to Millbury.

For starters, he plans to create policing districts with a top cop in charge of each.

He also plans to bring Compstat—the regular gathering of top cops and others in the community to review the latest crime statistics, spot trends, chart strategy—to Millbury. He figures he’ll start out with biweekly rather than weekly Compstat meetings, given the force’s size (18 full-timer officers, 10 part-timers). Howell said he brought up the Compstat plan in his interviews for the job.

Howell, who’s 43, has been on New Haven’s force for 21 years. He grew up here. He had taken over the Newhallville/East Rock district commander post this past April. He said he will retire from New Haven’s force in two weeks and begin his Massachusetts gig in mid-January.

“I was born here. I love the city. I love the police department,” he said Friday. “I will take it wherever I go.”


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posted by: cedarhillresident! on December 21, 2012  11:22am

Congrates Howell

Please dear god give us a new district manager that will get officers in Cedar Hill from 3pm to 1pm Weds-Sat….when we really need it! Not from 7am to 3pm???

posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on December 21, 2012  1:24pm

The city of New Haven is losing a fantastic officer.  Conversely, Millbury, Mass. is acquiring an ardent professional.

Moreover, it’s apparent that the board in Millbury did their homework well in selecting officer Howell unanimously.

Officer Howell is my friend…and how ironic it is when it was just a couple of weeks ago when I stood up (at Basset St. School while attending a meeting) and complimented the Newhallville community for having one of the best officers on the cities force policing their community.

I wish you well Kenny.

posted by: JTravers on December 21, 2012  1:39pm

New Haven’s loss is certainly Millbury’s gain!  They are incredible lucky to be gaining such a respected member of the police force and community.  The Lieutenant has been a wonderful partner, colleague, and friend.  You leave New Haven a much better place for having been in it.  Thanks for all you have done.  You will be missed brotha.

posted by: BenBerkowitz on December 24, 2012  8:14am

Whomever comes in next please make sure that they are capable of taking motorcycle noise and traffic safety seriously.

posted by: Lisa on December 27, 2012  4:11pm

Congratulations, Lt Howell!  You will make an awesome Chief.  Best of luck to you.  We will miss you here.