Kimber Backs Ganim

New Haven’s Rev. Boise Kimber is standing behind Joe Ganim — again.

Kimber, a politically active minister in local and state elections for decades, announced Tuesday he is endorsing Ganim’s quest for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. Ganim faces party-endorsed candidate Ned Lamont in an Aug. 14 primary.

Kimber also was an early and visible supporter of Ganim’s successful 2015 “second-chance” campaign to return to the Bridgeport mayor’s office after serving seven years in federal prison for pocketing a half-million dollars worth of kickbacks from city contractors in the form of cash, meals, clothes, wine, and home repairs in a previous stint in City Hall.

Before Tuesday, Kimber had been committed to a different Democratic candidate, Guy Smith. Smith paid Kimber’s consulting company $48,400 between January and March to help him get into black churches, among other work. Smith dropped out of the race last month after failing to collect enough signatures to qualify for the primary ballot.

A release issued Tuesday quoted Kimber on his reasons for backing Ganim: ““Here in Connecticut we need to put our best team forward – candidates who have shown an affinity for the working-class men and women of Connecticut cities, leaders who represent the best interests of our urban committees. We need a diverse team of progressives who will not be afraid to fight for our urban communities. Therefore, I am supporting the following candidates in the Democratic primary.

“This is a time for Democrats to come together to fight to keep Connecticut blue and ensure that we elect a Democratic governor come this November. The Trump wave is threatening to wash away all of the gains made by Black and Brown communities over the last 155 years, since the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.”

Kimber also endorsed lieutenant governor candid Eva Bermudez-Zimmerman, state treasurer candidate Shawn Wooden, and attorney general candidate William Tong for the Democratic primary.

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posted by: cellardoor on July 18, 2018  11:29am

Yuck.  Wait to read how much he’s being paid for his “endorsement”.

posted by: AverageTaxpayer on July 18, 2018  11:32am

Perfect Match! They’re both for sale!

posted by: theNEWnewhaven on July 18, 2018  12:06pm

WHY does Connecticut love politicians that have a corrupt nature?

Went to Jail? Reelected!

Why not run for Governor?

Waterbury is a perfect example of corruption and greed taking over.

Why can’t we get ourselves together?!

posted by: robn on July 18, 2018  12:53pm

A religious reverend AND a political consultant. Doesn’t get much better than that. Stay classy New Haven.

posted by: the1king on July 18, 2018  4:35pm

He should lose his tax exempt status.  Reverends should not be involved in politics.

posted by: Billy on July 18, 2018  6:58pm

Ganim just lost my vote.

posted by: NewHavenerToo on July 18, 2018  8:13pm

Lordy, Lord….Preaching with his pocket.

posted by: observer1 on July 18, 2018  9:12pm

Absolutely makes sense that one felon backs another felon.

posted by: tmctague on July 18, 2018  10:18pm

Correct me if I’m wrong: Kimber’s critics believe he must sacrifice or forego any personal gain when he is asked by politicians to negotiate votes in exchange for services to his often-neglected voter base. 

Why not use his position as a community leader to exchange votes for the services AND a little personal gain?  If the politicians don’t deliver, then he looks bad, but I think the decisions are out of his hands once the deal is done.  If the politicians don’t deliver, they’re beat. 

And to the Ganim haters – anyone as rich as Ned Lamont has blood on their hands.  Lamont is a descendant of JP Morgan-wealth that used his blinding privilege to maximize his own personal gain.  He could’ve done something good with that upbringing.  People get stuck on the fact that one is a crook from Bridgeport, and one is a crook from Greenwich.

posted by: generic_drug on July 19, 2018  8:03am

Does Kimber have tax exempt status?

posted by: cellardoor on July 19, 2018  10:11am

@theNEWnewhaven, you ask why we can’t get ourselves together.  Take a look at @tmctague’s post above, and you’ll have a pretty good illustration of the problem:  the eroded sense of ethics, the use of casual slander and false equivalences, the assumption that everyone is dirty because…well, isn’t everyone dirty?  Isn’t this how it always is done? Separation of church and state: what’s that, and who cares? A man of the cloth selling access to his people, what’s wrong with that?  What’s the difference between an “endorsement” and “shilling”?

@tmctague if you have a link to any fact-checked evidence of criminality on the part of Ned Lamont, by all means post it, and I’ll read it.  As far as I can tell, his biggest “crime” inherited wealth that he then grew into another fortune.  So far as I know he is not a grifter, and I never have heard him deny unfair advantage in life.  Joe Ganim *is* a grifter, and grifters are gonna grift.  To varying degrees, any Caucasian whose family history extends more than 200 years in this country is guilty of “blood on our hands”, and unfair advantage. At least Ned Lamont decided not to swan around the Mediterranean in a yacht for the rest of his life, although he certainly could have done so.  Instead he has pursued public service.  Again: do you have evidence of criminality? By all means, supply it, with fact-checking, but spare us the false equivalences.

posted by: Thomas Alfred Paine on July 19, 2018  10:25am

The days are long gone when a politician can walk into Black churches with political endorsements from Black preachers who profess to deliver the Black vote, and get those votes.
Long gone!
Black people can and do think for themselves, and can and do think independently. No one tells them how to vote and for whom to vote!
Blacks are Democrats, Republicans and independents, liberals, conservatives and moderates.
This generation of African Americans is more discerning, more informed, more educated and more sophisticated than some politicians might think. Otherwise they would stop these charades!
Popping into our churches during campaign season only, under the arm of Black preachers, no longer moves us or impresses us. We want to know what your platforms are, what you intend to do to address issues critical to our communities specifically and to the people in general.
Many of our preachers should know better and not allow themselves to be used and manipulated to attempt to use and manipulate the Black community.
Preachers are expected to serve the spiritual needs of the community, to be the moral leaders who should be advocates for truth and justice and righteousness, yet we have observed several ministers become reduced to becoming political mercenaries who offer themselves up for auction to the highest bidders of political patronage and personal profit.
So many in the ministry have lost moral standing and have compromised themselves and their “prophetic” calling to speak truth to power because of their political connections and their political financial packages.
This is quite troubling and problematic for the Black church community which expects so much more.
If Joseph Ganim believes that he will win support in the Black community of New Haven because of this political endorsement, he is wasting his time and possibly his money because it certainly did not work for Guy Smith!

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on July 19, 2018  10:48am

posted by: tmctague on July 18, 2018 11:18pm

And to the Ganim haters – anyone as rich as Ned Lamont has blood on their hands.  Lamont is a descendant of JP Morgan-wealth that used his blinding privilege to maximize his own personal gain.  He could’ve done something good with that upbringing.  People get stuck on the fact that one is a crook from Bridgeport, and one is a crook from Greenwich.

And that is why I do a write in or Vote third party.

posted by: cellardoor on July 19, 2018  12:22pm

@ThomasAlfredPaine I want to believe you. This primary election will be one of many important tests in the near future.  Turnout in midterms in November will be another.

posted by: Brutus2011 on July 19, 2018  7:59pm

Ganim for Govenor.

You gotta be kidding.

Kimber for Ganim.

Now that I can believe.

Kimber needs to stop embarrassing us.


posted by: tmctague on July 20, 2018  6:16am


MY eroded sense of ethics?!  We might not have Trump as president if more Whites acknowledged the “blood on their hands” - slavery and Native American genocide is broadly what I’m referring to, so you think we should let the past stay in the past?  Not sailing around in a yacht when you have the means is some kind of character attribute?  Nope.

And excuse me for breaking up the Kimber-hater party, but some of that hate is dipped in racism and I think it’s a tad unfair. 

I definitely don’t have the fact-checked evidence you seek, I was exaggerating to make a point, but if you think Ned Lamont is A) an example of an ethical person in 2018 or B) a great option for governor of CT, then I think the erosion already happened.

posted by: observer1 on July 20, 2018  7:10am

There are zero white slave holders alive today who could have voted against Trump. There is no guilt or guilt card to play any longer. There are racists of all skin colors and shades out there and they should be shunned and stood up to. Trump is a national disaster. Gannon and Kimber are people with known past legal system problems. That should be taken into account when considering the content of the mans character. Black people no longer vote like their parents. They do not blindly line up like lemmings running over a cliff. Our country has problems, but there are solutions to each of those problems. We need to get involved and vote. We no longer need or desire a so called leader telling us who to vote for. We are educated and capable of making our own decisions.

posted by: cellardoor on July 20, 2018  8:02am

@tmctague in 2018 I believe that Ned Lamont is C) the ONLY option for governor, because the alternative is a crook.  We go to the polls with the candidates we have, unless we are ThreeFifths and want to write in a candidate. In 2018, as in 2016, that would be irresponsible.

posted by: Honest in New Haven on July 20, 2018  12:45pm

No one cares who Kimber endorses.  Really.  And Ganim probably lost votes with Kimber’s endorsement.  I doubt anyone is saying, “OMG, Reverend Kimber is supporting Ganim—let’s hit the streets and get out the vote!”  Yeah, how much is Ganim paying for this BS endorsement???

posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on July 21, 2018  10:18pm

@ Brutus,

“Ganim for Governor.

You gotta be kidding.

Kimber for Ganim.

Now that I can believe.

Kimber needs to stop embarrassing us.”

Embarrassing us?  What kind of nonsense is that?  Kimber is his own man who has more than paid the price for his indiscretions.  What about you? 

I’ve had my dealings with Pastor Kimber in the past, and most of them were not good.  However, the man, like everyone else deserves to make a living to feed his family too.  I don’t begrudge anyone who legitimately earns a living.

To many in the black community Pastor Kimber has been a positive force.  Conversely, to many in the white community President Trump has meant the same.  Simply put, who are we to determine the self worth of another?

Quite obviously Ganim believes that Mr. Kimber can be of significant help to his campaign.  To his credit (Kimber), he certainly delivered the necessary votes for DeStefano to reign supreme for some 20 plus years as mayor.

What angers me regarding this dollar amount paid to Pastor Kimber is, he didn’t get enough.

So for those who wish to continue sullying the characters of these two men, relax and stop being incessantly condemnatory.


posted by: Brutus2011 on July 22, 2018  10:43am

Ganim violated the trust of his community while in elected office.

In my view, this disqualifies him from future representation of the people.

Kimber obviously disagrees with me which is his choice as is yours to come to his defense.

I believe that it is an embarrassment to our community for Kimber to support Ganim for governor.

Word up.

posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on July 22, 2018  1:29pm


“it is an embarrassment to our community for Kimber to support Ganim for governor.”  An embarrassment to our community?  Are kidding me?  You sound ridiculous. 

Kimber can endorse David Duke if he feels compelled to do so.  That’s not a defense of the man, that’s reality.

There are many famous people in today’s society that too have done wrong, and have paid their debt to society because of such erroneous behavior.  Should they be forever ostracized and or banished?  I will admit, it would be extremely arduous for me to forgive a person who murdered, raped or kidnapped.  But in order for me to get to Heaven I have to forgive them.

Kimber is a very bright man that has; and is more than capable of defending himself.  I just believe in fairness.  And that my friend is where we part ways.