Labor Crushes Co-Chair

Thomas Breen photoArthur Perlo and Randall Furlow handily defeated incumbent Arthur Gary Stewart in Tuesday’s local Democratic Party Ward Co-Chair primary in the Edgewood neighborhood.

Perlo and Furlow ran as a slate for the two Ward 24 Democratic Party co-chair positions against Stewart, who served for four two-year terms as neighborhood co-chair.

Furlow has served as neighborhood party co-chair alongside Stewart since 2016. He and Perlo will now serve as the neighborhood’s two leaders and representatives to the Democratic Town Committee (DTC), where they will vote on party endorsements for city, state and federal offices.

Perlo is a longtime union organizer and active member of the Communist Party who has deep roots with Yale’s UNITE-HERE unions. Furlow is a local minister who is also the cousin of Amity/Beaver Hills Alder Richard Furlow. They were supported by the UNITE-HERE team that dominates both the party ranks and the Board of Alders; Stewart spoke out against its influence.

It was the only Democratic co-chair primary in the city’s 30 wards this year. All other seats went uncontested.

Read a full article about the race and the candidates here.

Below are the final vote tallies from the election.

Arthur Perlo: 120 votes.
Randall Furlow: 121 votes.
Arthur Gary Stewart: 20 votes.

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posted by: robn on March 7, 2018  9:01am

Like shooting fish in a barrel when you have an army of outsiders pulling votes. This is UNITE’s modus operandi;  they take what they want and call it “grassroots democracy”.

posted by: LookOut on March 7, 2018  9:24am

great more union and communist thinking….another hole in our boat.

posted by: Christian Bruckhart on March 7, 2018  11:33am

Great, nothing like putting a proponent of an ideology that has never accomplished anything except the deaths of millions of people in a position of power.

posted by: darnell on March 7, 2018  12:02pm

I am a person who has been on both sides of election results, I’ve won some and lost some. The elections I have lost I can honestly say that I was outworked by the opposition.

Mr Stewart has been involved in ward politics since 2009. He’s been the ward chair. He has been in New Haven for 45 years. HE could only convince 20 people to vote for him (about 17% of those who voted). The norm for opposition candidates who put up a good fight is 25-30%. This win by these two candidates can’t be written off as a David Vs Goliath, or a union vs. reformer battle. The winners worked hard, knocked on doors, developed relationships, and convinced more voters than Mr. Stewart to adopt their message. It’s that plain and simple.

Any other excuses are just gibberish.

posted by: win win on March 7, 2018  3:27pm

Gary is a great person, but he lost fair and square. I didn’t see any volunteers out with him. Guess it’s easier to blame “The Union” (which btw is just an organization of workers coming together to better their lives and their communities - don’t know what’s so scary about that but I guess the independent still doesn’t get it) than to admit your loss. Just hope that everyone can come together post-election and focus on common goals and solving issues in the neighborhood instead of sensationalist press or divisiveness. We don’t need more of that in Edgewood or ANYWHERE in this country right now.

posted by: Noteworthy on March 7, 2018  5:55pm

Darnell - you don’t know shxt.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on March 7, 2018  5:59pm

posted by: darnell on March 7, 2018 11:02am

The norm for opposition candidates who put up a good fight is 25-30%. This win by these two candidates can’t be written off as a David Vs Goliath, or a union vs. reformer battle. The winners worked hard, knocked on doors, developed relationships, and convinced more voters than Mr. Stewart to adopt their message. It’s that plain and simple.

Any other excuses are just gibberish.

He lost You see Because the problem is Uneducated Voters.These type of voters do not understand what it is voting.They vote based on intuition, rather than relying exclusively on their comprehension of the candidates’ policies. They will tell you I vote Republican because it is the tradition in our family,or I’m a democrat because my friends are voting democrats. A good democracy relies on an educated and engaged population.and the sad thing is that politicians know this very well and use it very well.

I follow him.
Mutabaruka - The people’s court.

posted by: darnell on March 7, 2018  10:34pm


I may not know about shxt. And there are a lot of things I don’t know about. But I can tell you what I do know. I’m in the game and am trying to make a difference. I know that I don’t sit on the sidelines and spend my days WRITING NOTES. You used to get out there and fight the good fight, now you hide behind a computer screen and keyboard. What shxt do you know?

posted by: Razzie on March 8, 2018  12:34pm

Paul B must be asleep at the wheel or on vacation .. to let the conversation morph into a Noteworthy vs Darnell spat. It is difficult to cull what their disagreement is ... AS IT RELATES TO THE ARTICLE. Provocative ad hominems are beneath the dignity of those two great minds; and are supposed to be disallowed under the rules of the NHI comment game. Let’s go guys, you can do better.

Regarding the article, I have to believe that the result of this election was a foregone conclusion. Gary was targeted for removal because he became increasingly troublesome and combative. He was not successful because he simply had little or no support within his ward for his efforts. The positions he adopted were not shared by the voters in his ward. And surprisingly, he did not appear to have any support from the Paca team he championed ... which was the catalyst for his targeting. When you get so far out ahead of the people you represent, you will often find yourself swimming upstream without any help. Knowing Gary, I’m sure he put a lot of time in on knocking on doors. Unfortunately, not many people care about a ward co-chair race. And you are left with those who show up having a vested interest in the outcome.

[Paul B: Thanks Razzie! I agree. I’ll try harder to stay awake at the wheel ....]

posted by: alexguz2020 on March 8, 2018  1:19pm

@win win

I’m pretty sure one thing everyone can agree on is that unions are the foundation of American worker rights, and that they deserve the most protection and recognition for the improvement of many lives across this country. I believe Gary, whom I personally have met and has given me great advice, acknowledges the positive impact that unions has had on him in the previous article that the NHI posted. I do agree that because Gary probably didn’t go out and canvass as much as the Perlo/Furlow slate, it probably caused him to lose massively. However, to ignore the the power that the unions have on our local politicians is a big mistake. I think me, along with others, do support unions getting their fair share of representation in our political system. But when we have the Board of Alders being mainly composed of labor-connected groups, it doesn’t allow for too much dissent. If you aren’t endorsed by the unions here in New Haven, there is a good chance you’ll lose whatever race you are in, usually regardless of the views that you may share with people or differ from. That’s why people like Gary and others that aren’t the “union” often lose, but there are other factors that are most likely the fault of the candidate. Just my take on this.

posted by: Noteworthy on March 8, 2018  4:01pm

Darnell It Notes:

1. I continue to advocate for change. As usual, nobody at City Hall listens.

2. Nobody at NH BOE listens either as is proven by the games played almost weekly.

3. You are more interested in playing politics and sucking up to the power than real sustainable, imaginative change. That is clear.

4. What’s the point in coming to meetings that are set up in conflict with other city meetings, particularly when the very things we want to comment on and advocate for are already cooked or where the information is being hidden? Example the proposed NHPS budget. It’s nowhere to be found. Why?

5. The change you’re proposing for my family is to make us poorer by raiding it to support wasteful unaccountable spending.

posted by: Gary Stewart on March 8, 2018  6:06pm

As the candidate being most discussed , I guess it’s time for me to discuss the ass whipping I took , which was not unexpected. . It’s true, I didn’t hit the streets with my usual vigor. we all start to give up at some point and the handwriting was on the wall. It’s true that I had little help , and little money, and it’s true that the Paca Team wasn’t there , although Marcus himself certainly was . Since the primary, there really hasn’t been a ” Paca team.” , which is sad but discouragement happens.  My opinion about the HERE - UNITE team is mixed - they sure know how to do what they do but, where will they go from here? Will they blindly follow the Mayor in whatever direction she goes , or force her to follow them? Paca and I have been silenced , who’s next? I would guess that to be Dr. Ed Joyner , about the only independent person left. If they , or anyone , goes after him, then it should become a ( non-violent ) WAR. to keep the checks & balances that differentiate democracy from devolving into dictatorship , as our President would like. I’ve been asked to work with HERE , not against them. I have a strong union background and nothing pleases me more than to see unions working for the common good. My own former union - AFSCME , never hired me , as had been promised,  when I retired from State service in 2003. So, I have reason to be skeptical . We’ll see how it goes but , I plan to shut up , at least for now. My hope is that younger folks choose to get involved. I would love to mentor them . The worst thing about the election was two 70 year olds ( Perlo and me) running for a position that should b e long to someone much younger. Heed The Call !

posted by: wesunidad on March 9, 2018  8:07am

Hurray!  Two great reps! 

Capitalism only works for the rich, white capitalists.


Union jobs.  Please let’s not have union (communist) jobs that pay far above a living wage, have health benefits and a place at the table.

For those of you who prefer exploitation at the hands of the capitalists take all the non-union jobs because to survive you will need 3 non-union jobs.

posted by: robn on March 9, 2018  11:42am

Its sadly ironic that, along with vulture capitalists, the small minority of our fellow citizen in aggressive power monopolizing unions like UNITE seem to be oblivious to the possibility of a post-labor and post-scarcity world.