Last Woman Standing

Paul Bass PhotoCordelia Thorpe won an election this week—without anyone casting votes.

Thorpe (pictured) was running against two opponents for the two positions of Democratic co-chair for Dixwell’s Ward 22. Biennial party co-chair elections for all 30 wards are scheduled for March 4.

Thorpe noticed that her two opponents, Victoria Dancy and Eshe Sherley, turned in improper petitions to get their names on the ballots. They each made the same mistake: They left blank the line where the petition circulator signs his or her name.

Now the deadline has passed for submitting petitions. So Thorpe by default will become one of the two ward co-chairs, according to the city/town clerk’s office. The city’s Democratic Party town chair will choose the other ward co-chair.

That will happen in three other wards, as well, because no one ended up submitting forms to run for the positions: Dwight’s Ward 2, City Point’s Ward 6, and East Rock/Fair Haven’s Ward 10.

In most other wards, two people filed to run for the position, meaning there’s no need for an election. They will become the co-chairs.

In two wards, contested races will take place:

• Sharon Jones and Amy Marx are running as a ticket against Bridget Gardner and Ronald Rainey in upper Westville’s Ward 26.

• Claudette Robinson-Thorpe are running with Clython Thompson Jr. against Jess Corbett and Donald Walker in Beaver Hills’ Ward 28.

This year’s elections are a marked contrast to the town committee primaries that took place two years ago, when a citywide slate of candidates backed by Yale’s UNITE HERE union locals successfully challenged incumbents and took control of the local party. Read about that here.

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posted by: robn on February 10, 2014  6:31pm

Isn’t it the responsibility of the City Clerk to notify people if their submitted forms are incomplete or inadequate to prevent exactly this from happening?

posted by: Razzie on February 11, 2014  11:27am

It is the function of the Registrar’s office (Sharon Ferrucci) to validate the petitions and signatures, not the Clerk’s office. But I too am appalled that the invalid signatures were allowed to get passed through. Many have complained in the past about the arbitrariness of the Registrar’s validation process (whether signatures were allowed or disqualified), but lacked any viable method of appeal on on incorrect call by Sharon. It takes a Cordelia to show that those fears were perhaps well founded.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on February 12, 2014  9:36am

Why should a person who wants to run have to get signatures to run.