Make Way For “Dankel Way”

Thomas MacMillan PhotoA new road is coming to Quinnipiac Meadows, complete with 10 suburban-style homes.

The new road—dubbed “Dankel Way”—and the 10 homes to be built there received site-plan approval Wednesday evening at the City Plan Commission.

John Wagenblatt, a land surveyor working on the project, explained the details to commissioners.

Dankel Way, a private cul-de-sac, will be built at 1445 Quinnipiac Ave. (pictured in 2010). It will be 420 feet long, 24 feet wide, and rise 20 feet in elevation. The site will have zero runoff, thanks to a stormwater drainage and collection system. The property abuts a bird sanctuary and the Bishop Woods school, and will have 1.4 acres of open space.

The road will serve seven “raised ranch” style homes and three capes. The developer got city permission in 2012 to build those 10 houses.

The new road will be lit by LED lights. Plowing and maintenance will be the responsibility of a homeowner association.

“It’s nice to see some diversity in our housing stock,” said Commissioner Kevin Diadamo. “We see so much high-density apartment buildings. It’s nice to see” some houses, he said.


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posted by: DingDong on June 20, 2014  10:01am

“Diversity” is good when you are talking about different races and cultures.  It’s not a good thing in all contexts though.  New Haven does not need “diversity” in housing stock if that means adding car-dependent suburban style housing.