Malloy To Endorse Harp

The governor plans to come to Nica’s Market Thursday to place an order—for a new mayor.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is scheduled to make his appearance at the Orange St. eatery at 5 p.m. to endorse the mayoral candidacy of Democrat Toni Harp.

Harp, a state senator who co-chairs the legislature’s powerful Appropriations Committee, has worked closely with the Malloy administration. So has fellow New Haven Democrat Martin Looney, the State Senate leader and a top Harp supporter.

Harp squares off against Justin Elicker, Henry Fernandez, and Kermit Carolina in a Sept. 10 Democratic primary.

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posted by: THREEFIFTHS on August 14, 2013  10:48pm

Good old king Gov.Dannel P. Malloy to endorse the mayoral candidacy of Democrat Toni Harp. Give me a break.No matter which mayoral candidacy he would endorse it would not make a difference.In fact king Dan Malloy better hope he can get a endorsement for his re-election in 2014.

posted by: AJF515 on August 14, 2013  10:58pm

I’m very disappointed. Not surprised, but disappointed.

posted by: Carlos R. Galo on August 14, 2013  11:10pm

From her propaganda one notes that Toni Harp is also endorsed by…

“State Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney, State Reps Roland Lemar, Pat Dillon, Toni Walker, Juan Candelaria and Robert Megna and Gary Holder-Winfield, *24 members of the Board of Aldermen*; 40 former members of the board of Aldermen, The New Haven Democratic Town Committee, Greater New Haven Central Labor Council, AFSCME Council 4, New Haven Fire Fighter’s Local 825, New Haven Police Union Local 530, Unite Here Local 34, Unite Here Local 35, Greater New Haven Clergy Association, Hispanic Clergy Association of New Haven”

Though, this latest one absolutely takes the cake! I had more respect for Malloy, I may have to revisit that.

Public endorsements, especially by sitting elected officials and “non-profit” associations and organizations ought to be done away with in American politics.

posted by: DingDong on August 15, 2013  12:18am

I used to really like Malloy.  Now he just seems like part of the machine.

posted by: Elizabethaiken on August 15, 2013  12:46am

I am disappointed that Governor Malloy is going to endorse any of the candidates. Once there is a winner in the Democratic Primary, then he would endorse that candidate. This is the state getting in city politics in an unpleasant way. The only good aspect of this endorsement is that I will never have to donate to nor canvass for Malloy again.

posted by: HhE on August 15, 2013  4:05am

Durring my devorce, my lawyer and the GAL kept telling me how wonderful the other was.  My lawyer was always on the back foot.  The GAL was so lazy and corupt, he tried to presure me into highering a full time nanny so he would not have to testify because that might offend my then wife.  I have learned to be very suspecious of endorsements, and to always ask myself, why is one person endorsing anouther.

In this case, me thinks it is party politics, nothing more.  I do not think a person ought to receive a critical role simply out of years of service and party loyality.

Gov. Malloy no longer has my approval.  That only means the loss of one vote.  If anyone should ever wish to know why I take a position, as a rule, I start with the reasons, and then form the conclusion, rather than take a position, and then try to explain why.

posted by: robn on August 15, 2013  7:16am

Thanks but no thanks for the bad advice Governor.

posted by: Wikus van de Merwe on August 15, 2013  8:08am

I’ll believe it when I see it.  I like Malloy but he’s going to have a hard time getting reelected and I can’t see how sticking his nose into some cities business is going to help him out in that regard, especially one where he’s almost guaranteed 70% of the vote anyways.  At best he breaks even, at worst he shoots himself in the foot, and for what?  Toni isn’t going anywhere politically, this is her last stop.

posted by: Claudia Herrera on August 15, 2013  8:18am

Thank you Carlos for posting, just one correction is not propaganda, Justin’s last video is. This is a fact. 

“State Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney, State Reps Roland Lemar, Pat Dillon”

This endorsements may be especially painful for Justin. No we are not against Justin he’s just no ready even the people he support so much in the past are understanding that.

posted by: robn on August 15, 2013  9:36am

I guess Nica’s will parlay this into their desired parking lot expansion variance. A couple more of those, maybe an auto parts store and a gas station…then Orange Street becomes Dixwell Ave.

posted by: David S Baker on August 15, 2013  9:41am

Anybody who has paid attention to Malloys record as Govenor knows this is great news for the other three candidates.  His answer to everything is to form a commitee or apply for federal grant that we ultimaly pay for anyway.  The man needs to stop cutting ribbons, walking in parades, and updating his thrice daily email blasts decrying obvious universal stupidity (shooting kidergarten kids is bad and gay rights are good… duh.) and make some tough decisions, about how to make the cost of living bearable for people making less than $50K a year.

Congratulations to Carolina, Elicker, and Fernandez on this awesome nominaton!

posted by: TheWizard on August 15, 2013  9:49am

of course….these two have been front and center in creating a phony budget, not living up to promised funds to cities, not going after scofflaws like Wendell Harp, making huge commitments to special interests and big corporations.  OF COURSE, Dannel is a Harpie.

Voters should remember this if Malloy has the audacity to run again in ‘14

posted by: DrHunterSThompson on August 15, 2013  10:42am

This can’t be true. Is it April 1st?


posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on August 15, 2013  10:52am

It stands to reason that the Democratic Gov. would endorse the only full time Democrat in the race.  The individuals are Independents in Democrats clothing.

The idea that many of you Toni Harp haters are dismayed/shocked by this endorsement is preposterous.  If you were true Democrats, you would embrace this endorsement with overwhelming excitement.

It wasn’t Toni that abandoned her love of the Democratic Party, it Henry, Kermit and Elicker who did that.

The Governor is doing the same thing the President would do, ENDORSE DEMOCRATS.

Toni had the same option to thumb her nose at the Democratic Party that these three Independents had. But again, because of Toni’s love of party and her always being extremely prudent in her thinking, she chose to stay loyal to the genuine Democrats and more importantly, to her word.

Loyalty has a very special connotation associated with it.  Loyalty denotes the importance of maintaining one’s character.  If one can’t be loyal to self, how then can they possibly be loyal to you?

When the bell rang, Elicker came out fighting as an Independent for a Democratic championship belt.  Suffering from a tremendous lack of loyalty also, both Kermit and Henry seized the opportunity to join in on the battle, in round two. 

I venture to say, that this political waffling the three of these gentlemen are engaged in, will only harm them in the future should they try and run for political office city-wide.

posted by: Stylo on August 15, 2013  10:58am

Another good reason not to support her.

posted by: InformedOpinion123 on August 15, 2013  11:05am

Does Malloy vote in New Haven? Nope. So his endorsement means didly-squat.

It would actually look odd if he didn’t endorse her. She’s a state legislator with little knowledge and even less experience in city government.

Moving on…

posted by: Razzie on August 15, 2013  11:06am

Here we go again…..East Rock Elicker’s supporters will tell us that this is another endorsement that doesn’t mean anything. Spin it however you want, when one candidate has ALL the endorsements and widespread support among the voting public, it means you have to re-evaluate your positions and prospects. You can hate on Toni Harp as much as you like. There are not that many citizens who share your view. Go0v. Malloy has worked closely with Sen. Harp over the years. (Much like Elickers BoA peers have worked with him.) It is significant that, as Toni’s peer, Gov Malloy expresses full confidence in her ability to forge the necessary relationships to govern successfully. Congratulations Senator Harp.

posted by: Stephen Harris on August 15, 2013  12:32pm


Nica’s is still in violation of a site plan approval and a Special Exception approval (having way more outside seating than permitted). It’s nice to know some things never change.

And if Malloy is trying to sabatoge the city then endorsing Harp is the right thing to do.

posted by: OccupyTheClassroom on August 15, 2013  12:35pm

She may have just list the teacher/staff vote. Malloy has done everything to dismantle PUBLIC education.

Now voting for Kerm.

posted by: TheMadcap on August 15, 2013  1:00pm

I agree with Elizabethaiken, he should’ve waited until after the Democratic primary(which Harp is probably going to win anyways) to endorse someone, especially since he’s not directly involved with the city.

posted by: stick21 on August 15, 2013  1:23pm

Congratulations Senator Harp!! Starting the countdown to when Carolina drops out….10,9,8….

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on August 15, 2013  1:31pm

Forget Dan Malloy.In fact the Democratic voters don’t think he deserves a second term.

Quinnipiac Poll: Connecticut Likes Malloy, But Many Don’t Want Him Back

The latest survey from the university shows Malloy is enjoying his highest approval rating so far, but indicates voters don’t think he deserves a second term.

Latest Q Poll: GOP’s Tom Foley Leads Gov. Malloy By 43 Percent To 40 Percent in 2014 Rematch; Q Poll Calls Him ‘Mid-40s Malloy’

posted by: Noteworthy on August 15, 2013  1:40pm

Politics and Pandering Notes:

1. What this endorsement shows, is that Malloy and Harp are of the same ilk and working the same street corner. Nothing more.

2. Brian Jenikins and Razzie: Love reading your positive, uplifting remarks on Toni Harp. You are brothers from a different mother and in your love of Toni, you are united. However, both of you must have been living away from home for a long time because the Toni Harp you describe is not the Toni we know, or rather, not the Toni Harp many thought she was because she was always billed as something better.

3. The truth is that whatever subject she touches, the response is the same - tepid if any understanding of critical elements; policy suggestions that border on silly (mini-city halls, expanded senior services using students, and fixing the city’s budget woes by combining maintenance departments), the “traumatized” disconnect with the plight of the poor in New Haven; and all of that is before we even get to the taxes, the slums, the mortgages and liens that stiff taxpayers and creditors.

4. Being a good Democrat does not mean playing by the union machine-made rules. Being a good Democrat means first and foremost, caring about the people you serve; caring about the rules you force others to follow and following them yourself. It’s about service not self. That means going outside the box especially when the machine cooks the books and tries to limit choice.

posted by: robn on August 15, 2013  1:48pm


Does loyalty to oneself include living for free in a mansion owned by one of the largest tax evaders in the State of CT? If so then Sen Harp is certainly following your rules.

posted by: ISR on August 15, 2013  1:57pm

Malloy hates Destefano. Wondering how this plays into that.

posted by: Noteworthy on August 15, 2013  4:58pm

Quivering Notes:

Five minutes until endorsement time. I quiver with anticipation. It will be a Love Gov O.