New Haven Biz Launches Magazine

Markeshia Ricks PhotoThe New Haven business community is leaping off the Internet and back onto the printed page.

At a time when many publications have had to abandon print, New Haven Biz, a thrice-weekly e-newsletter and website, recently launched a new glossy magazine. On Tuesday, New England Business Media CEO Peter Stanton and the New Haven Biz magazine team gathered at ROÌA Restaurant and Cafe on College Street to celebrate the inaugural issue.

Stanton likened the difference between the e-newsletter that business readers have been receiving since 2017 and the new magazine to tapas and a full course meal: One is for quick small bites of what’s now, the other for savoring.

The magazine, which will publish eight times in 2019, is aimed at filling a void in the New Haven and the southern Connecticut market for a business-to-business print publication that has existed for about five years.

“The reception has been great so far,” he said. “The team really knows the market.”

Michael Bingham heads that team as editor . He said the magazine isn’t about breaking news; that will remain the work of the newsletter and website. The magazine’s job will be to provide in-depth, longer form stories and features on the personalities and places that drive the business community in New Haven. Bingham has edited numerous general-news and business publications in New Haven since the 1980s.

New Haven Biz magazine will focus its lens on the Elm City’s arts and culture scene and its growing presence in New England as a place where young, tech-savvy millennials want to work and make their home, Bingham said.

The first issue of the magazine features a story on the future of Long Wharf Theatre as well as problems besetting the Subway chain. Another story highlights Caroline Smith, a millennial who has made the city her home and her hub for the entrepreneur and training support program she co-founded.

“New Haven is different from any other mid-sized city in New England,” Bingham said. “Arts and culture is a really important part of the fabric of New Haven. It also is a place where a critical mass of young people who are living here because they want to be here.”

New Haven Biz Senior Account Manager Ronni Rabin said there was a hunger from newsletter readers for a print publication. She said the magazine also will serve as a catalyst for special marketing events and experiential marketing.

All of this is good news to New Haven’s arts and culture czar Andy Wolf, who attended Tuesday’s reception.

“I think it really does promote the style, smarts, inquisitiveness, and ability that New Haven has reached as a global destination in the creative economy,” he said.


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