On The 8th Day They’ll Rest

Melissa Bailey PhotoCity crews plan to push through one more night of plowing before scaling back operations Saturday afternoon—unless another storm adds more snow this weekend.

Officials announced those plans on Friday at 12:30 p.m. in a briefing at the Emergency Operation Center under 200 Orange St.

The briefing was the final gathering of the week for city officials who have been working around the clock to respond to last weekend’s once-in-a-century dumping of snow.

The city is launching 24 more hours of intensive snow removal, announced Chief Administrative Officer Rob Smuts. For the third night in a row, cars will be required to park on the even side of the street in some neighborhoods—read this story carefully to make sure you don’t get towed.

You can park in school lots tonight. But you have to move your car by Sunday at noon, officials announced. (That’s sooner than previously announced.) If you can move your car sooner, that would help crews clear the lots of mountains of snow in time for school to open Tuesday, said schools Chief Operating Officer Will Clark.

Saturday afternoon, the major plowing operation is set to be scaled back to a small public works crew, which will respond to emergencies. However, plans could change if we get more snow this weekend—the city is expecting another 2 to 4 inches Saturday into Sunday.

In other storm news:

• The cost of the storm so far totals $1.6 million, with some contractor costs not yet factored in.
• Mayor John DeStefano will be sending robocalls Friday, Saturday and Sunday with updates on the storm.
• The city will try to reach all neighborhood streets with its pay loader and dump truck crews, which are removing the banks of snow piled up on the sides of the roads. “But there will be streets we don’t get to,” Smuts cautioned.


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posted by: Gretchen Pritchard on February 15, 2013  6:48pm

Has anybody else experienced a problem with the robocalls?  At least 50% of the time, in our experience, the voice instructs you to press 1 to hear the message, so we do, and then the robovoice says, “Thank you for your response.  Goodbye,” and the call ends.  No message.

posted by: Edward Francis on February 15, 2013  11:47pm

I also get the press 1 and then the hang up.  Usually the message is left on voice mail but too long to have it all recorded. Nothings perfect but it is a good system until the glitch occurs.