Oops! Wrong Office

Two members of Justin Elicker’s mayoral campaign took a wrong turn Thursday—and ended up looking for ballot petition signatures in the headquarters of one of his main rivals.

Click the play arrow to see what happened at Toni Harp’s campaign headquarters, in a short video released Thursday afternoon by the Harp campaign.

“In one of the lighter moments in a sometimes tough campaign, the young Elicker workers didn’t realize where they were until the office erupted in good-natured laughter,” the Harp release states.

The Elicker workers posed for a photo with Harp campaign manager Jason Bartlett—and entertained a job offer from him—before leaving.

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posted by: Righteous Cyclist on July 31, 2013  6:01pm

These bright young men realize who the better candidate is.

posted by: Bill Saunders on July 31, 2013  7:26pm

Rather than trying to convert these two young politically engaged individuals, maybe a more mature response would have been “Good Luck in the Race.”

posted by: Curious on July 31, 2013  7:34pm

LOL.  So how many signatures did they get?  :)

posted by: Hieronymous on July 31, 2013  8:32pm

Thanks for the ace reporting “staff”.  Should I send you a bylined ready-for-print story every time someone from one of the other campaigns knocks on my door despite the Elicker sign out front? Or is it only a story if I record myself laughing at them rather than signing their petitions, as I’ve done?

posted by: HhE on July 31, 2013  8:58pm

Whoa, people of color acting on behalf of Justin Elicker.  Now how does that fit in the East-Rock-White-Elites narritive?

posted by: Noteworthy on July 31, 2013  9:47pm

What? They didn’t sign his petitions?

posted by: Dee Rien on August 1, 2013  11:39am

Okay, now I’m starting to believe the NHI-as-shill-for-Harp-campaign narrative. Why did you post this? And why didn’t you make note of the fact that these people didn’t sign the petition? They could have. I don’t support Harp, but I signed her petition. Don’t they believe in the democratic process? Or are they afraid of having Elicker on the ballot?

posted by: cedarhillresident! on August 1, 2013  1:12pm

Please mean people like to laugh at kids that make mistakes. And instead of signing they took a picture and embarrassed them more by sending it into their shill the NHI and of course they complied and posted it. Because there is nothing more news worthy than heartless folks laughing at kids.

posted by: Razzie on August 2, 2013  12:29pm

I thought it was a bit of light-hearted humor in an otherwise suckey campaign season. It also happens to blow out of the water the East Rock Elicker elitist argument that they are driven by ideologically pure adherents to Justin’s dogma. Obviously, these 2 workers could care less who Justin is, and what he has been saying. I am looking for the follow-up for when they ditched the T-shirts and came back to Harp.