Shot Fired At Passing Car On Sherman Parkway

Someone shot at a car on Sherman Parkway Wednesday afternoon, injuring a 25-year-old passenger.

Police learned of the shooting soon after, at 2:22 p.m., when the driver of the car flagged down an officer at nearby Dixwell Avenue and Henry Street to report that his car had been hit on nearby Sherman Parkway and that his passenger had been injured, according to police spokesman Capt. Anthony Duff.

“The officer observed the 25 year old male passenger suffering from a non-life threatening abrasion to the head.  It has not been determined if the injury was caused by broken glass or projectile. The victim was transported via ambulance to Yale-New Haven Hospital where he is expected to be released soon,” Duff wrote in a release.

He asked anyone with information about the incident to call detectives at (203) 946-6304.

A spate of shootings so far in 2018 have approximately doubled the monthly rate in 2018; click here to read a recent story by the New Haven Register’s Clare Dignan about efforts of city youth workers and cops to work together in response.

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posted by: IloveMYcity203 on February 13, 2019  5:04pm

I am slightly confused by the article. It states that someone shot at a car on Sherman Parkway, and the driver (I’m assuming that it was the driver of the car that was being shot) flagged down an officer at Dixwell Avenue and Henry, the officer went to the scene to discover the passenger.

Based on that piece of information, it sounds like the passenger got shot, and the driver of the car that the passenger was in, drove off. While driving off, he saw an officer, reported what happened, then the officer drove back to the scene? If this is true, the driver of the vehicle that the passenger was in, just left the passenger for dead?

If the driver was driving away without the passenger, where was he or she going? Were they looking for help? Why not take the person to the hospital? I’m sure you don’t have those answers yet, but that’s what is going through my head.

posted by: Paul Bass on February 13, 2019  9:14pm

Thanks for that comment! I forwarded it to Capt. Duff, who sent out a new version of the release clarifying what happened. The updated version is above.