People’s Caucus Postpones Public Session On Budget

The People’s Caucus, a dissenting bloc of seven members of the Board of Alders, has postponed a public meeting planned for Saturday to unveil an alternative to Mayor Toni Harp’s proposed new $511 million city budget.

The Caucus wants to wait to get more specific budget information from the Board of Education before holding the session, according to Caucus organizer Michael Stratton, a Prospect Hill/Newhallville alder.

Click here, here and here for stories on the budget as well as critics’ take on it. The mayor has proposed a 3.8 percent tax hike.

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posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on March 14, 2014  8:15pm

If the group felt as though they didn’t have sufficient info. to move forward with their public meeting, it was very prudent of them to postpone.

I’m admiring the leadership that Alderman Stratton has been displaying thus far. 

If this Mayor has such a great relationship with Gov. Malloy, then why didn’t she have him ignore the city’s debt? By doing so, instead of raising taxes on the struggling taxpayers, she could’ve lowered them.  Moreover, why didn’t she pursue all the money the state owes the city in PILOT reimbursements?

To the People’s Caucus, your popularity will only grow when you continue to fight wasteful spending and higher taxes.  Yes the support amongst your colleagues is going to be sparse at best.  But don’t stop fighting the tax increases.  Just make sure you disclose those that are fighting for them.