Violence Erupts At Nationalist Protest

DAVID SEPULVEDA PHOTOS A white nationalist group came to New Haven to deliver a message Saturday — and ended up retreating with the help of the police after counterprotesters sent a message of their own.

Some donning “Make America Great Again” Trump ball caps, a small group of East Haven and Waterbury white men belonging to a nationalist group called the “Proud Boys” said they came to exercise their free speech.

Local antiracism protesters knew in advance about the planned demonstration, and organized 150 counterdemonstrators to show up. The stated intention was to drown out the Proud Boys but to remain nonviolent.

“Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom of consequences from that speech,” said organizer Natalie Alexander of the group Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ).

Counterdemonstration organizers distributed guidelines passed out before the protest began directing participants to “stay at least 15 feet back from the fascist rally.” The guidelines suggested noise as a tool of resistance: “Use noise makers all together to interrupt speakers.”

DAVID SEPULVEDA PHOTOThe counterdemonstrators, some covering their faces with masks or bandanas, marched from the corner of Elm and College Streets to the lower Green. “Run Nazi run!” they chanted. “Welcome to hell,” read a banner.

Shortly after counterprotesters encircled the flagpole, some made contact with one of the Proud Boys. At least one protestor kicked him. Another snatched his Make America Great Again ball cap. It was not clear if those displaying aggressive actions were part of the organized counterprotest or acting alone.

Counterdemonstrators pelted other Proud Boys with paint balloons and sprayed them with silly string. They asked members of the small group of Proud Boys, who were from out of town, why they brought perceived messages of hate to New Haven.

“Get the fuck out of here!” counterdemonstrators declared while pursuing the Proud Boys to the edge of the Green. (See above video.)

The counterdemonstrators came under criticism from one African-American man who happened upon the clash. (See video at the top of the story.)

“You acting just as crazy as the KKK! … What are we really trying to prove?” he yelled at them amid the chaos.

“I know what they do. My cousin just got murdered by the police. Shot in the back of the back of the neck twice.  What I don’t stand is for ignorance.  … This is some of the most unproductive shit I’ve ever seen in my life.”

During conversations with counterprotesters, some Proud Boys disavowed any connection to white supremacy and hate groups like the KKK. “I’m married to a Puerto Rican woman,” offered one Proud Boy from Waterbury.

Part of a loosely defined network of “alt right” groups that have come to prominence since the presidential election, the Proud Boys takes a pro-Trump line on immigration; it has dispatched “knights” and “warriors” to confront, sometimes violently, left-wing demonstrators in other cities.

As the clashes grew, police stepped in and arrested on misdemeanor charges four of the counterdemonstrators they said refused orders to stay away from the Proud Boys. One arrestee, from the Hill, was treated at the hospital for “a respiratory ailment,” according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman. Hartman said it was unclear whether the man, who has asthma, had breathed in police pepper spray or smoke from a counterdemonstrator’s grenade.

Local activist Barbara Fair, the arrestee’s aunt, was herself arrested after she refused an order to back away, according to police. Fair denied that; she said she hadn’t disobeyed an order. (See above video.)

Two of the four arrestees were from out of state. One, from New York, threw “a paint-filled balloon” that landed at the feet of a police sergeant, according to Hartman; another, from New Jersey, “confronted an officer and after being ordered to back up, used an amplified megaphone set to a siren noise to the face of the officer. [He] was relieved of his back-pack incident to his arrest. It contained Illegal fireworks type explosives.” During that arrest, “a knife landed on the top of the boot of an NHPD Sergeant. No one saw whose knife it was or who dropped or threw it,” Hartman wrote.

Police escorted the Proud Boys from the Green (pictured), and the demonstration ended.

During confrontations and afterward, some bystanders made known their displeasure with the way both sides engaged with each other. Organizer Natalie Alexander also expressed some disappointment in the breakdown of self control by some counterprotesters, she said the coalition as represented by Saturday’s protest is broad and is still learning how to coordinate.

“I believe white supremacists know they are unwelcome here in New Haven,” activist Fahd Syed observed at the scene. “But we have to make sure we keep this peaceful. I do not want to see ice thrown at these folks, spray paint. We have to make sure we keep the peace.”

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posted by: BetweenTwoRocks on July 9, 2017  12:29am

I’m glad the citizens of New Haven stood against this racist White Nationalist bullshit, but it sure seems to me that most of the bad behavior was by counter-protestors. We need to remember that free speech applies to everyone, not just people we agree with. I recall the landmark Supreme Court case, National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie, in which Nazis decided to hold a rally in a city with a high concentration of Jewish Americans (Skokie, Illinois). The Supreme Court ruled that the use of the swastika is symbolic form of free speech entitled to First Amendment protections and determined that the swastika itself did not constitute “fighting words”.

Ultimately, the National Socialist Party (aka Nazis) didn’t even show up.

I know it’s tempting to “punch a Nazi.” But I also firmly believe that free speech is free speech. Attacking these vile racists doesn’t make anybody look good. I’m not convinced that anybody would’ve even shown up aside from counter-protestors and I can’t help but wonder if we’ve done any good. Are people getting arrested for fighting Nazis doing any real justice in this world? I don’t know.

posted by: wendy1 on July 9, 2017  6:39am

When I first moved to CT.  I got a form letter from the KKK, an invitation to join.  This year I learned on TV that some get their uniforms sewn in Shelton, CT.  So they do exist here.  I arrived at the Green by 10AM and waited for 2 hours with a friendly benign bunch of people.  I left with one of them for a long walk up Chapel and returned to witness a much larger crowd along with a BIG police presence.  Most everybody were watching, not doing, friends and neighbors of mine.  I left.  I emailed Paul B that I thought once again the police overreacted.  I am sorry the PB’s got a greeting I’m not proud of but they would have survived to go home, police or no police, because here in NH, sanity rules, and folks like me would have fended off an unfair fight—-6 against 100 or so.  The crowd included medical people, lawyers, Yale students, aldermen, the young, the elderly, and the press.

posted by: Noteworthy on July 9, 2017  6:52am

Freedom Died on the Green Notes:

1. The ignorance and conduct of Organizer Natalie Alexander and the crowd of counter-protesters she whipped into a frenzy should be reviled. It makes me sick.

2. Since when is it ok to drown out the speech of others? To denigrate and deny their ability to assemble, to speak, to get their point across? It’s never ok. We all have the freedom in this country to speak, get together with people of like minds or not and have our voices heard by whomever stops to listen.

3. Alexander’s behavior and instructions should be sanctioned. They were a disgrace and there is no way with those puny instructions that a crowd that size, would remain within the loose boundaries suggested. Using words like fascists and Nazis - is hate speech - and it’s ignorant of their views.

4. Not ever Trump supporter is a fascist or white nationalist. Labeling those with whom one disagrees is just a way to denigrate and diminish their voices.

5. Of course, Barbara Fair is at the center and she and her family has yet another incident with the police. has any other family consumed more police resources than the Fair Clan? By the way, it took multiple cops to handcuff Fair - if she was doing as asked, why did it take so many to get her under control?

6. Too bad a lot more of the counter-protesters weren’t arrested. Start with the ones with masks. This is something else that Alexander should have paid attention to - nobody comes to a peaceful protest wearing a mask, carrying illegal fireworks, a knife, hateful signs and paint balloons.

7. The counter-protest itself, the organizer and her thugs, along with the outcome disgust me.

posted by: Acer on July 9, 2017  7:34am

Both of the groups seemed primed for confrontation. But, based on the reporting here, it does appear that the “counterdemonstrators” were way more physical and bellicose. I thought the point was to silence the opposition by presenting a better, stronger argument against that which you disagree, not beat down and silence through intimidation and physical aggression.

posted by: AverageTaxpayer on July 9, 2017  7:44am

Skinheads dumb enough to come to New Haven with a message of hate and white supremacy?

Being such total idiots, personally I would have treated them as such, and used mockery and humor to run them out of town,—instead of the threat of violence. (Will we now see the Proud Bozos return, in greater numbers and actively looking for a fight?)

That being said, I’m not really against the manner in which people rose up against the out-of-town white supremacists. “Run skinhead, run” is not a bad way to handle things. So much better than weakly ceding ground to a pack of neo-Nazi a**holes.

posted by: Timothy G. ORourke Jr. on July 9, 2017  8:18am

The West is the best but her values are certainly not represented by the Proud Boys nor by mobs that they incite.  The total deprecation of political discourse in Americana makes one despair of a probable current dystopia. Political discourse is supposed to make us better humans even when discourse becomes protest.

posted by: Brutus2011 on July 9, 2017  9:00am

I am dismayed by the response to the Proud Boy’s (PB) by the counter demonstrators.

While I very much disagree with the PB’s message, I also believe more in 1st Amendment rights for all of us.

It would have been more effective to allow them their little demonstration without the near violent counter protest.

Perhaps folks could have made flyers detailing how Trump and his peeps have used pathos to blind people like the PB who have more in common with the 99% of us than the 1% that Trump (and Clinton as well if truth be told)  is really representing.

Astonishing to watch history unfold and almost repeat itself.

posted by: Noteworthy on July 9, 2017  9:25am

Average Taxpayer:

Your comment is exactly the kind ignorance of which I wrote.

posted by: GroveStreet on July 9, 2017  9:37am

Idiots abound on both sides. I am a big fan of outnumbering these fools who come to stir up racism and xenophobia, but to physically assault them? That is moronic.

The counter-demonstration organizer is a fool.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on July 9, 2017  9:41am

I think Barbara Fair was set up for arrest by a Agent Provocateur.

How police Agent Provocateur frame people.

posted by: vpaul on July 9, 2017  10:53am

Who is paying these so-called “counter-demonstrators,” who are nothing but cowardly thugs, wearing masks, throwing things, and, as a Register photo shows, kicking one of the demonstrators in the back?

Where is the investigative journalism? or are we going to blame the peaceful marchers for creating the disturbance, like the media did to Donald Trump when his campaign rallies were disrupted by violent thugs, whom the media described as “protesters.”?

These four arrest cases should not be nolled unless and until answers are given and publicly released.

posted by: Trustme on July 9, 2017  11:07am

Feel terrible for the police that had to deal with it ALL. I know what I was doing on my day OFF, eating dogs n burgers, drinking beers, enjoying the pool with my friends on my day OFF. All I see here are pathetic losers, who need to get a life and really start enjoying their days OFF and stop causing chaos.

posted by: AverageTaxpayer on July 9, 2017  11:16am

@ Noteworthy—

My first amendment rights may give someone the freedom to get up in your face and say whatever he wants about your Momma, call you an ethnic slur, demean your sexuality, or question your Constitutional right to belong as part of this country

But the laws of decorum do allow you to take a swing at someone if they go way too far.

These Proud Boys were here simply to insult the good people of New Haven. There was no political point to be made. So if my neighbors took a strong stand against their hateful rhetoric, I have no problem with that. Bottom line is if you don’t want confrontation, you shouldn’t go around disrespecting people, and getting up in their faces…

posted by: wendy1 on July 9, 2017  11:49am

Commenters, you had to be there…..and Brutus, history does repeat.

posted by: Trustme on July 9, 2017  12:12pm

Barbara Fair is the most glorified nobody I have ever noticed!!!! I will never understand why NHI glorifies her so much!!!

posted by: robn on July 9, 2017  12:21pm


You seem really upset. We’re you not able to wash the pink paint out of your brown shirt?

posted by: Paul Bass on July 9, 2017  1:09pm

Note: Here’s a link to a video by the Proud Boys’ national leader about some of the group’s pro-white views and its argument for why it’s inaccurate to compare the group with “Nazis” and “Klansmen.”

posted by: T-ski1417 on July 9, 2017  1:27pm


You said that police over reacted, how so?


Are you I implying that police have an undercover officer provoking this?

posted by: Noteworthy on July 9, 2017  1:33pm

Avg. Taxpayer:

It’s not your freedom that gives them a right to speak. It’s their freedoms protected ny the Constitution.

Second, the PBs were in somebody’s face? Reporting doesn’t support that they were the aggressors.

Your continuing efgort to label these people is an effort to shut them up.

I saw FB posts by people I know who without a thimble of proof started spreading the rumor this was a KKK rally. They continued it today. Wow. This includes Mayor Harp.

posted by: GroveStreet on July 9, 2017  2:31pm

Apparently Barbara Fair is just trying to make a case to be the NHI or Register Person of the Year.

posted by: BevHills730 on July 9, 2017  2:58pm

I’m actually with Robn on this one. Is Noteworthy a member of the proud boys. Btw they didn’t look so proud on the Green.

posted by: cunningham on July 9, 2017  3:29pm

The Proud Boys are juvenile oafs. Like much of the contemporary right, they say and do deliberately provocative things, then feign outrage and moral superiority when people are provoked. It’s the political equivalent of the “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you!” game that young siblings play with each other.

I’m wary of “counter-protests” only because they play into this narrative so neatly, but let’s no one mistake the Proud Boys for victims of anything other than being fascist idiots.

Also, while they may not be openly, explicitly racist or white supremacist, they are self-described “Western chauvinists,” which is about as lazy and paper-thin a euphemism as one could think up.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on July 9, 2017  3:47pm

posted by: T-ski1417 on July 9, 2017 2:27pm


Are you I implying that police have an undercover officer provoking this?

Do you know what COINTELPRO was?Look it up.

How about this.

t.NYPD, MTA used undercover officers to monitor Black Lives Matters protesters: report

The MTA and NYPD used undercover and plainclothes officers to monitor Black Lives Matter protesters who staged die-ins in Grand Central Terminal, according to reports.The surveillance included live updates from officers, including the number of protesters and their location at more than 30 protests between November 2014 and February 2015, as well as photos of individual activists, documents obtained by The Intercept reveal.

NYPD sent undercover officers to Black Lives Matter protest, records reveal

The New York police department also collected ‘multimedia records’ of protests after the death of Eric Garner, legal papers show

New York City’s independent police monitor released a report in August, concluding that between 2010 and 2015 the department routinely violated legal requirements in its monitoring of Muslim communities, failing to explain its use of undercovers and informants and extending investigations without evidence of criminal activity.

My bad I forgot this one. In 1969 the NHPD wire-tap black panthers phones in new haven.

posted by: 1644 on July 9, 2017  6:19pm

Paul: Why do you describe this group as “white nationalist”?  Did they tell you that’s what they are?  Wikipedia says they are not white supremacists, but support “Western” values. As for your youtube link, I tried watching it, but it seems naught but incoherent ramblings about how Nazi’s and the KKK do not exist.  I suppose it depends how one defines Nazi’s, which pretty much went out of business with a fire sale in 1945. The KKK, of course, has had many incarnations, some of which live today.

posted by: robn on July 9, 2017  6:28pm

Incitement to imminent lawless action =
NOT Constitutionally protected speech

posted by: 1644 on July 9, 2017  6:42pm

1.  Connecticut needs an anti-mask law similar to those in force in Southern states.  Whether it be white hood, a Guy Fawkes mask, or a bandana/balaclava in warn weather, a covered face is a pretty clear indication of criminal intent.
2. The black man in the video has it right.  It is the counter-protestors who are acting like the KKK, or the Brownshirts, using violence and threats to intimidate and silence others.

3. Controlling and planning for these protests would be simpler if the city could require permits.  Unfortunately, the city allowed demonstrations for popular causes to go forward without permits, even when they involve criminal activity like blocking traffic.  Were the city to require other, less popular groups to get permits, it would be subject to a major civil rights lawsuit.  The city is required to treat all persons equally, regardless of what political and social views they hold.

Average:  Getting in someone’s face and shouting provocative things at them is actually one of the few forms of speech, fighting words, that is not protected.  The strange thing is, though, that while the law recognizes that some words may move reasonable men to violence, it does not condone that violence or make any allowance for provocation:  reacting to an verbal assault with a battery is still a crime, not matter what was said.  As for your sense of decorum, you must have quite the dinner parties.

posted by: T-ski1417 on July 9, 2017  7:04pm


I’m more interested in the NHPD
not NYPD.  My question to you was are you saying that the NHPD placed an officer in the crowd to provoke this??

Not really interested in 1969…

As far as Barbara Fair, job well done.

posted by: 1644 on July 9, 2017  7:16pm

Rob: Who are you saying was inciting others to imminent lawless action?  The Proud Boys?  Natalie Alexander?  Fair?  Was there something in particular that you considered an incitement to lawless action?

posted by: HewNaven on July 9, 2017  8:39pm

Western chauvinists? I think they have it backward…

Things the “east” has provided:
1. Civilization
2. Writing
3. Agriculture
4. Medicine
5. Science
6. Religion

1. Theft

posted by: robn on July 9, 2017  8:59pm

Wasn’t there…didn’t hear.
What I’m refuting are blanket statements suggesting that all speech is free/protected… because that’s incorrect.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on July 9, 2017  9:40pm

posted by: T-ski1417 on July 9, 2017 8:04pm


I’m more interested in the NHPD
not NYPD.  My question to you was are you saying that the NHPD placed an officer in the crowd to provoke this??

Read what I wrote.I think Barbara Fair was set up for arrest by a Agent Provocateur..I did not say that the NHPD placed an officer in the crowd to provoke this.But history shows that the police have used Agent Provocateur.

Not really interested in 1969…

You should be.If the NH police used Agent Provocateurs in1969.What makes you think they would not do the same in this day and time.Again do you know what COINTELPRO was?Look it up.

posted by: LookOut on July 9, 2017  10:22pm

When socialists begin to stamp out free speech, it smacks of the USSR in the first half of the 20th Century.  Very dangerous path.  If you are confident in your position, why not allow open debate?  Shouting down the other side and physically abusing them will not but you much public sympathy.

posted by: T-ski1417 on July 10, 2017  7:23am


So your saying that there was a conspiracy to get Barbara Fair arrested, Gotcha….

You still didn’t answer my question, which was do YOU think the NHPD used “Agents” at the protest to provoke the incident that occurred.

You may not have said it you totally inferred it with your follow up comment:

“How police Agent Provocateur frame people”

posted by: ThePainfulTruth on July 10, 2017  8:14am

The Proud Boys are a multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-religious male fraternal organization. They’re decent, patriotic and honorable men.
Just because150 Neo-Marxists counter-demonstrators falsely claim the Proud Boys to be white supremacists doesn’t make it true.
The Proud Boys are nothing remotely close to the KKK or any group like that. They’re just regular guys who love America and the freedoms we cherish.
The Neo-Marxists who oppose the Proud Boys simply disagree with them and label them these horrible names so that they don’t have to debate the issues. The Neo-Marxists can’t defend their ideas or positions, so they falsely label the Proud Boys these terrible names to shut down debate and free speech.
The politically correct totalitarianism of the Left was in full display in New Haven.

posted by: Timothy G. ORourke Jr. on July 10, 2017  8:29am

Dear NewHaven,

Independent of the consideration of the common thievery of all men regardless of their cultural heritage, it is Western Man who has discovered the knowledge associated with living virtuously and, more importantly, has systemized this knowledge through reason in countless documents.  So, humanity has at least a chance of adhering to objective transcendental truths while in the world.  This applies even to the truths from mere positivism.  Granted, positivism does not often act reasonably.  But no one can deny that it does not have its origins is Western Man. Besides, it is Western Man who has recognized that aspect of the Natural Law associated with the right to speak freely, even when we speak only to disparage the heritage from which that right has so providentially arisen.

posted by: ThePainfulTruth on July 10, 2017  9:03am

Mr. O’Rourke, why would you say the Proud Boys don’t represent the values of the West? What is your basis for that claim? Do you know the Proud Boys?
From their site:
The Proud Boys are a fraternal organization founded on a system of beliefs and values of minimal government, maximum freedom, anti-political correctness, anti-racial guilt, pro-gun rights, anti-Drug War, closed borders, anti-masturbation, venerating entrepreneurs, venerating housewives, and reinstating a spirit of Western chauvinism during an age of globalism and multiculturalism.

Proud Boys support:

• Abolish prison
• Give everyone a gun
• Legalize drugs
• End welfare
• Close the borders
• Outlaw censorship
• Venerate the housewife
• Glorify the entrepreneur
• Recognize the West as the best
• minimal government

Which of this makes them unable to represent Western values? Membership in the group is open to all races.
Please explain.

posted by: Timothy G. ORourke Jr. on July 10, 2017  9:56am

Hello ThePainfulTruth,

I concede that I am in concurrence with some—not all—of the issues that you listed, even though I am just right of center. However, I do not see them espousing the best in manhood as in their videos they often act unbelievably adolescently, which militates against the best cultured truths of our heritage and undermines the reception of those truths with which I am in agreement.  Moreover, their methods and their corresponding dispositions make it more difficult to lend credence to our heritage to those who are in the most desperate need of assenting to it.

posted by: TheMadcap on July 10, 2017  10:15am

I mean the Proud Boys are white nationalists and the west has a history of institutional white nationalism racism, so in that regard i suppose they do represent westeen values

posted by: Noteworthy on July 10, 2017  10:41am


The speech as exhibited or tried to exhibit on the Green is free and is protected. Period. No, you can’t yell “fire” in a theater - but the law and the Constitution falls far more freely on allowing all kinds of speech whether in print, broadcast or assembly than it does limiting such speech. That is correct.

posted by: ThePainfulTruth on July 10, 2017  11:20am

Mr. O’Rourke, your approach is unappealing and ineffective to changing the hearts and minds of today’s men and is why the right has historically lost. The Proud Boys bring in the degenerate male who knows there’s something not quite right about the society in which we live, and begins to make him a better man, a Western Chauvinist. We accept all, and don’t turn our noses up at men with a holier than thou attitude, but we still recognize and call out degeneracy.
What videos did you see that you don’t like?

posted by: Timothy G. ORourke Jr. on July 10, 2017  11:20am

Hello the Madcap,
The West was the first civilization on earth to end the scourge of slavery, which has existed in all cultures since the beginning of known history and still does in parts of Africa and Asia.

posted by: HewNaven on July 10, 2017  11:22am

Timmy ORourk Jr:

I forgot about these “western” contributions to civilization:

1. Atomic weapons
2. Chemical warfare
3. Ethnic genocide.

Yknow just “living virtuously” here in the West. Like you said.

posted by: Timothy G. ORourke Jr. on July 10, 2017  11:28am

Hello NewHaven,
Yes, man is a troubled creature for sure.

posted by: LookOut on July 10, 2017  11:42am

I find the debate in these follow up comments very interesting - decent point on all sides (other than a little anti-police rhetoric).  Next step is the get the neo-Marxists to have a conversation rather than shout down anyone with their own ideas.

posted by: Timothy G. ORourke Jr. on July 10, 2017  12:01pm

Dear ThePainfulTruth,

I wish you every blessing in your work. If it turns out to be good and the approach better than mine, then I will be happy to be corrected. I guess your more like Samuel Adams and I am more like his cousin John.  Godspeed, Tim

posted by: Chucko on July 10, 2017  12:40pm

imagine getting so mad at a stage adaptation of a disney movie that you decide to stop masturbating in order to protect “western values.” these guys are a joke.
But joke or no joke, fascist scum is fascist scum, and proudboys everywhere can screw right off back their parents’ basements. white nationalism/supremacy, thinly veiled or otherwise, has no business here—hats off to new haven antifa for treating them with precisely the amount of respect and welcome they deserve.

posted by: Bill Saunders on July 10, 2017  12:44pm

The Painful Truth…..

The Proud Boys lost me with their ‘anti-masturbation’ clause, or does that rule only apply if you are wearing an American Flag as an adult diaper….

posted by: ThePainfulTruth on July 10, 2017  12:45pm

👆They think Western Civilization invented ethnic cleansing . 😂😂😂😂😂

posted by: ThePainfulTruth on July 10, 2017  12:47pm

Bill Saunders, some dudes love a handful of penis so much, they’ll never give it up.

posted by: Dwightstreeter on July 10, 2017  2:07pm

@TrustMe: Barbara Fair is a 70 year old grandmother and an award winning activist with an MSW degree. She has a history of opposing police brutality, racial injustice, mass incarceration, solitary confinement and supporting a Civilian Review Board with subpoena power.
Last summer her daughter Holly Tucker was brutalized by traffic cops on Foxon Blvd for allegedly disobeying a traffic direction. The bruises on her body from being dragged thru the window of her car lasted for months. The PTSD is ongoing. Holly refused to take a plea bargain and there will be a trial in which all the facts will come out.
People believe that Barbara Fair was targeted and arrested on Saturday because she is an activist and a person of color. Her cousin, last name also Fair, was also arrested. Video of her shows her in conversation and merely standing around (as was her cousin) until a swarm of police pulled her arms back and cuffed her. Her wrists are still swollen from that.
As usual David Hartman and Chief Campbell send out a press release with dis-information worthy of the KGB.
Barbara Fair was not interfering with anyone’s arrest.
Nor was her cousin.
Lies, not “journalism”.
It is believed that the NHPD has a quiet program of intimidation and that the police are conducting surveillance of all activists, at least the ones who stand up to police abuses. Thank you, Mayor Harp.
The professionals in the force know how to do a good job. To the extent they say nothing, however, they are complicit in what goes down.
Where is New Haven’s Frank Serpico?
Where are the truth teller’s sick of the corruption and ready to share what they know?

posted by: Trustme on July 10, 2017  3:04pm

@dwightstreeter your comment is laughable…. Barbara Fair hates the police and white people, I’ve heard her and her family members call police “crackers”. A lot of Fair’s children and nephews have been in involved in drug dealing, robberies, shootings, and murders. She claims to be an activist, all I see is an angry old racist woman full of hate, especially if it does not fit her agenda. Please spare me, that 70 year old activist BS

posted by: smarcus on July 10, 2017  3:08pm

It’s good NH came out to oppose the bigoted, Trump-fueled, white nationalist, whatever you call it.  While nobody should have gotten assaulted, it’s important the counter-protest message was there….

Separate from the arrests, it seems NH police were slow in responding, and (organizationally)  not prepared for an unexpected protest.  I’m not talking about individual officers, but overall.  Simple social-media daily check-ins would have made clear that something was brewing. Same as with the blocking rt-34 demonstration.  Additionally, I think it’s important that NHPD makes it a priority to get additional crowd control protocols, many steel barricades, and training for the officers.  In the video you can see, the police were way outnumbered at first, and you can see a higher level officer re-positions cops to stand a certain way.  This could have turned really, really, ugly.  Due to our world now, we need new levels of police preparedness, ie, a truck that can deploy with police barricades, different crowd-control training, or response teams. This will be critical in the coming months and years.

posted by: Dwightstreeter on July 10, 2017  3:21pm

So all the people that seek her out for her wisdom and support are wrong?
Or maybe you are.

posted by: matt325c on July 10, 2017  3:34pm

The counter protesters chant “no Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA” and then attack and shout down those who disagree with them? 

The charges against Barbara Fair look to be unwarranted from the videos I have seen.

posted by: robn on July 10, 2017  4:45pm

In all seriousness. the PB presence in New Haven was intended to be provacative and I think they deserved a good verbal razzing, which they got. Wearing masks, stealing some dudes hat and throwing paint bombs at others…not so cool and makes all of the counterprotestors look bad.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on July 10, 2017  4:48pm

posted by: T-ski1417 on July 10, 2017 8:23am

You still didn’t answer my question, which was do YOU think the NHPD used “Agents” at the protest to provoke the incident that occurred.

I did answer your question. I said I think Barbara Fair was set up for arrest by a Agent Provocateur.Notice I said I think!!!.I base this on the history of COINTELPRO The Handschu act The Red Squad. to look them up..You said this Not really interested in 1969.You need to read about that time.My question to you.Are you saying that the police do not use Agent Provocateurs.

posted by: Bill Saunders on July 10, 2017  8:55pm

The Painful Truth,

Thanks for the ‘handful’ compliment….  do I sense ‘inadequacies’?

posted by: narcan on July 11, 2017  3:56am

“Bad behavior” by counter protesters? I saw felony larceny aided by multiple people and breach of peace at minimum. Shameful and illegal behavior is more accurate. The beauty of the 1st Amd is that it covers everyone’s opinion, not just those you agree with. You don’t get a free pass to commit crimes against someone because you agree with what they are saying.

New Haven’s permissiveness to these types of proto-riots is only going to encourage these cowardly masked thugs to become increasingly more violent and oppressive. Look only to Berkeley or Hamburg to see what they are hoping to accomplish.

posted by: 1644 on July 11, 2017  6:16am

Lookout:  Regarding the USSR, the video shows that the counter-protesters are marching behind an actual Soviet Union flag.  The Beatles “Revolution” comes to my mind: “If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow.”  The counter-protesters, with their masked faces and physical violence, represent totalitarianism.  They are the anti-thesis of liberalism.  Yes, they do want to change the Constitution, to ban speech and ideas with which they disagree.  Supporters of liberalism and free speech want to change their heads.

The irony is that, absent the 150 counter-protesters, the half-dozen Proud Boys would have gone unnoticed.

posted by: elmcityresident on July 11, 2017  8:58am


posted by: JohnTulin on July 12, 2017  8:36am

“Proud Boys” are overgrown doofuses whose ‘rally’ on the green would have gone completely unnoticed if these petulant, reactionary, tantrum-throwers didn’t make it into a big deal.  You may have screamed at them, from behind your bandanas (for some reason - because it looks cool?), but you also got them so much more attention than they would have gotten otherwise. They have no base in New Haven, no support, never will.  If your goal was to get them lots of press, and look like idiots doing it, you succeeded in your mission!  Yay!  If you ignored them, like the rest of us, they would have gone away quietly.  But you did get to play radical on the green in front of the cameras and then boast on social media of how righteous you are (probably in caps, using words like SMASH), which is what you are really all about anyway.

posted by: challenge on July 12, 2017  11:39am

Is there a video that justified the brutal arrest of Barbara Fair and her nephew? As always computer thugs show up hiding behind screen names (likely embittered police) to take attention away from the real issue…....Police brutality in the city of New Haven once again being minimized. New leader. Same gang.

posted by: citikop on July 12, 2017  6:07pm

Barbara Fair was set up, lol, what? Threefifts, use more than that of your intellectual ability!

posted by: citikop on July 12, 2017  6:15pm

Challenge(d), another name fit for his/her level of intelligence.

posted by: ConnecticutBlackNews on July 16, 2017  2:34pm

The Same Old Non-Sense, Everyone Does Not Know What Their Doing…I Remember When I Was Five 5 Years Old. I Went To Jail, My Grand Mother Went To Jail, and The Reverin Hall Went To Jail, The Entire Emanual Baptist Church…Corner of Day and Chapel…Remember ?.

The Reason Why Is Because You Have No Knowledge of History.

Connecticut Black News

United Black Temple…Lost Tribe of Judah

posted by: Dwightstreeter on July 16, 2017  5:07pm

From Reuters: “Chicago’s ongoing struggles with violence continue after a federal investigation found police routinely violated civil rights, and used excessive force and discriminatory conduct. “
        New Haven’s 4 shootings this year compare favorably to Chicago’s 40, but the underlying issues produce predictable results.
        There is a state of emergency in New Haven, but no one is talking about it.