The Real Debate Begins

Paul Bass PhotoWant to watch a real debate between a Republican and a Democrat about Connecticut’s future?

So far in this campaign season, with so much at stake, organizers of debates like this one have worked hard to keep people asleep rather than bringing opposing viewpoints, passion, and respectful disagreement from the fore. (Republican gubernatorial candidates are set to debate at the Shubert Theater and on WTNH Monday night at 7.)

On Monday two people deeply involved in the 2018 statewide elections — GOP Party Chairman J.R. Romano and Democratic New Haven State Rep. Roland Lemar — showed what a real debate looks and sounds like.

They found some turf for agreement: Like that raising the minimum wage to $15 wouldn’t go far in addressing the roots of poverty. And much to disagree about: Like whether that is still a much-needed raise for families finding it hard to pay the bills, or a counterproductive measure that’ll set people further back.

They also previewed themes you’ll be hearing a lot about this fall, about the need for a new vision for the state, how best to shore up state pension fudns (cut? find new revenue streams like utility surcharges?), and the competing legacies of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and President Donald Trump

They debated on WNHH FM’s “Dateline New Haven” program. Click on the above audio file or the Facebook LIve video below to hear/watch the whole debate.

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posted by: HewNaven on June 11, 2018  12:14pm

It was sad to hear JR the republican keep referencing income inequality and Roland the democrat with no idea how to fix it. How is raising the minimum wage not helpful to a single mother/head of household? How is it not beneficial to other wage earners who might be working while studying to eventually get a better job? How does raising wages correlate to unaffordable prices (ever hear of scale, JR)? Finally, where are those better jobs? The low-wage service sector is one of a few growing parts of the economy. What other choice do some people have?

The current paradigm is hopeless for many. I believe there’s a correlation with the latest CDC report which states that the only 3 leading causes of death that are actually increasing are lethal overdose, suicide, and alzheimer’s. People are increasingly depressed and hopeless because they cannot earn enough to support their familes anymore. If that’s not a public health crisis I don’t know what is.

posted by: 1644 on June 11, 2018  4:03pm

Interesting that Lemar is speaking of regressive utility fees rather than soak the rich taxes.