Salt + Pepa + 10,890

Chris Randall PhotoThe (old school?) hip-hop duo Salt-N-Pepa outdrew the Temptations and filled the Green at a concert Saturday night.

Salt-N-Pepa rapped their way through the second of two concerts staged to keep the momentum of the Arts & Ideas Festival going this month. The previous week, the Temptations Review drew an estimated 9,080 listeners to the Green.

The city has employed a detailed crowd-estimating team for these events. The official attendance estimate for the Salt-N-Pepa concert is 10,890.

Chris Randall’s photo at the top of this story shows what that looked like from above. Click here for more up-close photos of the fans at the concert, courtesy of the I Love New Haven blog.

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posted by: elmcityresident on July 28, 2014  2:13pm

i was one excellent show!!

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on July 28, 2014  5:17pm

When the gentrification vampires move downtown,You all better start geting use to more Opera shows.

posted by: Stylo on July 28, 2014  10:13pm

The amount of trash left behind afterwards was epic. Some people have no respect.

If almost 11k people came to this - You’d think the green could house a proper music festival like Governor’s Ball, Coachella, etc?

posted by: Bradley on July 29, 2014  7:57am

Notwithstanding 3/5ths dyspepsia, it appears that the mom and baby in the photo are having a good time!

posted by: skaplan on July 29, 2014  9:33am

Many thanks to NHPD, NHFD and Parks department leadership and employees for all they do to ensure these family friendly events run smoothly.

posted by: firethistime on July 29, 2014  2:13pm

I love that the Green is such a center of cultural activity! 

Regarding Salt-N-Pepa - I was little disappointed that they didn’t perform more of their own music but it was a lively show and spirited crowd.

Regarding that snide remark about vampire gentrification—the Green should be a place for all the citizens and music entertainment should the gamut from world music to opera to jazz to rhythm and blues to folk…  Hey, I think it does already!! And what is wring with that?

posted by: BillSaunders1 on July 29, 2014  3:55pm

I think the crowd on the Green was a true representation of the diversity in our City.  It was nice to see the turnout, although I am not a fan of ‘the music’.

And this new method of crowd estimation seems a little more realistic—If this concert had happened last summer, the crowd would have been over-estimated at 40,000. 

Will Arts and Ideas adopt this new ‘method’ of audience estimation, or will that screw up their ‘Economic Impact’ numbers too much???