Scooter Rider Charged In Cop Injury

Paul Bass PhotoPolice have arrested and charged a 70-year-old man who they say struck a detective and seriously injured him while illegally riding a motor scooter.

The man, a West Haven resident, is said by the police to have struck veteran cop, Detective Juan Ingles late last November while Ingles was helping to direct traffic at a construction project on Kimberly Avenue beneath Interstate 91. Read more about what happened here.

The collision is reported to have fractured a disc in Ingles’ spine, herniated three discs in his spine and given him a concussion. He was treated at Yale-New Haven Hospital and remains out of work, recovering from his injuries. It is unknown when he will be able to resume his duties. (Read a “Cop of the Week” about Ingles here.)

Officer David Hartman, spokesman for the police department, said in a press release Tuesday, that the scooter operator was arrested last Thursday after a months-long investigation by the department. A toxicology test revealed that the man was under the influence of cannabinoids and cocaine at the time of the crash, Hartman said in the release. A check of his motor vehicle driving history also revealed that he was operating the scooter, a GT Vespa, without benefit of a driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement, or proper registration, both of which are required by law.

The man was arrested on the following charges:
—Assault in the Second Degree with a Motor Vehicle (53a-60d)
—Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence (14-227a)
—Striking an Officer with a Motor Vehicle (14-223a)
—Traveling Unreasonably Fast in a Construction Zone (14-218a*Z)
—Operating a Motorcycle without a Motorcycle Endorsement (14-40a(a)*)
—Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle (14-12)

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posted by: kevinmacd on February 14, 2017  3:44pm

Since when is a motorcycle endorsement necessary on a scooter?

posted by: pd093 on February 14, 2017  6:46pm

When the engine size is above 49cc it is a motorcycle and the driver would need a motorcycle license and have it registered. Just because it is called a “scooter” does not mean it is not considered a motorcycle.

posted by: Retired on February 14, 2017  6:54pm

If the scooter has a engine capacity over 50cc , then you need a drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement.