DuBois-Walton, Fernandez Weigh Mayoral Runs

Paul Bass PhotoThe face of New Haven’s mayoral race will soon shift dramatically, as up to three prominent local figures have made moves to join the field.

All three—housing authority chief Karen DuBois-Walton, Hillhouse High School Principal Kermit Carolina, and former city economic development chief Henry Fernandez—have been meeting with people throughout the city to gauge potential support for a quest for the Democratic mayoral nomination.

All three told the Independent Monday they’re “serious” about potentially running. All three said they will make their decisions by the end of March.

At least two of them are likely to end up running. That would produce the liveliest mayoral race in decades, full of new faces, new energy, and, possibly, new ideas about how to run New Haven.

East Rock Alderman Justin Elicker and Newhallville state Rep. Gary Holder-Winfield have already launched their own Democratic campaigns to succeed Mayor John DeStefano, who is retiring this year after 20 years in office. The primary election is slated for Sept. 10.

Another estimated 120,000 or so New Haveners report they’ve been “urged” to run. A Newhallville plumber named Sundiata Keitazulu has filed papers to run; firefighter Sal “Six Guns” Consiglio has said he plans to run, as well.

The entrance of DuBois-Walton, Carolina, and/or Fernandez, all of whom have spent years in the public spotlight, promises to flesh out the field of major contenders.

DuBois-Walton’s sudden emergence provided the biggest surprise. After DeStefano’s Jan. 29 retirement announcement, she told the Independent she had no plans to run. She sounded definitively like a non-candidate.

Then she read the article about her not running—and about the absence of any female candidates—to her children, she said Monday. “Why aren’t you running, mom?” she recalled them asking.

That got her thinking about the fact that New Haven has never had a female mayor, said DuBois-Walton, a Yale grad and Boston University-trained clinical psychologist who is 45 and has overseen New Haven’s housing authority since 2008. To run for mayor, she might need to step down from the authority because of the Hatch Act’s limits on political activity by employees of federally funded agencies.

“There is a huge part of me that thinks we shouldn’t still need a first” female mayor, she said.

Meanwhile, local movers and shakers have pressed DuBois-Walton to consider a run. She is believed to already have backing from upper echelons at City Hall and Yale. Before taking over the housing authority, DuBois-Walton served as Mayor DeStefano’s chief of staff. She served as the finance chair of his last campaign.

“The field is shaping up differently from how I thought,” she said. “I can see a way from here to there.”

That field of mayoral candidates has yet to produce a front-runner. By now many people had expected Board of Aldermen President Jorge Perez to announce he will run for mayor. He would almost surely have the backing of the most organized vote-pulling organization in town, affiliated with Yale’s UNITE HERE unions. He would probably have the support of a majority of city aldermen and many prominent Latinos. Over 26 years as an alderman he has developed relationships with business and other community leaders. He said Monday that he has still not made up his mind. Over the past two weeks, many New Haven politicos—including some who were reserving their support for him—have concluded he will not run.

Kermit Carolina, on the other hand, has been seen making the rounds of neighborhood meetings in anticipation of a possible run. He is expected to make a final decision later this month, after his students at Hillhouse complete the CAPT (Connecticut Academic Performance Test), an annual high-stakes standardized test.

“At this point I maintain a laser-like focus on my kids achieving at the highest level on CAPT,” said Carolina, who is 45 and grew up in New Haven. “When CAPT ends, I’ll be in a better position to examine all my potential opponents to gauge potential success.”

He said he is “serious” about a run. “I’ll continue to listen to voices from all sections of the community,” he said.

“I hope Kermit runs,” said defense attorney and civil-rights activist Michael Jefferson, a key supporter. “The city needs someone with a team-oriented approach to problem-solving. Kermit would also be the only candidate who was born and raised in New Haven and graduated from New Haven public schools.” Jefferson said Carolina would bring “a unique perspective on” crime, education, and “job opportunities for those who have been forgotten over the past 20 years.”

Henry Fernandez said he’s serious, too, about running: “I love this city. I’m definitely giving it serious consideration.”

Fernandez, who is 44, spent six years in high-level city government positions, running the economic development department in City Hall and, before that, the Livable City Initiative. He left in 2004; in 2006 he managed John DeStefano’s campaign for governor. He previously served as founding director of the New Haven youth program LEAP after graduating from Yale Law School. He now runs a consulting company that does advocacy work for progressive causes around the country, which has lowered his local profile since 2006.

“I think New Haven needs to get to a place where people see each other’s successes as their own, that what benefits one neighborhood benefits all neighborhoods. If we’re successful at improving education or reducing crime or creating jobs or finding opportunities for young people, that those all benefit all of us. Even if we’re not in need of a job. Even if we don’t have kids in the public schools,” Fernandez said.

One of his former City Hall deputies, Paul Wessel, said he is ready to work for a Fernandez campaign. “I don’t know that the people who are out there have the kind of management experience to actually run the city. Having been on the inside I know how difficult it is,” said Wessel, who now works for a group called the Green Parking Council. “In tight fiscal times, which I think we’re in, you have to make really hard choices. I like both Gary and Justin, but there’s a big difference between governing and legislating. I’ve seen Henry make really tough choices. I’ve seen Henry work the bureaucracy to move people into positions of authority and give them responsibility and make the machine work better. Henry had an ability to attract strong people to the city and to make the machine run well. He was also not afraid to take on entrenched political interests if they were no longer serving the city; I’m thinking of a bunch of neighborhood development corporations that were not creating housing.”

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posted by: Lisa on March 4, 2013  5:03pm

“make the machine work better.”
Aren’t people fed up with the machine?

posted by: Wooster Squared on March 4, 2013  6:42pm

So in other words, if folks want a 21st term for John DeStefano, they can vote for DuBois-Waston or Fernandez. I guess somebody had to offer that option.

posted by: EdgewoodMom on March 4, 2013  6:47pm

This is turning out to be an interesting field of candidates. Karen is especially interesting to me. She has proven herself to be tough and a good manager. I can’t wait to hear about her platform.

posted by: robn on March 4, 2013  7:04pm

One of New Havens biggest problems is that it is, to a great degree, stuck in 1968 (the dystopic Orwellian version). The world has changed and we need to adapt. Old school candidates will just perpetuate the old school.

posted by: muddydog on March 4, 2013  7:29pm

My first thought-NOOOOOOO!  Aren’t we trying to get a fresh start?  Doesn’t anyone recall the Ricci case or the LCI loan scandals?

If Karen runs and wins does Jimmy become the real mayor?

posted by: HhE on March 4, 2013  7:51pm

I for one am adamantly opposed to any candidate that is effectively John Destefano Jr. 

Well said Lisa.

posted by: anonymous on March 4, 2013  8:05pm

“Lowered his local profile since 2006” is putting it too kindly when it comes to Fernandez. 

He is very sharp, but is as disconnected from today’s realities in New Haven as he is connected to the deeply failed administrative policies and corruption of the past 20 years. I’d like some fresh ideas.

Would he hire DeStefano out of retirement as his own Economic Development head, like Karen no doubt would?

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on March 4, 2013  8:14pm

posted by: robn on March 4, 2013 6:04pm

One of New Havens biggest problems is that it is, to a great degree, stuck in 1968 (the dystopic Orwellian version). The world has changed and we need to adapt. Old school candidates will just perpetuate the old school.

But you blame the unions.

posted by: anonymous on March 4, 2013  8:20pm

Didn’t Fernandez leave the DeStefano administration around the same time that the DeStefano/Perez power machine tore down half of the Hill neighborhood (displacing dozens of families Robert Moses-style and permanently crippling the neighborhood in a way it will never recover from), so their campaign donors could erect a massive new K-8 school? Was Karen involved in that too?

posted by: bklyntrnsplnt on March 4, 2013  8:36pm

Fernandez is the candidate most likely to bring together many different constituencies in this very diverse city.  He brought so much economic growth to New Haven when he was in the Mayor’s office (moving Gateway downtown and IKEA are just two examples) and he has the relationships within Yale and around the city from Fair Haven to Dixwell to Westville to East Rock to really build bridges and bring new ideas to fruition.  He also has a demonstrated commitment to improving services for youth.  I hope he runs!

posted by: FrontStreet on March 4, 2013  8:54pm

“She is believed to already have backing from upper echelons at City Hall and Yale. Before taking over the housing authority, DuBois-Walton served as Mayor DeStefano’s chief of staff.”

Two reasons to look elsewhere for new leadership.  Same old, same old is not what New Haven needs.

posted by: Fair and Honest on March 4, 2013  9:27pm

Great! All three have the potential to do a lot of good for the city.

If they do decide to run, I would like to see them commit up front to the Democracy Fund. 

It’s not easy to abide by the extra restrictions the Fund requires, but it’s an important symbol that power and influence are not for sale to big donors (or city contractors).

Any candidate who doesn’t commit to the Democracy Fund is a big red flag—Against transparency. Against accountability.  Back to Business as Usual.

posted by: True that on March 4, 2013  9:32pm

I want to make sure I understand this :  Karen Dubois-Walton has served in King John’s Court, and we should believe that she can bring about change In This city?  I believe she has already violated the Hatch Act by actively campaigning for DeStefano ( she took a personal day to do so, so she says ) and she served as his campaign treasurer.  She is clearly the status quo candidate, and so controlled by the powers that be in this city that I can literally hear Stevie Wonder singing his hit song, Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours.  Dubois-Walton is not the change we need, but she certainly is the pawn Yale and City Hall must have in order to continue its failed policies and morally bankrupt patronage.  Voters are too smart for fall for this very clear attempt to put a new face and gender on the same old tricks.

posted by: Claudia Herrera on March 4, 2013  9:39pm

I couldn’t agree whit you more. No to Fernandez and Karen.
We really need fresh ideas and less “attachment” to continue more of the same or even worse it will be a constantly challenges to deal whit your former “coworkers” and/or continue automatically endorsements.

posted by: Honest in New Haven on March 4, 2013  10:14pm

This is becoming a joke.  Well said by Wooster Squared: If you want more DeStefano, vote for Dubois Walton or Fernandez.  Give me a break, everybody knows who really runs the Housing Authority.  As for Jorge Perez, what’s he waitng for christmas?  If he has not committed to running by now, it’s never going to happen—no guts. He’s a big fish in a small pond kind of guy.

posted by: YesWeCan on March 4, 2013  10:51pm

What has she done??? The Housing Authority!?!?! It’s a travesty over there.

At least Fernandez has brought some business to New Haven.

posted by: SherryCherry on March 4, 2013  11:21pm

I’m a black feminist like no other and i definitely want support my fellow black woman but LET ME TELL YOU Karen Dubois-Walton is no Bell Hooks. She will NOT get my support.

posted by: Manny4thepeeps on March 5, 2013  12:03am

Let me start by saying, I am a strong supporter of woman right, but I will not vote only for gender. Hillary Clinton, yes - Karen dubis Walton, no. What has she done? Destefano has been mayor for 20 yrs, in all that time she has hardly been visible. It is agreed in all circles that Fernandez is a intelligent leader. If he were elected mayor I would know it was him making the wise decisions instead of some hidden reverend or shady power broker.

- Manny for the People

posted by: jenphillips on March 5, 2013  12:26am

Praise The Lord The Wiz Kid Is Back!!!!! Fernandez was responsible for REAL CHANGE, REAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FOR ALL RESIDENTS NOT JUST THE CHOSEN FEW.

posted by: Honest in New Haven on March 5, 2013  12:34am

Henry Fernandez had nothing to do with bringing Ikea to New Haven or moving Gateway to its site.  It happened while he held the position—he certainly did not make those events happen.

posted by: The hill on March 5, 2013  2:26am

When ever a new Mayor come into office after 20 years. It’s always a change. The question becomes what kind of a change. 
It’s very clear that Henry has a platform that will benefit the entire city. I haven’t heard anyone else platform. Which means their isn’t one, if so, it would have surface by now.. 

posted by: anonymous on March 5, 2013  6:51am

CHR: Good question. Any candidate who does not participate in the Democracy Fund (public financing) should be immediately disqualified from consideration by every voter. We need to get rid of the failed corrupt policies and big money politics of past decades.

posted by: Stephen Harris on March 5, 2013  9:28am

Henry brought Gateway to downtown. Two large super blocks of prime real estate don’t generate any taxes. I’m not alone in saying that was a bad idea. An economic developer looking to increase the grand list wouldn’t have done that.

posted by: Lisa on March 5, 2013  9:50am

I am still scratching my head on the decision to bring Gateway downtown.  Has it increased clientele for the businesses downtown?  Or just increased traffic going in and out?  Seriously, does anyone know if it has had a positive impact on local businesses?

posted by: The hill on March 5, 2013  10:43am

Come on people. It’s very clear that Henry is the best candidate for the mayor. 

posted by: YesWeCan on March 5, 2013  10:55am

Really? I can’t believe you’re even asking this question! Ask any business owner in that area what kind of added business they have since the influx of students. This is the same exact reason there are so many businesses in the downtown area that are targeted toward Yale students, because of the very obvious; people buy stuff. Any time someone brings people to our city is a good thing, in it’s old place people were driving in and driving right out!

You can complain about traffic all day long, but the reality of it is a sign of a great city is a busy street.

posted by: anonymous on March 5, 2013  11:24am

Stephen is right. Also, walk around Gateway. There are no active uses along the street. It is a dead zone. An economic developer / administration looking to make the city a successful place would not have allowed that.

Every architect between New York and Boston told the city this, but they didn’t listen.

Likewise, the original plan for IKEA was a shopping mall. It was only lawsuits that stopped DeStefano and Fernandez from moving forward with what would have been a total urban disaster.

The list of mistakes only grows from there.

But the travesty of Gateway is nothing compared to what the Fernandez administration and BOA did to the Hill.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on March 5, 2013  11:41am

Vote for Kermit Carolina,He stood up to king John and the machine.

posted by: JohnTulin on March 5, 2013  11:46am

YesWeCan, Lisa asked a perfectly good question - and her concern in well placed.  Bringing Gateway downtown actually lost taxable revenue from possible small businesses moving in.  Also, your typical Gateway student is flying to class after work and flying home to cook dinner.  This, in addition to being broke (like the rest of us, and unlike Yalies), is the reason Gateway has brought very little revenue to downtown businesses.  Maybe a drink and a snack gets purchased at Rite Aid, but I doubt gaggles of Gateway students are flocking to one of our wonderful restaurants after class for beers and food.  They have lives to get back to and bills to pay!

posted by: Lisa on March 5, 2013  12:03pm

I do believe, YesWeCan, that your only goal is to be snarky. I ask a question and in your oh so informative answer, you say to ask the question.  And I am pretty sure I wasn’t complaining about traffic.  I was again asking a question.

posted by: HhE on March 5, 2013  12:41pm

YesWeCan, Lisa’s question is a good one.  Was the move of Gateway good for the school, the students, the merchants, and the city as a whole?  I for do not know. 

If students and staff are going into and out of the school without engaging in the CBD, then it is not good for the local economy If people using the school are using the CBD to a significantly greater degree than they otherwise wood, then we all gain. 

Can the NHI do a story/study of this? 

The hill, how is Mr. Fernandez clearly the best candidate?  Gary has been a brilliant legislator that will choose the good over the popular. Justin has been a tireless champion for quality of life and not over spending. 

3/5ths, check your hand, you find it there.

posted by: Markees Jones on March 5, 2013  12:52pm

This is going to be an interesting race! All of them offer something to help the City but overall I feel Henry has the total package! Wish them all the best but I’m saying “TeamHenry”

posted by: ColdeneJ on March 5, 2013  12:58pm

I am excited to see Fernandez running. Fernandez is for the people and he will DEFINITELY get my vote!!

posted by: Stephen Harris on March 5, 2013  1:10pm

I’d be surprised if Gateway is generating much in the way of sales taxes. Most community college students have little disposable income and only go to the building when they need to. How much revenue would a mixed use development have brought to the City? Much more than a few students buying something at the drug store on the way home.

posted by: HoneyBrown911 on March 5, 2013  1:39pm

Henry Fernandez is a fabulous contender With his background and achievements and desire to help ALL the people. New Haven is lucky to have a person like him wanting to represent them !!!

posted by: cedarhillresident! on March 5, 2013  2:00pm

Can we find out if these two new ones (Kermit I am sure will) but the 2 JD stand in’s are they going to take part in the Democracy Fund??

posted by: robn on March 5, 2013  2:03pm

The Long Wharf Mall was one of THE worst idea to have crossed the minds of our city leaders. I’m glad it died.

posted by: changefornewhaven on March 5, 2013  2:10pm

Looking forward to a great race. There are many viable candidates but I must say I believe
Walton will be the front runner. She’s a strong women with great qualifications and will be a breath a fresh air.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on March 5, 2013  2:19pm

posted by: HhE on March 5, 2013 11:41am

3/5ths, check your hand, you find it there

Race is not a card. It determines whom the dealer is, and who gets dealt.Are you the dealer?

posted by: anonymous on March 5, 2013  2:22pm

Robn, Agree.  It is unfortunate when an administrator/ion is primarily remembered for what died (i.e. Long Wharf Mall & neighborhoods demolished) than what was built.

posted by: The hill on March 5, 2013  2:24pm

Stephen Harris I think you should read what you just posted. Then you would understand that what you said wasn’t smart. 

posted by: The hill on March 5, 2013  2:33pm

Karen Walton as the front runner.  Are you serious. By a long shot Henry Fernandez  is the front runner. 

posted by: P Christopher Ozyck on March 5, 2013  2:50pm

While my first comment on Henry was not posted, it would be fair to say I worked with Henry on many community projects and found him more concerned with ends to a means benefiting the administration than the community at large. 

Karen was pleasant to work with but not sure what she accomplished.

posted by: abg22 on March 5, 2013  2:50pm

Pro tip: all “exploratory” candidates should be asked two questions: 1) If you run, will you participate in New Haven’s clean elections program; and 2) Will you run only as a Democrat, or will you also seek to be a petitioning candidate on the November ballot?

posted by: robn on March 5, 2013  3:05pm


Both Karen and Henry are nice, intelligent, well-intentioned people, but from my point of view they’re big D democrats and represent the old guard.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on March 5, 2013  3:53pm

Take bets.If Karen Dubois-Walton or Henry Fernandez get to become mayor,Watch King John get a Job.

P.S.How about Smuts for mayor.

posted by: NewHavenerToo on March 5, 2013  4:37pm

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if a woman runs or not.  The important factor is that we get an INDIVIDUAL who can do the job. 

By the way, the individual writing this is in fact a woman.

posted by: Brutus2011 on March 5, 2013  5:21pm

I definitely think more qualified women should serve in public office.

If someone like Brooksley Born were running the Fed instead of Greenspan, I believe many people would still have jobs.

But I still see Gary H-W with Justin E. as a close second to really turn things around because the current administration is not going to die easily.

We must jettison DeStefano’s way of doing things once and for all.

posted by: streever on March 5, 2013  5:30pm

When Ward 10 was holding a public meeting and voting on which Mayoral candidate to support in the last election, Karen came as DeStefano’s “proxy” to speak to us about his vision.

I don’t think I can take her seriously as an individual candidate after seeing her performance as Mayor DeStefano.

I posted it to social media: if I find it I’ll share it. You can judge if the message was “DeStefano is an awesome boss and so great and you should vote for him” or not.

posted by: Stephen Harris on March 5, 2013  5:39pm

@the hill

I just re-read what I wrote. No obvious typos or grammatical mistakes. And the point is still valid.

posted by: MotiS on March 5, 2013  7:09pm

Re Gateway to downtown:

I asked that question a while ago and got the following answer. We (the City of New Haven) made a deal with the State that we would transfer the land that Gateway sits on today and the State would turn RT 34 over to the City.

At the time there were no interested bidders on the old Mally’s department store as it was full of asbestos and lead and would requite serious remediation.

This was seen at the time as a win/win for both the City & the State. In hindsight it would seem that it would be better to have held on for a few years, but no one at the time thought that downtown would be as hot as it is. Also we would not have gotten RT 34 and the potential that it holds.

posted by: Executive on March 5, 2013  7:10pm

I am very happy, (basically over joyed) that Dr. DuBois has decided to run for Mayor.  She has demonstrated GREAT success as a manager and leader in the private and public sector.

We need a leader who has EFFECTIVE Managerial Skills, a vision, great relationships, and a good reputation.

I personally am not looking at the gender of our candidates.  I want someone who has proved experience, a great leader, motivator, manager, can hold everyone accountable, has a vision, and KNOWS how to operate and integrate all of the departments of the City.

Dr. DuBois (and we should give her the respect that is due because she earned her degree) is a candidate that should be respected.

Now about the personal- Dr. DuBois is a relentless community servant.  She is very active in various organizations in New Haven and is committed and passionate about the youth in New Haven.

Can you say that about the other candidates? 
Some of them have only focused on their careers.  While Dr. DuBois is committed to her career and to public service (the real meaning of public service).

So while I know the race for Mayor will be interested, I would strongly suggest to everyone that we look for a candidate that is dedicated to NEW HAVEN (women, families, students, the elderly- EVERYONE)

Thank you Dr. DuBois for considering.  I truly hope that you decide to officially run for Mayor.

posted by: HhE on March 5, 2013  8:54pm

The hill, I keep reading what Stephen Harris posted, but I cannot find what is not smart about it. 

Another thing I am unable to find is the keen insights your posts give.  I get that you support Henry Fernandez.  Where exactly is his platform?

posted by: why! on March 6, 2013  2:17am


posted by: YesWeCan on March 6, 2013  8:39am

Hey, it doesn’t take a degree in Urban Studies to tell you that whether the city is gaining taxes or NOT, simply having any traffic within the city is a good thing. Foot traffic/Purchasing Traffic/even roadway traffic all mean that there is a reason to come to this city. What was there to offer before? Mally’s would like it to sit there a few more decades without any purpose to be a useless eye sore. At the VERY least we have something fresh, new and beautiful to show off in the city. (but that is the very least) There are thousands of other reasons Gateway is great in the place it is; the thousands being each one of those bodies that enter the school everyday and see that New Haven is a viable city.

posted by: cedarhillresident! on March 6, 2013  9:42am


How long have you lived here??? Because Henry and his wife were part of this administration that made the mess!! For a long stretch to! I do not think they consider what they have done to us a mess! That like saying ya we made this mess But I am sorry I will try to fix it?? No more like I will continue it.

And that is a link to a bio?? Not to his plans. Two totally different things!

posted by: why! on March 6, 2013  11:09am



posted by: why! on March 6, 2013  11:18am


posted by: cedarhillresident! on March 6, 2013  12:11pm

I think you need to unlock your cap lock. It is hard on the eyes to read comments in all caps and many just skip over them. Just say’n for the future. (Only because I am sure you will be posting for the elections)

As for what I think I keep posting it but it is being deleted because it is not appropriate for the comment section.  I again will try to reword it. I worry about so of his ties and I am worried about some of his choices that he made in the past. that is my personal thoughts without slandering him.

I Again as stated think that he is team destefano. You stated earlier that he will fix the mess this administration made??? And I noted that he and his wife are 100% part of the administration that made that mess? Now you are stating that it is not a mess?? I am confused which is it?

posted by: Wooster Squared on March 6, 2013  12:26pm


Can we give it a rest with the all caps? It’s incredibly rude, and it undermines the value of anything you might be trying to say. This isn’t a TeaParty blog, so let’s keep it classy, okay?

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on March 6, 2013  1:06pm

posted by: FORHENRY on March 6, 2013 10:09am



Both of them have sold there souls to the King John machine.The only one I see who stood up to the king John machine is Kermit Carolina.Vote or written vote for Kermit Carolina.

posted by: YesWeCan on March 6, 2013  1:27pm

If you’re biggest retaliation to FORHENRY’s comments is that they are in caps then you obviously are ready to run into a wall. Keep on CAP’N!

posted by: HhE on March 6, 2013  1:45pm

Henry, I think you ought to fix your caps lock.  According to The Hill, only Henrey Fernandez has a platform, yet you say we can visit Mr. Fernandez or wait until he announces to know what it is.  Maybe the strawmen/women ought to coordinate their messages better. 

While I have on occasion disagreed with cedarhillresident!, I have never found her to be dead wrong.  Indeed, I find her posts to be yomen work, and thus she is on HhE’s All Star Posters. 

streever, I went to Ward 19s meeting (it pays to be friends with Alfredia), and I could cut and paste what you said.

posted by: why! on March 6, 2013  1:49pm

Wooster Squared, sorry about caps in previous post don’t mean to be rude key lock defective,  I will replace defective key board asap.

Threefifths i am sure we all need a little grade inflation,the blame game and Micheal Jefferson as the city top attorney!

cedarhillresident really ?

posted by: cedarhillresident! on March 6, 2013  3:50pm

Right back at ya Hhe and a squishy hug to.

Yeswecan…cap lock is not the issue. People are trying to be helpful. the comment section is for debate. And most welcome other points of view here and “debate” them. The cap lock really does make people not read your post and skip over them. So as a person that is supporting another canidate, I to should say cap away…but I like the debate and would rather see forhenry be part of it and have his comment be read than skipped over. (it is a common courtesy suggestion)but….cap away if you must.

posted by: anonymous on March 6, 2013  4:04pm

YESWECAN, you have a point.  The long-term economic and social value of having so many students exposed to city life in New Haven is difficult to estimate, and compared with having them in some completely disconnected suburban facility like Quinnipiac University, is probably quite large.  You are also correct that at the time there were no “alternative” proposals from for-profit developers that might have paid property tax to the city, on, say, a new corporate headquarters for Google to be sited there.

However, the problem here is not whether to have community colleges in the city.  The problem is that the building itself has no active uses, and thereby depresses the potential of many surrounding blocks. A more progressive, long-term-thinking city administration would not have made that mistake.

posted by: why! on March 6, 2013  5:09pm

Who would the hightest office in the land pick and hmm i wonder why ?


posted by: HhE on March 6, 2013  9:49pm

cedarhillresident!, I feel warm and fuzzy any chance for a second date?  ;-)

FORHENRY and YesWeCan, perhaps I can sum up the main argument that I and many others have:

Many of us object to any candidate that represents a continuation of Mayor DeStefano’s policies or regime.  Many of in turn support Gary or Justin because we find one or both of them to be honorable, intelligent, tireless crusaders for the good of our city.  Gary has demonstrated the moral courage to work for what is right, even if it is unpopular.  Justin has stood up to the barrow and spend approach of the Mayor and the BoA, as well as looking out for not only Ward 10, but all of the city.

posted by: why! on March 7, 2013  9:43am


This is not about who is looking out for ward 10 first or your moral standings, Latin Quarters or the continuation of the current administration. Again Henry held a position almost 7 years ago. He did his job and did it well he brought in Pfizer,IKEA,Gateway, revamped the office of Equal Opportunity putting hundreds of heads of household to work not only from Newhallville or the Latin Quarter but from throughout the city. He understand that we need sustainable business to maintain neighborhoods and control taxes. Hop on that trolley!!!!!

posted by: HhE on March 7, 2013  10:03am

FORHENRY, a leader without a moral center is an evil thing.  I always consider the morals and values of any one I might vote for or against. 

For many of us, 20 years has been too long, and we seek someone with real distance from the current administration. 

Other than “community activists” I do not know of anyone opposed to sustainable businesses.

This election is about whatever the citizens decide it is about. 

I for one do not find your arguments compelling.  Indeed, they have strengthened my resolve to support Gary and Justin as much as I can.

posted by: DNewell28 on March 7, 2013  11:43am

Henry and Karen are both bright, innovative and proven leaders.  They both have strong administrative abilities and have served our community well.  They both assisted Mayor Destefano improve the quality of life in our city. Is it perfect no, but much improved.If you know of a better city to live in you should move there. Stop bashing our future leaders.  Post your resume and see how you compare with Henry or Karen.  I know them both and I trust them both. If you think they are going to be puppets for anyone, it is obvious you don’t know either them.  There time with Mayor Destefano has prepared them to deal with the challenges the next mayor will have to confront.

posted by: ELMCITYPROF on March 7, 2013  12:30pm

This is an exciting time for the City of New Haven that holds great promise. I’m glad to see so many interesting candidates emerging and look forward to each articulating a clear, actionable vision for the city. I’m less concerned with them emphasizing who they are not (e.g. not the current Mayor). I want to know who they are.

Might I also make a plea for civility? Both in how the candidates conduct their campaigns and in how their surrogates (many of whom have posted in this thread previously) engage those with differing preferences? Be excited & passionate abt your candidate. But suggesting that thoughtful critique is moot bc a voter doesnt share a candidate’s credentials is counterproductive. Save that approach for choosing the next American Idol. Democracy demands inquiry and criticism

posted by: HhE on March 7, 2013  12:31pm

DNewell28, there is no need for me to post my resume.  I am not running for Mayor, nor do I think I am qualified.

I’m not moving from New Haven for a number of reasons.  It is not that I think their is a better place to live in Connecticut (albeit I like Hamden, and I enjoyed living in New Britain).  I don’t think what makes New Haven great is John Destefano.  He did some very good things as Mayor, but he also caused a lot of harm.

posted by: cedarhillresident! on March 7, 2013  1:06pm


I think most posts are fine above, even the ones I disagree with and at most are civil. Just because someone disagrees with a post or disagrees with a candidate does not make them not civil. But it does make some mad that they plain and simply do not like their candidate.
That is part of debating, two different points of view.
And to say that Henry and Karens ties to Destefano are not important? They sure are!!
Especially in politic’s! 

Although I think all are really waiting to see if these to partake in the Democracy Fund!  That is when all doo doo may hit the fan.  If they do not they they are bought and paid for. If they do I think people will actually give them much more consideration.

Just my 99 cents

posted by: robn on March 7, 2013  3:14pm

I’m going to go what appears to be contrary to my usual complaining about a near stagnant grand list and high taxes. I think that Gateway will do three great things for NH. One is to provide a much needed affordable post-highschool education for people who can’t afford traditional universities. Another is to create foot traffic downtown (I disagree with those who think people will immediately flee the city after class). The other is to bring new generations of people into downtown NH to experience our culture. I think it won’t be long before many of these people who’ve come in from the burbs may consider living in NH for a while.

posted by: why! on March 7, 2013  4:04pm


Lets be clear, I dont’t disagree with you on the importance of morals courage. It was on your list and i was careless in listing it in my rebuttal i stand corrected thank you. obviously your from ward 10 and Justin would look after that ward first. I think that all of the candidates have morals courage and values in common, Gary fostered the bill to abolish the death penalty he signed on it was already waiting for a parent the work had been done. Mr.Bolango had he won would have been the parent. Justin has moral courage when he advocates for trolleys to the struggling “Latin Quarter”.  Karen is a big advocate for the poor she does it on a daily bases in her job.  Henry is also a big proponent both locally and nationally of the abolition of death penalty, civil rights, immigration , education and other issues related to environmental justice. look it up don’t take my word for it.  We should be discussing what are the challenges the next mayor will face and who is ready more qualified to do the job.

posted by: streever on March 7, 2013  5:02pm

Hhe does not live in Ward 10, and doesn’t seem to take positions purely out of self-benefit. I don’t believe he has ever even spent time with Justin—he just agrees with his policies and ideas.

posted by: Brutus2011 on March 7, 2013  5:26pm

I agree with “robn” about Gateway CC. It is fantastic, as they say in Europe—we never say that here.

Anyway, I tend to like legal training for public service and Henry F’s legal training is a plus for me. Having said that, I am suspicious of anyone who has been under Mayor DeStefano’s direct control.

No, it is not because I think the mayor is an incarnation of Darth Vader but because I think he truly believes the people should be governed by strong leadership and I believe the opposite that:

The people should be served by their elected representatives and not “lead” by what those elected, and their appointees, deem to be what is best for the rest of us.

We live in the United States of America and we are a republic. I believe our political representatives should serve for a short time as honorable servants. Unfortunately, our society is being taken over by the administrators aided by the perpetration of the management myth. And also by the myth of the rationality of markets but that is just be trippin.’
I hope this is civil enough for you all.

posted by: HhE on March 7, 2013  10:32pm

A bit of clarity:

I do not live in Ward 10, I live in Ward 19:  right on the boundary of Newhallville and East Rock—Newhallville side.  I can see Highland from my kitchen window, which is handy when call the NHPD about dirt bikes. 

I have met Justin a number of times.  I became a regular at Eastrock CMTs not long before he first ran for Alderman.  I have talked with him at these meetings, as well as events like Oktoberfest.  I have even once met him at Lulu’s (would it kill them to have a sign one could actually see from Orange).  I have not talked with as much as I should like in that I find him to be very personable, intelligent, and interesting.

I support Justin for Mayor because of his demonstrated commitment to our city, and not just his ward, as demonstrated by his work as an Alderperson as well as a volunteer.  He is clearly committed to transparency and effective information sharing (I get his e newsletter, and while many people speak because they like the sound of his voice, he clearly speaks—and listens—in order to communicate).  As a rule, I agree with his agenda. 

I have know and thought well of Gary from before his election to the State Assembly.  He became active in the Newhallville CMT, and was clearly a driven and caring person. 

Now, can someone please tell me why do people think that Justin’s supporters must necessarily be residents of Ward 10? 

Well said Brutus2011.

posted by: why! on March 8, 2013  12:40pm


Your right, all of the Candidates are committed, caring and personable people. But not all have the knowledge and experience to deal with the complex issues that may arise while running a great town like New Haven. the bottom line is balancing between quality of life and controlling tax hikes. Henry has demonstrated that he can do that. Have you met Henry ? I have met all the

posted by: Shayluv on March 8, 2013  3:13pm

Good luck to Mr. Carolina!!!

posted by: HhE on March 11, 2013  10:28am

FORHENRY I find your method of argumentation problematic in that it dismisses, rather than addresses.  You dismissed my support for Justin with “obviously your from ward 10” and “looking out for ward 10 first.”  You dismissed Gary’s moral fiber with “Gary fostered the bill to abolish the death penalty he signed on it was already waiting for a parent the work had been done. Mr.Bolango had he won would have been the parent.”  You have not addressed the concerns many of us have that anyone from the current administration would be a risk of continuing the methods of over spending, bulling, and all that of the current administration.  You even fell into the trap of dismissing morals.