See, Click, Fix

SeeClickFix_Screen_Shot.gifA new web site lets you track neighborhood problems on an interactive map.

Ben Berkowitz, designer of, sent in the following description:

Together we can fix the world…one pot hole at a time.

Seeclickfix is neighborhood block watch for the 21’st century.

Created by some New Haveners wanting to make a difference at home and abroad it is a way to improve the lines of communication between citizens and those responsible for maintaining the public space.

What to do: Report all of the potholes, graffiti, flooding, traffic concerns, safety issues, etc. that you see around you on Web 311 [the city’s web-based complaint hotline].

Then map it on the SeeClickFix map so your entire neighborhood can identify problems together.

SeeClickFix has the potential for creating global civic engagement and we want it to start right here at home in New Haven.”

The tool has just been improved with an added component just for State Street Merchants — click here to check it out.

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posted by: Pastor Todd Foster on May 7, 2008  11:04am

I saw someone posted a “drug traffic” spot on the map. Now there’s a thought…much more destructive than potholes or graffiti!

posted by: cedarhillresident on May 7, 2008  11:29am

We in Cedar Hill have started to use Ben’s map and think it is a great idea…way to go ben

posted by: on whalley on May 7, 2008  12:21pm

“drug traffic”?

That’s great! Now I’ll know where to go for what like a mall directory!

Let’s get some “prostitution” marks going and we’re in business. Woo-hoo crack and hookers.

Of course there’s always a chance the NHPD will be on top of the activities marked here but then there’s always the chance I’ll get hit by lightning while spelunking.

posted by: Pastor Todd Foster on May 7, 2008  3:31pm

LOL On Whalley! On a serious note, if I 1)have called the police to no avail, 2) gotten fed up enough to post it on this map, and 3) live in a city where the police are already in deep for their handling of drug issues, this isn’t so crazy as a way to cry out for help.  If I were the police trying to make amends, I’d be right on it.

The actual note said this one was resolved. Does that mean they moved down the street; who knows? It read:

“Summary: Drug Traffic
Description: Simple “1 car, 2 car”; drug deals happening at all hours along nicoll st. just around the corner from the shell gas station. I personally see 15 or more per day.”

Laugh if you want. It won’t move the dealers out of the city, but it just might get them off the blocks of folks who ain’t laughing any more.