Far Out! A Skier Beholds Nemo’s Beauty

Zsofia Jilling PhotosFresh powder doesn’t come often and it doesn’t last long. When it fell in abundance Saturday, we grabbed our cross-country skis.

The trail began at our doorsteps in East Rock.

It ran down sidewalks, past marooned cars ...

... past evergreens heavy with snow.

The governor’s travel ban Saturday meant a rare chance to walk, jog or ski right up the gentle slope of English Drive.

East Rock Park was quiet ...

... except for thuds of snow falling off the cliff.

The wind swept across the summit road, wiping away the tracks we had been following.

From our perch above the Mill River, we saw ice and perhaps a few ducks.

The skies were clear almost all the way to Long Island.

Melissa Bailey PhotoAt the top, we met Dan Powell, who climbed the Giant Steps and waded through knee-deep snow to rejoice at the scenic overlook.

The wind kicked up snow in the air. Luckily, he had goggles.

On the way down, we spotted two people on telemark skis making turns through the deep, untracked powder in the woods. Two snowboarders watched them, then made haste for the hill to follow suit.

We ran into Rob Rocke just as he was setting out on snow shoes for East Rock’s lesser-known peak, Indian Head.

Rob Rocke Photo“It was slow-going and laborious through all that deep, virgin show,” he later reported, “but well worth it.”

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posted by: robn on February 9, 2013  9:47pm

Awesome Melissa!

posted by: cedarhillresident! on February 9, 2013  10:50pm

ok this did make me smile :)

posted by: streever on February 10, 2013  12:33am

You saw Rob Rocke right before several of us “saved” him:

posted by: Anderson Scooper on February 10, 2013  9:30am

I wish English Drive was always closed to car traffic….

posted by: HewNaven on February 10, 2013  11:23am

Great, thanks. Indian Head was East Rock’s best kept secret, until now! :)

Seriously, I wish everyday was like this. No cars!!! The city is so beautiful right now.

posted by: anne s. on February 10, 2013  7:32pm

gorgeous photos!! thanks for sharing them.