Stop & Shop Signs Lease For Another Decade

MacMillan File PhotoStop & Shop Supermarket signed a lease to remain at 150 Whalley Ave.r for another decade.

That’s a big deal to neighbors in Dwight and Edgewood, who, before a supermarket came to that spot, were living in what has become known as a “food desert.”

“We are very excited that Stop & Shop will continue to be part of our community,” said Linda Townsend Maier. As president of the Greater Dwight Community Investment Corporation, Townsend Maier originally worked with other community organizations to pave the way for Shaw’s to open at the location, then to convince Stop & Shop to fill the space in 2011 after Shaw’s fled. Her organization also operates Dwight Place, the shopping plaza that the supermarket anchors.

“The store not only provides New Haven with fresh food, but also creates jobs and helps our organization address neighborhood priorities of education and sound nutrition. It is a vital part of the quality of the city’s life.”

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posted by: brownetowne on March 8, 2018  1:54pm

Great news! 

Maybe Stop & Shop will decide to increase the number of people to work at the check-out aisles.  This is a nice store but the check-out experience is the worst I’ve experienced anywhere because it can take 30 minutes to shop and then 20 minutes of waiting on line to get out of the store.  For this reason alone I avoid this store whenever possible and will shop at other places on Whalley instead.

posted by: 1644 on March 8, 2018  3:13pm

Browne:  Do they not have. self-checkout at this branch?  Most Stop & Shops do, and try to save labor costs by making you wait longer for a real person.  Interestingly, Big Y, which took over most of the Shaw’s locations, does not use self-check-outs, and generally has short lines.  It is also non-union, which may, or may not, mean its cashiers are more affordable.

posted by: HewNaven on March 8, 2018  3:47pm

I agree check-out at this location is a nightmare. I’ll go out to Hamden before I go here. Trader Joe’s still has the best check-out experience, IMO. They’re really friendly and fast. But no one enjoys driving on the Post Road. Definitely don’t want to take the bus there. We still need more affordable fresh food options in New Haven. We’re doing better than before though. Hated Shaw’s.

posted by: brownetowne on March 8, 2018  4:02pm

Due to the need to check ID, self check out doesn’t work so well if you’re like me and purchase a can of malt liquor along with your broccoli.

posted by: cunningham on March 8, 2018  4:31pm

@ brownetowne

That’s my kind of shopping list!

posted by: HewNaven on March 8, 2018  5:08pm

Cruciferous vegetables and fermented grains are the dual pillars of a complete nutritional program.

posted by: Wilmeyer99 on March 8, 2018  5:57pm

Stop & Shop is hands down the most overpriced store in existence around New Haven. But that’s another subject. Just glad I have transportation - I feel kinda bad for members of the captive audience forced to shop at Stop & Shop on Whalley Ave.

posted by: watchfuleye on March 10, 2018  1:07pm

Umm this is the worst stop and shop in my opinion. Dirty, cashiers barely any, and the freaking beggers outside. Ughh.. seems anytime a grocery store is built there or over by the elks years ago its gets run down

posted by: BevHills730 on March 12, 2018  11:15am

Wrong Watchfuleye.  That Stop and Shop is a fine store.

posted by: 1644 on March 15, 2018  6:51am

Yale Law School claiming credit for Stop & Shop agreeing to stay: