Cop Invited Student Home For “Massage”

Marekshia Ricks PhotoA city cop assigned to an alternative high school went to a student’s workplace, asked her to come to his house for “a full-body massage,” then used Snapchat to keep asking her out, according to a newly released internal affairs investigation report.

The report concerns actions taken by Officer Jeremie Elliott, who was assigned to New Horizons, a school on Hallock Street for students who have been arrested or experienced serious trauma.

Based on the IA report, Police Chief Anthony Campell announced last week that he suspended Elliott for 10 days plus three more days to be held “in abeyance.” He reassigned Elliott to patrol and barred him from school or SWAT team duty.

The 10-page single-spaced IA report concluded that Elliott had a “pattern of behavior” that included inappropriate sexual advances to female faculty members, as well. The report, written by Sgt. Rose Dell, concluded that Elliott violated police department General Order 1.03, which forbids “conduct that would cause to discredit, lower or injure the morale or the Department in general”; and the city’s Computer Hardware and Software Policy ,which prohibits personal use of government computers.

The IA report, which was released to the Independent Wednesday in response to a Connecticut Freedom of Information Act request, quoted Elliott stating he did not remember some key allegations but overall denying that he committed “inappropriate” behavior.”

Asked why he didn’t fire Elliott, Campbell said in an interview that he could deal only with those portions of the investigation related to actions that occurred while Elliott was on the job. The complaint included off-duty conduct that “may be morally reprehensible to me. It may be offensive. But I can only discipline for what I’m responsible for.”

He Persisted

Part of the report deals with Elliott’s alleged “inappropriate sexual” text messages and conversations with the school’s principal and several female staffers. The report quotes Elliott responding that “he has given compliments” to teachers “such as, ‘You look nice,’ or ‘Your outfit is nice,’ but does not remember asking for dates [or] sending them any text messages with sexually inappropriate content.” In the report, Elliott in turn accused the principal of making “inappropriate comments to him” including speaking about “her alternative lifestyle.” “He knew she was gay when he first started his assignment at the school so he would have no reason to say anything sexually inappropriate to her,” the report quotes Elliott stating.

The bulk of the IA report concerns Elliott’s interactions with an 18-year-old female student, beginning with an encounter in the school’s art room during lunch this past Dec. 14.

The student and a female fellow student were viewing her Facebook page on the computer. “Officer Elliott stood right next to [her]. He stood so close that [she] felt uncomfortable,” the student is quoted stating. With Elliott standing there, the student mentioned she was scheduled to work that night at a smoothie joint on the Shoreline.

Elliott showed up at the smoothie joint that night at 7 p.m. He told IA he went there beause he wanted to buy a smoothie.

Here’s what happened, according to the student’s account to IA:

“He wore his full uniform including a jacket with his name and police patch and his duty belt with his gun. He walked over to where she stood and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She was shocked and felt uncomfortable. ...

“She began to feel uncomfortable when he asked her if he could take her home after work. She told him that she didn’t need a ride, because her mother was going to pick her up. He was persistent and said that he could bring her to his house first and then bring her home.

“She felt ‘creeped out,’ and explained that she now felt unsafe around someone that she was supposed to feel safe around since he was an Officer at her school. She felt her ears turn red, and she began to shake. ...

“He then asked her if she wanted to come to his house where he would give her a full-body massage. She knew what he wanted and told him she was ‘not that type of girl’ and had a boyfriend. She knew he was ‘trying to hit on her.’

“He denied it and said it didn’t have to be more than just a massage and her boyfriend didn’t need to know. She pointed out to him that if he just intended to give her a massage, why would he tell her not to tell her boyfriend. She made him a smoothie and didn’t charge him for it since she is allowed one free smoothie per shift.”

The report states that the student began to cry during her IA interview while describing how “he stared at her” buttocks while she made his smoothie. “She wanted to put on a sweater to cover her body, but the store policy does not allow them to cover their uniform shirts.”

She said she told him to leave so she could close the store. He left at 8:45 p.m.. Ten minutes later, she received a Snapchat message from him, telling her “to give his offer some thought.”

She reported continuing to receive Snapchat messages for “the next couple of days,” in which he “told her not to say anything to anyone about what he asked her, because it could get him into trouble.” Finally, on Dec. 17, she deleted her Snapchat account to avoid receiving more messages.

Her next verbal interaction, she said, came on Jan. 7, when Elliott contacted her on her Facebook Messenger app account.

“Hey, how are you,” he wrote. “Long time no hear.” “He then posted a picture of her that he copied from her Facebook page” and wrote “beautiful pic,” according to the report. “he then asked her to send him another pic so he coudl see the whole outfit.” The student gave IA’s Sgt. Dell access to her account to print screen shots of the interaction.

Dell asked the student if Elliott had sent her Snapchat messages while both were in school. Yes, she responded. “[S]he told him not to send messages while she was there, because the staff would take her phone from her.”

The Officer’s Side

Elliott, who is in his mid-thirties, is a graduate of Eli Whitney Technical School, where he was class valedictorian. He served 14 years in the U.S. army.  has in the past received praise from his supervisors for his work at New Horizons, including talks he gave about the need for boys to respect girls’ physical boundaries. The department gave him a “meritorious service” award in 2016. He has worked as school resource officer (SRO) at New Horizons for more than three years.

Eilliott told IA that in the Dec. 14 encounter with the female student in the art room, he “made comments about the outfits some of the females wore in the [Facebook] pictures but never commented on their female appearance. He said that he would comment if an outfit didn’t match or, for example, if someone wore sneakers with a dressy outfit. ” he said he didn’t remember standing next to the student.

He claimed he did not wear his uniform when he visited the smoothie joint that night. He acknowledged that he “knew that [the student] worked there because he heard her say it at school.” He said the student offered not to charge him, “but he gave her his credit card.” He said he “couldn’t recal particular details” of their conversation, but “denied that he offered he a ride home or a massage.”

“He may have given her a hug (not a kiss), because this is often how he says goodbye to people. He regularlyhugs students at the school,” the report states.

Elliott told IA he “does not remember” whether he communicated with students via Snapchat while on duty.

“He has used Facebook messenger to communicate with students in order to build rapport and communicate information regarding policing and the military,” the report quotes Elliott stating. “When he engaged in conversation with [the student] through Facebook, he asked her how she was, complimented a ‘make-up job,’ and asked her about her hair color. He took a screen shot of one of the photos from her profile and sent it to her.”

Elliott argued that it is not “inappropriate for an SRO to contact a student outside of work as long as nothing inappropriate is said. He also believes that it is appropriate for SROs to contact students for personal communication (not work related) on social media. He denied that he has had any type of dating relationship with a student while he has been an SRO.”

Dell reported visiting the smoothie joint, which no longer had video of Elliott’s visit. She obtained a computer screen shot of a record showing Elliott’s credit card was denied when he purchased the smoothie at 8:29. She obtained a receipt showing that the student used her “allotted ‘free smoothie’” to cover the cost.

Profession “Sullied”

Paul Bass PhotoIn a conclusion section, Dell writes that Elliott for years had a “pattern of behavior and course of conduct that had a negative impact on both the staff and students at the school.”

“As an SRO,” she writes, “Officer Elliott was a highly visible representative of the Department at a school. He was to serve as a positive role model for the students and exhibit excellent character and judgment. He was entrusted with the safety and well-being of young impressionable minds. In this case, he worked in his official capacity with a particularly vulnerable student body that consisted of students that have either endured personal trauma, struggle with learning disabilities or have had previous negative interactions with law enforcement.

“Officer Elliott had an opportunity to build trust with members of this community and elevate the profession of law enforcement for the student. Instead, his inappropriate behavior sullied the profession for the students, staff and administrators of this school.”

The Board of Alders is considering a proposal for a new police civilian review board, amid public critiques of the department’s ability to police itself.

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posted by: NewHaven06512 on March 22, 2017  4:41pm

And he keeps his job,  sad. People wonder why there’s a trust issue with the police.

posted by: LivingInNewHaven on March 22, 2017  5:02pm

Elliott argued that it is not “inappropriate for an SRO to contact a student outside of work as long as nothing inappropriate is said. He also believes that it is appropriate for SROs to contact students for personal communication (not work related) on social media. He denied that he has had any type of dating relationship with a student while he has been an SRO.”

This guy has got to have some damage from his 14 years in the army.  He doesn’t even know the boundaries of his position.  He should be made to go to therapy and put behind a desk for the rest of his career.

posted by: Dwightstreeter on March 22, 2017  5:18pm

He’s a predatory. Schools are where he finds his prey.
The Chief can’t do more because the actions were after hours?
That makes NO sense when his initial contact was on the job.
Had he raped some one while not on the job, he still would be kept on?
He is unfit for service as a police officer.
You can’t trust him any where.

posted by: T-ski1417 on March 22, 2017  5:59pm

I am very pro-police BUT this guys should no longer be able to wear a badge and his 14 years in the service has nothing to do with it.

Sound pretty close to stalking to me but what do I know.

posted by: JonCav on March 22, 2017  6:31pm

This is incredible that this person can be defamed the way this article is doing. I know people who work at that school and they including the principal haves praised him up to as recent as this year. The principal at this school praised him in her own statement given to this paper in 2014. It says he started there in 2013 and she never once reported this alleged behavior. If he was found (with proof) to have done this stuff he would be fired and have been arrested. Think about that people…

posted by: Bill Saunders on March 22, 2017  7:08pm

The issue of ‘Regularly hugging Students’  should have been addressed a long time ago.  Red Flag.

posted by: Eric B. Smith on March 22, 2017  7:42pm

Wow!  No one defends or supports law enforcement officers more than me, but…if that student were my daughter, I would want him fired and, if a meeting with the chief didn’t fix the problem, I would work to stir up community, aldermanic, mayoral, school board, and police commission support until he is fired.

posted by: victoria on March 22, 2017  8:07pm

I am a big supporter of Police Officers but what Officer Jeremie Elliott did is completely out of line.  There is a very fine line that he has crossed and not only did he brought embarrassment to himself, the uniform but put the department on the spotlight.  The Oath that he took states that he wont betray the badge, integrity, character or public trust which he obviously failed to maintained.  New Haven Police have some fine outstanding police officers that really conduct themselves in a professional way, do care for the public genuinely and this clown has no concept of what professional behavior on and off duty is all about.    IA concluded their investigation and the evidence points that he in fact broke department regulations.  Then he has the nerve to argue that is not inappropriate for an SRO that is offduty aka outside of work to contact a student.  Are you kidding me?  He is NOT taking responsibility for his actions and it shows that he cannot be trusted.

posted by: alphabravocharlie on March 22, 2017  8:07pm

Sorry Tony. He met her in his official capacity and wore his uniform to their encounter at the smoothie shop. That established a nexus to his employment.

posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on March 22, 2017  9:07pm

If it were my child that he approached in such a nasty manner, I would’ve erected a tent outside of the station until he was fired.  Moreover, had a teacher conducted himself analogous to that which Officer Elliott displayed, and Officer Elliot found out about it, he would’ve been arrested and subsequently fired deservingly so.

“The 10-page single-spaced IA report concluded that Elliott had a “pattern of behavior” that included inappropriate sexual advances to female faculty members, as well.”  This officer was a predator who should’ve been strictly assigned to the all MALE jail duty to protect him from himself. 

Though I’m a major supporter of police officers nationwide, I take a hard line on any officer who tarnishes the badge while attempting to fulfill their own sick fetish; or display other deviant, criminal behavior.

posted by: 1644 on March 22, 2017  9:49pm

JonCav; What crime did he commit?  She was an adult when he hit on her, and nothing actually happened.  As for other wonderful things about him, they are no barrier.  Lots of wonderful, accomplished people, both male and female, have had career awry because of sexual passion.  Think of Petraeus, or the crazy astronaut woman. 
Living: Why do you think his army service has anything to do with his behavior?  The military and navy have strict rules about fraternization, as should SRO’s, schools, and all workplaces.  Dating between people of different status is never a good idea.  Nevertheless, it happens.

posted by: NewHaven06512 on March 22, 2017  11:06pm

The 3 officers who got drunk and fired off their guns on state street weren’t on duty either.

posted by: victoria on March 22, 2017  11:41pm

Sorry Alphabravocharlie.  But with all do respect, I don’t agree with you on that one.  He crossed the line and IA determined he broke department regulations as per their findings.

posted by: Bill Saunders on March 23, 2017  1:16am

My guess is that Officer Eliot made it to High School ‘Security Detail’  based on his Depart-Mental Skills.

Given this incident, and the Officers own acknowledgement regarding ‘student hugging’  in the IA Investigation, he needs to be fired IMMEDIATELY.

I would like to see the Police Union try to defend against such an action.
Eliot is a disgrace to the Badge and any notion that resembles Public Service.

Get Rid of Him Now!!!!  Let him Sue.

It would be horrible if the New Haven Police Department was directly involved with enabling a Sexual Predator just so they didn’t violate Bargaining Unit Employment Contracts…....

posted by: blue57 on March 23, 2017  5:58am

To: Alphacharliebravo, in the article Officer Jeremie Elliott was found guilty by IA and he overstepped his power of authority.  The only Officer Elliott established was that he got caught and now he has to pay a price. 
To: Joncav, the article has not defamed officer Elliott.  He brought that shame to himself and forgot his oath.  He was found guilty by IA.  Officer Elliott got caught with the hands in the cookie jar and i praised the young lady that got enough courage to report him to IA.

posted by: Equality4All on March 23, 2017  7:03am

The principal gave this SRO praise?! Isn’t she suppose to keep her students safe and know what is happening in her building (it’s a small school). How didn’t she know and report it sooner?

This is one girl that actually spoke out. How many others have there been? If he had a “pattern of behavior” this is definitely not the first girl he’s been inappropriate with, so hopefully other girls will come forward and no longer be afraid of his power that he’s abused.

posted by: Eric B. Smith on March 23, 2017  7:23am

@JonCav, @1644, He’s not being defamed by the article.  His own testimony, which I’m not going to repeat since it’s in the article, damages his reputation and standing as a police officer.  Has he committed a crime?  No, but he has violated the trust between a person in power and a vulnerable (by the nature of the students at the school she is attending) young, adult woman.  If this was between two adult peers in a workplace without borderline stalking behavior and both parties were interested in each other, then fine.  But it’s clear they aren’t peers, it’s not a workplace for the student, borderline stalking behavior was involved, and the much younger adult without power and authority did not welcome the attention.  Furthermore, police officers are trained to understand that whether they are on-duty or off-duty, they are ALWAYS police officers and should conduct themselves accordingly, so Chief Campbell’s rationale is unacceptable.  Furthermore, another news outlet’s report on the incident includes additional details (attempted interventions by another detective) that makes his conduct and way of thinking even more reprehensible.  The bottom line is that Officer Elliott violated the public’s ability to trust his ability to wield power responsibly and ethically.  As a result, he should be fired.  The more I think about this, the angrier I get.  The Police Commission should look at this and intervene.  It’s incidents like this that adds fuel to the fire of the public’s distrust of all police officers, including the good ones.

posted by: victoria on March 23, 2017  7:56am

To: Eric B.Smith
I totally agree with you and thank you for such an excellent responsed.

posted by: alphabravocharlie on March 23, 2017  8:08am

My earlier post was meant to refute Chief Campbell’s contention that he could not discipline Elliott for off duty conduct.

posted by: Oldstudent1997 on March 23, 2017  8:24am

I have proof their was some lied told on this dude. Like I said in the other article Officer Elliott helped a lot of us and was cool with most of us. That school is small as hell and no way he was doing this and not one person saw. Come on man and people just believing it. It say that the internal investagtors found he messed up the trust with the students and community. I know a lot of students their that trusted dude. Students that hate the police would sit down with him. I mean he had to deal with some of us before with arrest and stuff but he still would talk to us about making better choices. The principal comment is the worst because it say she noticed something from the beginning and she never said nothing? I seen mad teachers and staff hug students but it wasn’t in no bad way. Yo they wrong on this one

posted by: MrWin on March 23, 2017  8:36am

DAMN, ten days suspension and reassignment—imagine if that was literally any other employee at the school.

posted by: Realmom21 on March 23, 2017  9:07am

WOW WOW WOW, There are LAWS that specifically say coaches, teacher,s tutors etc can not, shall not ,will not interact with students under their direction !! He is all of the above. He is their for their protection . If this had gone through DCF they would have requested a warrant thru the states attorneys office or state police . Hell college professors cant date their students, college TA’s or coaches cant engage in MANY activities with other grown individuals under their tutelage. Yea !!!!!!!!he at least got suspended but this is the absolute minimum that should have been done.He made every attempt to engage in what would have been completely ILLEGAL. It doesnt matter that she is 18 there are laws that go above and beyond the age of consent in an effort to protect people from being abused or manipulated by people of power over them. I think there should be more to come but then again he has already been punished so this may block from him being fired at this point but sure as hell doesn’t stop him from getting arrested….at which time he can then loose his JOB. I hope this person has some support in her life becasue she was already in a place for youth having gone thru crap and now this!!!!!!!!

posted by: Dwightstreeter on March 23, 2017  10:34am

@Oldstudent1997: why do I think you’re a dude and have no idea what was going on from the girls’ side of things?

posted by: Ozzie on March 23, 2017  10:35am

Sounds like Stalking 101 to me, and not for nothing Sgt Dell writes that this guy for years has had a pattern of behavior and conduct that has had a negative impact on staff and students at the school and he continued to be assigned there. Somebody’s head should roll !!!

posted by: BetweenTwoRocks on March 23, 2017  11:09am

New Horizons is a “school on Hallock Street for students who have been arrested or experienced serious trauma.”

So this guy is taking advantage of people who have gone through serious trauma, and it’s okay because they’re 18? You know not every 18 year old is really an adult, right? Especially if they’ve been through some serious problems before.

This is purely predatory behavior.

What, exactly, does it take to fire a police officer?

posted by: Inside 165 on March 23, 2017  11:56am

The only bigger disgrace here is Acting Chief Campbell. If this incident doesn’t show he is clearly unfit to be Chief, although he doesn’t meet the current qualifications, I don’t know what does. He also could have given the officer up to a 15 day suspension or referred him to the police commission for a longer suspension an did not.

With that said let’s look at Campbells contention that he couldn’t take any action for off duty conduct and how that statement is patently false.

Examples: New Haven Officers

1. Jason Bandy, 24, an officer since 2008 who was fired in January for his off-duty conduct but later worked out a deal through the union and administration that converted the termination to a one-year suspension.

2. New Haven’s police chief has suspended a city police officer for 10 days for allegedly patronizing a prostitute while off-duty. Chief James Lewis imposed the suspension Monday on Officer Sam Streater…

3. The three officers who were fired for the gun play of one officer outside of Christopher Martens while OFF DUTY. One of the officers was fired simply for not listening to and giving a statement to a supervisor at the scene although he was off duty. The one who allegedly discharged the weapons was fired before the conclusion of any court proceeding and the termination was upheld on appeal.

The law absolutely allows for discipline up to and including termination for off duty conduct. What’s even more disturbing is that not only does the law allow it but the NHPDs own and recent history of disciplinary actions show it.

The police union even advocated for discipline and acknowledged it could be applied for off duty conduct when they complained that former Chief Esserman only got a written reprimand for his behavior at the Yale football game(off duty) and said anyone else would have gotten a lot more.

Very calculated predatory conduct with children under his care and control which remains viable thanks to Chief Campbell. Good pick Mayor Harp

posted by: Ninjagirrl on March 23, 2017  12:49pm

This man is a menace!! This whole story was absolutely terrible!  The student should never be in any position with ANY adult or ANYONE where she feels uncomfortable! If this were my daughter ....I can’t begin to tell you my wrath!!  Classic case of abusing his authority. He is to protect and serve, the student should always feel safe with hi, because he knows this he uses that. Who knows how long this has gone on….

Why did the Principal not remove this man when he FIRST made her staff uncomfortable??  Also this:
“In the report, Elliott in turn accused the principal of making “inappropriate comments to him” including speaking about “her alternative lifestyle.” “He knew she was gay when he first started his assignment at the school so he would have no reason to say anything sexually inappropriate to her,” the report quotes Elliott stating.”

So he knew not to try his sexual advances toward the principal because she is gay? So if she was hetero he would have?? What kind of hot mess is this? I’m sorry I am really confused….if there were complaints that he was harassing staff why would he still be allowed to work there? Were the staff complaints not enough?

posted by: JonCav on March 23, 2017  12:56pm

Don’t get me wrong I’m not condoning a person going after a young person but there is a lot of stuff that isn’t adding up in this report. The principal for example saying he had an exchange with her through messages when he first got there (2013) and then she never said anything to anybody in 3 and 1/2 years? Come on man, look what she said about him in this article in 2014.

Then looks like Dell (from internal affairs) said “for years” he showed this “pattern of behavior and course of conduct”, yet you kept him working in that building for over 3 years…. Why? Did his supervisor ever write him up for behavior like this?

The female stated she told him she didn’t need a ride home when he asked and said her mom was coming to get her. I don’t understand if she just said she told him her mom was coming, why he would then say “ok come to my house for a massage then”... She alerted him her mom was coming already. Wouldn’t make sense to ask again. Also, teachers, security, officers, staff, firefighters have all been seen regularly hugging students. Why is that a red flag? You can hug without groping or touching inappropriately. Another thing the female said here is he stared at her butt while she made his smoothie, how can she see him staring at her butt and be making the smoothie at the same time? And then say she wanted to put on a sweater but the store policy doesn’t allow them to cover their shirts… but you said he was looking at your butt; what does that have to do with your shirt. Looks like some things may have been done or said, but maybe it was not in a way that the person making the complaint is making it seem. More to come ....

posted by: Oldstudent1997 on March 23, 2017  1:08pm

@dwightstreeter .. Thats because I am a dude and I know first hand how these chics be doing dudes. I said I used to go to that school and I heard about this chic before who did this. This officer was mad cool with everybody and used to crack jokes and play ball with us and would buy lunch for us sometime. Come on man I seen how he roll and I never seen him come at any these chics that way. He used to talk about everything with us and was like a father figure or mentor for some of us. Not everybody like cops but he made a lot of us see a different side to cops. If you wasn’t at the school then you don’t know how it was real talk ...

posted by: JonCav on March 23, 2017  1:29pm

@ninjagirrl sounds very confusing. My thoughts exactly about the principal and staff never making any report of this stuff and then conveniently mentioned it now during an investigation. The quotes aren’t adding up either. A lot seems a little off…. will be digging more

posted by: Eric B. Smith on March 23, 2017  2:01pm

Please tell me some of you are kidding.  Haven’t you read the parts based on the officer’s side of the story:

“Elliott told IA he ‘does not remember’ whether he communicated with students via Snapchat while on duty.”  That’s VERY hard to believe.

“The report quotes Elliott stating. ‘When he engaged in conversation with [the student] through Facebook, he asked her how she was, complimented a ‘make-up job,’ and asked her about her hair color. He took a screen shot of one of the photos from her profile and sent it to her. Elliott argued that it is not ‘inappropriate for an SRO to contact a student outside of work as long as nothing inappropriate is said. He also believes that it is appropriate for SROs to contact students for personal communication (not work related) on social media.’”  This statement alone is problematic on SOO many levels.  I’ll just mention the obvious one.  Why take a screen shot from her profile and send it to her?  She already has it.  Was there a message sent with the photo?  If so, and if the message was innocent, why not post it on her Facebook timeline for everyone to see?

I could go on, but I think that’s enough.

posted by: Moveover33 on March 23, 2017  2:09pm

What this cop did was outrageous. He was totally trying to force himself on this young girl. He wanted her to come to his house for a full body massage? He wasn’t fired for one reason and one reason only - he’s black.

posted by: Peter99 on March 23, 2017  2:58pm

This guy needs to be fired.

posted by: Thomas Alfred Paine on March 23, 2017  3:06pm

Some people are not fit for public service. They lack the character, integrity, judgment, temperament and moral values to effectively work in positions of trust, influence and authority.
Everybody cannot be a policeman. Teaching is a special calling. Being a doctor, a lawyer, a clergyman and other professions of high standing and influence in the community require a certain standard of conduct above reproach.
Officer Jeremie Elliott is unfit to remain a police officer in New Haven. If a man cannot be trusted to supervise students in a school. I he lacks the judgment and common sense not to sexually harass female students and adult professionals working at one of our public schools, he is UNFIT to serve the public as a police officer in any capacity, real or imaginable.
If leadership in our police department fails to understand this, we have a monumental problem! If the acting police chief’s judgment is such that he thinks Elliot’s offense only warrants a transfer and a 10 day suspension, we have a major problem. If the acting chief’s logic is that what a police officer does criminally off duty is not within his realm of discipline, he is opening a Pandora’s box which will unleash all sorts of unacceptable, anti-social, offensive, criminal behavior on a public which desires to trust their police force.
Women in New Haven of any age will be unsafe in New Haven if this man remains on the force. And if Elliott remains on the force, all of us will be in jeopardy to some degree as long as Anthony Campbell remains acting chief or ever becomes chief. His logic and judgment are seriously flawed in this case.
Due to the immoral, offensive acts of Mr. Elliott , this man must be terminated immediately. He is unfit to serve the public, and the public is letting the police chief, the police department, the Mayor and Aldermen know that action needs to be taken right now to ensure that a gun, a badge, and a police uniform are never again in this man’s possession in this city.

posted by: Wonderball2612 on March 23, 2017  5:46pm

News flash…. He was already disciplined.  He cannot be punished a second time.  Kinda like committing a crime and going to jail twice.

posted by: Eric B. Smith on March 23, 2017  9:13pm

@Moveover33…What you said in your last sentence says a lot more about you than it does about the policies and practices of the NHPD.

@Wonderball2612…If you seriously think the fact that he was already disciplined or that “he cannot be punished a second time” would prevent a determined, well-organized, and focused community effort from getting him removed from the force, you are sadly mistaken.

posted by: MegIfill on March 23, 2017  9:56pm

Officer Elliott made advances while IN uniform to students and got a 10-day suspension while a female officer was fired for letting someone use her personal vehicle.

posted by: new haven can do better on March 24, 2017  12:39pm

The 18 year old victim and the female employees at New Horizon should sue him and the City of New Haven. In addition, they should file a police report for stalking and the officer ought to be arrested.

posted by: IraJohnson on March 25, 2017  6:44am

Being a Mayor Candidate I am going to chime in and say this Officer should of be terminated and files should;d of been filed against this Officer I don’t care what excuse he use, he knew better. This young lady although she may of been 18 she was a student and he knew what he is and was doing. This Wednesday March 29th, I am organizing a rally for justice starting at 5pm we will meet at in front of One Union Avenue where we will have a brief rally and proceed to City Hall New Haven calling for Jutice.

posted by: victoria on March 26, 2017  4:43pm

What this officer did is sexual harassment and should had been fired.  It is obviously that he has no respect for the department rules and believes the rules dont apply to him.  It was mentioned in the article that this is not the first time involving inappropriate behavior.    He has crossed the line 10 days suspension is not punishment enough.  Furthermore Chief Campbell lacks a backbone to be able to lead the department and should alao be removed from office.    He has no control over the department.