“3 Musketeers” Run Jointly For Reelection

Markeshia Ricks PhotoThey’ve worked together to fight blight and slumlords and to plan for development on Route 34. Now the three alders — dubbed “Three the Hard Way” and the “Three Musketeers”—representing Dwight, Edgewood and West River are seeking another term to focus in on jobs for their constituents.

The three Democrats alders from adjoining wards on the west side of town, Frank Douglass, Evette Hamilton, and Tyisha Walker, were joined by more than 50 supporters at the Troup School Tuesday afternoon to announce that they’d be seeking another term in the upcoming election. So far no one has filed papers to challenge them, according to the city clerk’s office.

The trio’s event followed by two days a similar event in which four Hill neighborhood alder candidates announced their candidacies as a team.

Tyisha Walker, who represents West River’s Ward 23, said that when people see the three alders united in their purpose, they know that the trio means business.

“That’s why they call us ‘three the hard way,’” said Walker, who serves as Board of Alders president. “Because we make sure we’re always advocating on behalf of our constituents.”

They stood together when Douglass was negotiating the expansion of the Courtyard Marriott hotel and the building of a Stop ‘n Shop, they said. They stood together when discussion of temporary development on Route 34 was being discussed, and when Mandy Management had taken over rental properties in the neighborhoods and they needed to get the company to clean up.

Walker said the three want to continue to stand together as they work with their fellow alders on trying to make sure that New Haveners have access to good jobs. She said one of the things that the three alders are working on is a way to get more use out the job-training-and-placement agency New Haven Works specifically for their three communities.

“We try to work most of our initiatives together,” she said. “When there are neighborhood cleanups we try to coordinate them because all of our neighborhoods need to be beautiful. When ever one of us calls and needs something, there is no time where we’re not ready to support each other.”

Evette Hamilton, who represents Edgewood’s Ward 24, she said the mean reason the three musketeers are running is because their work is not done. “We still have a lot of work to do, not only in Ward 2, 23 and 24, but throughout the city of New Haven.”

She pointed to jobs as well as to the continued need for new sidewalks and paved roads as a priority for a new two-year term: “There are a lot of services that our constituents deserve and need and pay for that’s still not been completed.”

Walker touted the Board of Alders not raiding taxes and holding city services to a high level of service. She called being an alder a labor of love.

“We do that for our constituents because that’s what they deserve,” she said. “They pay taxes and they deserve services, plus.”

Douglass, who represents Dwight’s Ward 2, said he has seen a lot of development in the city including in the neighborhood, and that’s one of the reasons why he wants to continue to be a voice at the table.

“When decisions are made in our community, I’d like to continue the effort of being that voice for the people here in Ward 2,” he said.

New Haven State Rep. Pat Dillon, who used to represent parts of what are now Wards 2, 23, and 24 on the Board of Alders, said Tuesday that the three neighborhoods could not be in safer hands than with the incumbent alders.

“These folks are all about community,” she said. “It’s not about ego. It’s about team, and it’s about results. I’m proud to stand with them.”

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posted by: THREEFIFTHS on June 28, 2017  3:15pm

We used to have activists who went into politics but now we have career opportunists.

MARCUS GARVEY ON “Negro leadership and what it means”

“I would not exchange two five-cent cigars-even though not a smoker-for all the Colored or Negro political leaders, or rather misleaders, of our time. The fraternity is heartless, crafty and corrupt. They exist for themselves only and give no honest thought to the future, nor the condition of the people, except to exploit the aid condition to… their political benefit.The leaders of the race are vision less and selfish. They think of none but themselvesAmong the whites, we have a few political charlatans and crooks, but that race can well afford, under the circumstances, to tolerate them, because they are surrounded and circumvented by Statesmen and race Patriots who are ever vigilant and on guard in protecting the rights of their people. Among us Negroes, there is no relief from such a class, because they monopolize our politics and obstruct our outlook.

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No shame hast the Judas Goat!!

posted by: THREEFIFTHS on June 28, 2017  4:34pm

Douglass, who represents Dwight’s Ward 2, said he has seen a lot of development in the city including in the neighborhood, and that’s one of the reasons why he wants to continue to be a voice at the table.

You have seen a lot. You are helping to bring in the Gentrification Vampires into ward 2.When you are going to start bring in affordable places fro the the people.

When decisions are made in our community, I’d like to continue the effort of being that voice for the people here in Ward 2,” he said.

Seems to me the only voice politicians follow are the Real estate developers who call the shots.

look give me a break. The 3 Musketeers. Alexandre Dumas must be turning over in his grave.If he was here today he would call the Political Gatekeepers .

My bad When are the 3 Musketeers going to speak out on Al Paolillo?

posted by: Dwightstreeter on June 29, 2017  8:10am

Route 34 is not the neighborhood connection it was supposed to be. It is a soulless collection of boxes with speeding cars on both sides.
Other visions of green space and appropriately scaled housing were submitted, but these reps made no commitment to their neighborhoods.
The union leadership, of which they are part, has no better vision for development and no more commitment to re-connecting neighbors, than the previous administration did.
As usual, it’s the people who live in a place who are the first to sell it out.

posted by: AverageTaxpayer on June 29, 2017  10:24am

Once again the message is clear. If you dare to run for an aldermanic seat, you will be facing the full weight of the Union-controlled political machine,,,