9 of 49 Eateries Fail Health Inspections

Pad thai returned to the wok and ceviche to the chopping board, as two restaurants that health inspectors had forced to close reopened their doors.

Nicolás Medina Mora PérezThe two restaurants are Thai Pan Asian on Chapel Street and Grand Avenue’s La Molienda. Although health inspectors found the violations in both establishments serious enough to close them, the two restaurants have cleaned up their acts and were allowed to open again after follow-up inspections.

The unusual closings (usually restaurants get to stay open while improving their scores) came amid a wave of tough inspections, with nine eateries receiving failing grades within the last two weeks of June.

City sanitarians inspect all of New Haven’s restaurants, groceries, bars, and any other establishment that serves food between one and four times a year. Establishments that score less than 80 usually have two weeks to make the recommended corrections. The health department can also close a restaurant, regardless of its score, if the sanitarians suspect an immediate danger to public health.

The last batch of inspections, conducted in the last weeks of June, failed more restaurants than usual. Out of 49 inspected establishments, nine failed.

Thai Pan Asian failed its health inspection on June 25 with a score of 48 out 100. The city’s inspectors found a whopping 79 specific violations in the restaurant. Among them were damaged walls, dirty floors, rodent droppings in the basement, cockroaches roaming freely, and employees who didn’t wash their hands.

“Everything is OK now,” said Ben Chanhom, the restaurant’s owner.

Thai Pan Asian looked clean Tuesday morning, with several customers washing down their drunken noodles with ice-cold glasses of bubble tea.

“I had to close anyway, because of problems with the floor” that couldn’t be fixed while customers were in the restaurant, said Chanhom.

“It’s the worst inspection I’ve ever seen,” said one health department worker.

La Molienda did not impress the inspector who came to visit on June 21, either; it received a score of 68. The inspector found roaches in the ice machine and throughout the kitchen, moldy food, a smelly back yard—and unlabeled rat poison sitting right next to bins of sugar.

Raúl Vasquez, the restaurant’s cook, called the violations “minor.”

“They came on Monday and asked us to close, but by Thursday we were open again,” he said. “We corrected whatever minor mistakes we might have made, and that’s why when they came back they gave us a better grade.”

The Advanced Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, previously known as the Jewish Home for the Aged, meanwhile cleaned up its act. After having to throw away spoiled food, the center corrected its violations and now has a passing grade of 82.

The following establishments passed their inspections:

NHPS Food Service Department, 75 Barnes Ave, Score:93. Wilbur Cross High, 181 Mitchell Dr, Score: 95. Gerry’s Shell, 141 Willow St, Score: 86. Elm City College Preparatory, 794 Dixwell Ave, Score: 100. Yummies, 679 Dixwell Ave, Score: 90. Higher One Inc, 275 Munston St, Score: 90. Columbus High, Inc, 586 Ella Grasso Blvd, Score: 90. Sing Wah, 548 Whalley Ave, Score: 84. Walgreens #09785, 436 Whalley Ave, Score: 98. China HOuse, 338 Whalley Ave, Score: 80. Kentucky Fried Chicken, 451 Foxon Blvd. Score: 89. Shell EZ Gas Mart Inc, 1228 Quinnipiac Ave, Score: 94., CT At Your Convinience LLC 121 Grand Ave, Score: 81. Sitar Indian Restaurant, 45 Grove Street, Score: 90. Judies European Bakery, 63 Grove Street, Score: 80. Geltman’s LLC, 100 Elm St, Score: 90. Spanish American Grocery, 601 Washington Ave, Score: 90. Mi Favority Grocery, 52 Liberty St, Score: 84. Jenelle’s , 307 Front St, Score: 87. ZINC, 966 Chapel St, Score: 91. Kitchen ZINC, 966 Chapel St, Score: 95. Advanced Nursing & Rehabilitation, 169 Davenport Ave, Score: 82. The Book Trader Cafe, 1140 Chapel St, Score: 89. St. Martin de Porres Academy, 208 Columbus Ave, Score: 92. Salsa’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant, 99 Grand Ave, Score: 93. Grand Café, 121 East Pearl St , Score: 95. China King 168 Inc, 942 Chapel St, Score: 80. New Haven Lawn Club AS, 193 Whitney Ave, Score: 90. NHLC Catering Inc, 193 Whitney Ave, Score: 80. Morning Glory Infant Toddler Ct, 49 Parmelee Ave, Score: 94. Best Gass II, 308 Whalley Ave, Scroe: 95. Express Food Mart, 284 Whalley Ave, Score: 89. Family Dollar, 81 Whalley Ave, Score: 92. Palm Tree Restaurant , 771 Dixwell, Score: 85. Central Steakhouse, 99 Orange St, Score: 83. Bentara Restaurant, 76 Orange St, Score: 84. Soco’s Bar and Rest, 50 Fitch St, Score: 85. Red Lentil 25, Temple St, Score: 92. G.R.E.L.L Enterprises, 500 Ella Grasso Blvd, Score: 86.

The following establishments failed:


JY Country Market
13 Shelton Ave.
Score: 78
Due: 7-2-12
•Missing some labels on containers liquid granular
•Thermometer missing in 2 refrigerators
•Missing probe thermometers for cooked food
•Bleach for laundry—not approved sanitizer
•Qualified food operator certificate missing
•Designated alternative qualified food operator documentation
•Documentation of training of food workers missing
•Dirty wiping cloths
•Brooms stored on floor—hang up
•Using raid—not for food creatures only not in use
•Missing paper towels at sandwich prep handstand
•Missing shelves in walk-in refrigerator
•Floor in disrepair
•Light shields missing in glass front refrigerator
•Retail packages of food on shelves—filthy
•Beverage coolers missing lights with shields
•Thermometer in beverage cooler—missing
•Ceiling in beverage storage room—accumulated dust


La Molienda
113 Grand Ave.
Due: Closed until re-inspection (6-25-12)
•Missing screens at windows, broken screen at rear door
•Roaches in ice machine—not working
•Exterior of all equipment—sticky, greasy
•Inside stainless reach-in—moldy food, stuck to shelving, not clean
•Foods uncovered in reach-in
•Roaches throughout kitchen & storage area
•Missing thermometer in reach-in
•Plastic containers without handles used as scoops
•And submerged in food
•Mop stored on floor
•Tall freezer with ice build up
•Missing labels on containers of granular and liquid
•Plastic bag over new cooking pot of rice
•Cooked rice in pot above stove from yesterday—destroyed
•Floor in kitchen—slippery, greasy
•Rodent bait unlabeled on shelf adjacent bins of sugar with bowls and containers inside
•Ice machine—repair or remove
•Any equipment not in use—clean and cover
•Rear yard smells, clear storm drain in rear yard


Thai Pan Asian
1150 Chapel St.
Score: 48
Closed until pass inspection
•Provide liquid pump soap and paper towels at hand-stand
•Repair damaged floor/wall juncture tiles
•Clean floors throughout, clean floors under and around equipment
•Provide a sweep on rear exit door
•Repair damaged floor near dish machine, under
•Clean walls, repair damaged walls
•Rusty shelves
•Store dishes, bowls, etc, inverted
•Roaches present
•Provide light shields in overhead bulbs
•Clean ceilings, walls, attachments
•Clean all sinks and faucets
•Clean screen door, repair screen
•Repair dishwasher, not operational
•Clean all shelving units
•Thorough cleaning throughout necessary
•Don’t store dish racks on floor, don’t store utensil buckets on floor
•Foul odors throughout, eliminate
•Eliminate soiled foil
•Hanging tape from light fixture
•Clean window and window still
•No soap or paper towels at hand-stands
•Paint and paint tray under 2 bay sinks
•Eliminate all unnecessary articles
•Clean all storage shelves
•Clean inside storage refrigerator
•Replace gasket on walk-in door
•Rusting floor in walk-in
•Clean floor mats
•Heavily soiled milk crates and plastic crates in walk-in
•Mold growth on bucket in walk-in
•Food containers, food product must be store off floor
•Clean cobwebs in ceiling corners
•Soiled ice scoops
•Rusty ice machine
•Rusty, soiled, inside ice machine
•Falling ceiling tiles, replaces stained falling ceiling tiles
•Clean stairs to basement
•Provide a complete separation of food service articles and non-food service articles
•Clean all equipment and sanitize
•Clean overhead rach
•Provide adequate lighting
•Properly label food products out of original container
•Cover all food products during storage
•Food containers on the floor
•Replace stained cutting boards
•Store wiping clothes in sanitizer
•Clean inside all cold holding units
•Wiping clothes under cutting board
•Eliminate cups as scoops, provide scoops with handles
•Clean hood attachments
•Broken, damaged plates
•Clean all tables, shelves, legs to equipment, etc
•Provide adequate hair restraints for food workers
•Defrost lift up freezer
•Clean sides of equipment
•Provide adequate sneeze guards at self-service
•Eliminate paper lining shelves
•Damaged, missing floor tiles
•Clean all light fixtures and ceilings
•Eliminate damaged counters in prep room
•Clean all shelves in basement
•Eliminate paper lining shelves
•Paint shelter bare wood shelves in basement
•Rodent droppings in basement
•Clean floor in basement
•Clean outsides of freezers in basement
•Provide light shields on bulbs in basement
•Clean ceilings, cobwebs in basement
•Hot water in bathrooms must not exceed 115ºF (presently, 144ºF)
•Clean back outside area, eliminate all bags of empty bottles, refrigerator, etc
•Don’t store utensils, knives between tables / equipment
•Separate personal items from food service articles
•Employees not washing hands
•Properly sanitize equipment and dishes
•Out of temperature food product, sitting out entire time of inspection (disposed of on site)
•Provide smoking prohibited sign on at entrance


25 High St.
Score: 69
Due: 2 weeks
●Pre-set tables with exposed utensils
●Hang up mops & brooms
●Move thermometer to warmest location in cooler holding potentially hazardous foods
●Need self-close door in bath
●Need a covered trash-can in bathroom for feminine products
●Lower hot water temperature in bathroom to in between 110ºF and 115ºF
●Need paper towel at hand-sink
●Hair Restraints
●Clean up garbage storage area in rear area
●Clean wall board, clean A.C cover
●Empty mop water bucken when done with
●Store wipe clothes in sanitary solution
●Clean tracks on side doors
●Cover exposed food products
●Label food products not in original container
●Don’t store knives sheath style
●Before putting on a pair of gloves, employees must wash hands properly
●Fix defective flooring / clean floors under and around equipment
●Don’t store toxic items with food products
●Keep front and side doors closed or instal screens
●Seal floor/wall junctures
●Store single service utensils in a sanitary manner
●Don’t line the shelf with towel

Island Spice
459 Winthrop Ave.
Score: 70
(Missing inspection sheet)


259 Orange St.
Score: 57
Due: 2 weeks
•Don’t store toxic items with food products
•Remove all unused/unnecessary items from establishment
•Minimize bare hand contact with ready to eat foods
•Seal floor/wall junctures
•Don’t store food products in empty fish tank
•Cover exposed food products/ Fix defective light shield/ Missing end-caps on light shield
•Don’t rinse hands under running water, use soap
•Clean ceiling tiles
•Store utensils in a sanitary manner
•Set-up designated area for used wipe clothes—clothes all over areas
•Touch up paint on bar trim
•Refill soap & paper towels on hand stand
•Handstand cannot be blocked with strainer /Don’t use the hand stand for any other purpose but hand-washing
•Hair restrains
•Don’t store raw meats over ready to eat vegetables
•Clean inside microwave
•Store wipe clothes in sanitary solution
•Invest in single serving containers
•Hang up mop & broom
•Touch up defective wall-band/  clean wall-band/ clean air vents
•Touch up shelves, clean shelves
•Label products not in original container
•Fix defective flooring, clean floors under & around equipment
•Fix defective gasket on doors/ clean gasket on doors
•Fruit flies in liquor bottles (2 destroyed, old Cuban rum)
•Fix defective tracks in beer cooler / clean tracks in beer cooler
•Do’t wrap bottom of beer cooler with foil / don’t line shelf in cooler with cardboard (moldy)
•Don’t store food or drink on the floor
•Lower hot water in bathroom to in between 110ºF and 115ºF
•Mend covered trash-can in bath for feminine products
•Move thermometer to warmest location in coolers holding potentially hazardous foods

261 Orange St.
Score: 59
Due: 2 weeks
•Fix light on walk-in coolers
•Hang up mops & brooms
•Fix defective wall tiles, fix defective ceiling, fix defective window
•Fix defective floor tiles, clean floor tiles
•Label all products not in original container
•Don’t store food or drink directly on the floor
•Don’t line shelf with cardboard
•No drinking from an open container in food preparation area
•Fix defective exterior on equipment / Wipe ext of equipment / Fix defective gasket on doors / clean gasket on doors / wipe tracks on slide doors
•Store wipe cloths in sanitary solution
•Seal floor wall junctions
•Keep doors closed or install screen
•Hollow strains on bar, not protected, invest in single service plates
•Repair paper towel at hand-stand
•When wrapping utensils, make sure all contact surfaces are covered
•Wipe inside ice bin
•Fix leaking pipe under 3 bay / fix leaking fan nozzle / fix hand stand handle
•Follow label instructions on products that state “refrigerate after opening” —discarded on site
•Fruit flies in liquor bottles—destroyed on site (including Johnny Walker Black Label)
•Fix SR (?) ceiling over preparation line and over stairwell
•Move thermometer to warmest location in coolers holding potentially hazardous foods
•Minimize bare hand contact with ready to eat foods
•Don’t store toxic items with food products
•Touch up defective building structure

Four J’s Big Deli
200 Davenport Ave.
•Hair restraints
•Clean tracks on sliding doors
•Need light shields on exposed bulbs
•Store wipes in sanitary solution
•Label products out of original container
•Clean wall-band/ Touch up defective walls / Water stains ceiling tiles
•Touch up shelves / Wipe shelves / Don’t line shelves with cardboard
•Fix defective flooring / Clean floors under and around equipment
•Keep door closed or instal screen
•Hang up mops and brooms
•Don’t line shelves in cooler with cardboard
•Move thermometer to warmest location of cooler holding potentially hazardous foods
•Wipe inside coolers & freezers
•Follow label instructions on products stating “keep refrigerated after open”—discarded, 2 food products on site
•Fix defective ceiling tiles / Clean metal wall-band behind shelves
•Touch up defective exterior of equipment / Wipe exterior of equipment


27 Temple St.
Score: 72
Due: 2 weeks
•Need soap at hand-stand by 3-bay sink
•Label products not in original containers
•Store wipe clothes in sanitary solution
•Clean wall band / Touch up paint on walls / Clean out walls
•Fix defective gasket / Wipe gasket on doors
•Don’t store utensils in stagnant water / don’t store knives sheath style
•Clean tracks on slide doors
•Don’t line shelves with cloth or paper towels
•Move thermometer to warmest location in cooler containing potentially hazardous foods
•Don’t store toxic items with food products
•No drinking from an open container in a food preparation area
•Cover exposed food products / Don’t store raw chicken over ready to eat food
•Don’t wrap equipment with tin foil
•Fix defective toilet sat in men’s bathroom
•Hang up mops and brooms when not in use
•Provide single serving containers
•Seal gaps on ext doors / keep slide door shut or instal screen
•Fruit flies in liquor bottles—2 bottles destroyed on site
•Touch up defective exterior on equipment / Wipe exterior of equipment


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