The Battle’s Over

Laurel Leff File PhotoSarah Saiano, the only one of 15 union-backed aldermanic candidates who didn’t win in this month’s Democratic primary, bowed out of the general election race this week, effectively putting a union-City Hall campaign battle to rest.

She made her decision official with a letter to the City/Town Clerk’s office.

Saiano ran in the Sept. 13 primary against City Hall-backed newcomer Sal DeCola in Morris Cove’s Ward 18. She lost 238 to 342.

Like many other aldermanic candidates, Saiano had pulled a Lieberman—before the primary, she petitioned to get on the general election ballot as an unaffiliated candidate. Her letter Tuesday officially removes her from the ballot.

Saiano did not return a call for comment.

Since Republican incumbent Alderwoman Arlene DePino withdrew from the general election last week, DeCola is now set to be the ward’s next representative in City Hall—unless another Republican candidate emerges.

In her primary run, Saiano held her union flag high, announcing herself as a union member at voters’ doors. Saiano was part of a slate of 15 aldermanic candidates backed by Yale’s blue- and pink-collar unions UNITE HERE Local 34 and 35. All of those candidates won their races on Sept. 13 except Saiano.

With Saiano’s departure from the race, the union-backed slate of aldermanic candidates and the group backed by City Hall have no more campaign battles to wage.

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posted by: Morris Cove supports Sal on September 30, 2011  11:51am

September 13 primary was a long day for both candidates, they both worked hard and the democrats that live in the 18 ward are the ones who came out and voted for both not City Hall. Sal came out as the winner but worked hard walking long nights around the neighborhood convincing the people of the 18th ward he is here to support the neighborhood, and backing himself up as a strong leader!

posted by: robn on September 30, 2011  12:51pm

It would be interesting to know exactly how many union slate candidates “held their flag high”. I don’t think that East Rock was quite aware that Jessica Holmes was running with the explicit backing of a 16 candidate organized union slate. Democracy isn’t so democratic without truth.

posted by: Morris Cove Mom on September 30, 2011  12:51pm

I’m not sure who the NHI asked, but Sal is not backed by City Hall.  He is a Democrat, like many in City Hall.  But he won the primary, and was leading the current race because he is backed by the people who live in Morris Cove.

posted by: alycia on September 30, 2011  2:31pm

totally bummed.

posted by: Kathy Hagearty on September 30, 2011  5:31pm

Ward 18 also includes the “East Shore” area.  While I have not always agreed with Arlene DePino, she has earned my deep respect and gratitude for her years of service, willingness to listen and respond to neighborhood concerns, and impressive BOA attendance.  I never saw Sal DeCola or his reps during the primary season. I hope he begins to develop a sharper vision and dedication to all of the ward he will represent.  He may have run “because I can” but when elected there is work to be done.

posted by: Edward Francis on September 30, 2011  7:09pm

Sal DeCola is a popular person in the Morris Cove/Annex community. He is involved in many activities and no grass grows under his feet.  He is always lending a helping hand and knows the issues of Ward 18.  If current Alderwoman Arlene DePino had not dropped out of the election it would have been a very interesting, but friendly, campaign for both of them.  Arlene has served her ward and the city with honesty, honor and dignity. She leaves with a positive record.

posted by: elf on October 1, 2011  7:20am

sal has shown that he is truly about the people and kids of morris cove.

sal has knocked on doors of everyone asking what their concerns are. he needs our votes the larger the votes he gets the bigger his voice will be downtown

sal keep up being our voice

posted by: Kathy Hagearty on October 1, 2011  9:30am

just a follow up - Mr. DeCola called me this am as I was out the door for recycling at Celentano School.  Clearly he uses his resources since my number is not listed.  He affirms his commitment to Morris Cove and working for the ward.  I pressed him to also use his role to address citywide concerns such as violence and bid him good wishes.  A thank you for your diligence, Mr. DeCola.  To all those “Morris Cove” folks - take this opportunity to donate to the annual Halloween event at the seawall.  This year it is a new crew who needs some financial support.  (Kudos to Christopher Martin’s for hosting a fundraiser this week)

posted by: Michael A. Fimiani on October 1, 2011  2:37pm

Sal DeCola was indeed chosen by the voters of the 18th ward. Sal will be an advocate of not only the people of ward 18, but. the entire New Haven Community. He has already begun to bring people in the ward together that were once his detractors. Sal is someone who will be there for everyone no matter what party affiliation or who they are. YES he’s has been out there and still is there for EVERYONE.

posted by: Janet Colavolpe on October 3, 2011  6:20am

Sal is a hands on person and will be an asset to the board of alderman and especially to the people of Morris Cove.

The 18th ward knew what they were doing when they chose Sal to represent us.

Thank you Sal for being our voice !!!!!!


posted by: Morris Cove Islander on October 4, 2011  8:34pm

Well, he did not visit our house either - but we are living on the Morris Cove island of happy go lucky. Now, there is his excuse. So far his involvement in causes which are dear to my Cove heart has been non-existent. Let’s see what the future holds.

posted by: LAURIE PENNACCHINI on October 6, 2011  2:27pm


posted by: Edward Francis on October 6, 2011  7:45pm

Morris Cove Islander states “So far (DeCola) his involvement in causes which are dear to my Cove heart has been non-existent. Let’s see what the future holds”.

Have you communicated to anyone what causes are dear to your Morris Cove heart? Are you personally involved to resolve those issues? Perhaps you should let us all know what the issues are and perhaps we can support what your concerns are.

posted by: Morris Cove Islander on October 6, 2011  9:37pm

@ Edward Francis

Yes, I am personally involved in some issues that are vital to all citizens in the neighborhood regardless their denomination. But I will not give any more details - since I do not want a phone call (I am not listed either).

AND - I am not running for Alderman so my involvement & community service on POLITICAL issues is not up for judging. It is about DeCola’s.

But he can prove himself. As Alderman he has to show that there is more than pot holes to fill and a fair to organize. There are plenty of topics out here: the bath house at Lighthouse Park, Tweed, air pollution from the sludge burning on East Shore, planned dumping of sludge from Bridgeport, speeding on Townsend, ...

He can pick any of these or best all of them. Arlene was involved in all these issues! Kudos to Arlene!

posted by: nicholas.colavolpe on October 7, 2011  7:37am

dear morris cove islander your issues are the same problems we all have that is why we selecte sal as our voce. i watched as he put his fliers on every house with his phone number on it so i cant see how youdidntgetone.youshouldcallhimandtalktohimaboutconcersandyouwillhaveabetteridearofhisconcernsandhowhewilltacklethepromblesofhe18ward.  tankyouyourneighbor

posted by: michael a. fimiani on October 7, 2011  9:26am

To Morris Cove Islander
As one of Sal’s supporters it is heartening to know that you are personally involved with issues that are to all Morris Cove residents. And yes, it is not only about pot holes and a fair. However it is about the quality of life in our community such as pot holes, crime, noise, taxes, and other services. Oh by the way the fair you mention is a carnival in the neighborhood that has brought our community together and spread goodwill throughout our community and beyond. Sal has been invoked in much more also. Just to name a few: park clean- up, the rally against the dumping of sludge, the Pare-Morris Houe, The. Fantasy of Lightsand much more. However hiding behind your pen name you really haven’t had the chance to see what Sal is doing or speak to him about your concerns. Insteaddd of criticizing Sal(the choice of the people), come to really meet him.extend that olive branch and give the support that is due. I’m sure you’ ll be pleasantly surprised.