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posted by: Atticus Shrugged on September 11, 2017  10:29am

I understand the principal and what the artist is going for but it’s a little sexist to have the woman on her knees and in a skirt.

posted by: Babz Rawls Ivy on September 11, 2017  11:21am

And yet another example of Black women not being portrayed as human. We are always other.  And it doesn’t matter if the cartoonist is a person of color…

No one listens to our concerns about the images of people of color. I guess all that matters is that this ran with no regard to the feelings of Black women…Which should be the concerns of any decent person.  But I bet the sentiments and excuse will be Oh but its a cartoon and its funny. Funny to who?

This is America and freedom of speech, even hurtful speech is at the cornerstone of our democracy.

Not a good look NHI.

posted by: Samuel T. Ross-Lee on September 11, 2017  1:16pm

Along with the astute comment by Babz Rawls Ivy, I would like to add that the engagment with Ms. Knox by the two administrations was NOT equal.

Mr. Paca gave a job, and an opportunity, to a woman who was in need and down on her luck.  That is an act of grace.

The Harp team jump into a situation that they KNEW was highly volitile and admittedly wrong. 

The same woman, but not the same situation.

posted by: Noteworthy on September 11, 2017  1:22pm

Babz - Forget Black women - this is not about women of color. This is neither funny or sexist - it’s a disgrace the mayor is rolling in the sordid affair of Knox and promoting a petty and pathetic altercation between Paca and one of his paid signature gatherers in order to gain some political upper hand. Some day., perhaps you can get past all your baggage and just look at things as what they are. Your myoptic view is what’s setting black women back. Decades.

posted by: Noteworthy on September 11, 2017  2:02pm

From Hidden Figures:

“So yes, they let women do some things at NASA, Mr. Johnson. And it’s not because we wear skirts. It’s because we wear glasses.”

posted by: Babz Rawls Ivy on September 11, 2017  2:06pm

Noteworthy, I cannot and will not “forget Black women” Where and when I enter so does my race. You misunderstand my point…As does all of the world when it comes to imagery of Black people. Black women specifically.

IT IS THE IMAGERY THAT I STRONGLY OBJECT TO! Imagery rooted in a history that has clearly said we are not human. A history that says we are not people. Your views about what I think are not rooted in facts… They are your personal take from a narrow perspective that has nothing to do with me. I am a Black woman. Educated, well-spoken and well-traveled. I revel in that.

I carry no baggage except my carry-on when I jet out of town.

Thanks and High-Five Sam Ross-Lee!

posted by: Atticus Shrugged on September 11, 2017  2:12pm

Noteworthy, I’m so sorry for not comprehending that there is only one way for black women or people to view a situation.  And I’m just as sorry that I did not understand it is the “myopic view” of a black woman that is setting black women (people) back decades but the myopic, and not the stereotyped view of others and those in power that continues to set back blacks, hispanics, asians, and “others” in this country. 

The cartoon is sexist as pertains to Ms. Harp and Ms. Knox.  It is dehumanizing to Ms. Knox.  It is not funny.  And it is right to stir conversation and debate on the imagery of black people in positions of power be they male or female.  That someone disagrees with you or interprets it differently is a risk the artist takes.

posted by: Razzie on September 11, 2017  3:20pm



You say “Forget Black Women ...” How disgraceful! But at least you chose to substitute a euphemistically neutral “F—(k) word” for what you really wanted to say. How dare you! Anyone who follows your racists comments and derogatory slurs that you spew forth in the NHI would also say that this tops the list. From your volumes of past comments we know you hate Babz. We know you hate hate Toni. We know you hate Toni’s deceased husband (Wendell) and anyone else who carries the Harp name. And you never hesitate to denigrate anything or anyone with a darker hue than yours.

I had generally decided to not respond to your posts, as they invariably lead nowhere except to the expression of your personal frustrations with the state of New Haven. However, this post I cannot pass. If you have nothing positive to add, perhaps it’s best to “Forget you”.

posted by: Brian L. Jenkins on September 11, 2017  4:52pm

Interesting objective arguments to Noteworthy’s comments. 

There’s a portion of Noteworthy’s comments in which I agree with.  However, he could’ve used better words in other areas.  That said, the Harp supporters love to cry foul only when they think she is being portrayed badly.  Where were they when a title in the NHI said something like this about Marcus “Fired Labor Director Challenges Harp?”  Where were they when Harp herself portrayed Nicole Jefferson badly in this same newspaper?  You can’t have it both ways team Harp.

If the cartoon portrayal of Harp were in reverse positions with Marcus, believe me, they would’ve claimed something else.  Moreover, I’m sure the (Black) cartoonist did in no way try to portray black woman or Harp in a compromising or subservient manner at all. 

Stop whining team Harp, and tell her to give the taxpayers back some of their overtaxed and overspent money.

posted by: westville man on September 11, 2017  7:07pm

Folks. Noteworthy is completely lost when it comes to issues about race. We should all know that by now. Babz, your knowledge and experience trumps him a thousand times over.  I wish he would stick to budgetary concerns for which I find him enlightening.
Keep on keepin on, Babz!!

posted by: BenBerkowitz on September 11, 2017  9:02pm

“I cannot and will not “forget Black women” Where and when I enter so does my race. “

@babs this is one of the more powerful comments I’ve read on the Indy. Kudos.

posted by: Noteworthy on September 12, 2017  3:54am

Out of Context Notes:

1. This is not about being black or a woman. This is about conduct and character. Ms. Knox has rotten conduct, a filthy, vulgar mouth and a character that seems to thrive on chaos, commotion and crime. If you want to be avoid being dehumanized, this is not how you do it.

2. Mayor Harp has chosen to wallow around with Ms. Knox and inartfully intentionally misleads if not outright lies about her knowledge of the campaign conduct and decisions. Again, it is about conduct, choices and the campaign - not about Harp being either a woman or black.

3. Unfortunately for Paca, he chose to try to help a person who is unstable to say the least. Lesson learned but he gets tarred with Knox’s crimes and conduct too. They are all slimed.

4. Would any of you come to the defense of a white woman candidate or a white man in a similar cartoon? Those who see race and gender first as a way to ignore the obvious issue do a disservice to all of us but especially to people of color.

5. The movie Hidden Figures is the glorious story of smart black women who lead with neither skin color or skirts, but rather with their minds, drive, vision and ability to see themselves and their collective and individual value for what they were - simply amazing. Being angry over how black women are being portrayed in a political cartoon is to ignore the conduct and crime that landed them there. How would you draw it?

posted by: trini8200 on September 12, 2017  5:12pm

Hi-Five to you Babz Rawls Ivy!