Tickets On Sale For Inaugural Ball

Tickets are available for the mayoral inaugural ball, which takes place at Tweed New Haven Airport (Robinson Aviation Hangar 3) on Saturday, March 29. A reception begins at 6 p.m., the ball itself at 8.

Tickets got $75. The “VIP Reception & Gala” admission price is $250. “All proceeds will go towards establishing an endowment fund for New Haven’s youth and senior citizens,” managed by the Community Foundation for Greater for New Haven, according to a press release.

The black-tie affair honors Mayor Toni Harp, City/Town Clerk Michael Smart, and the 30 members of the Board of Alders.

Click here for more information and to order tickets.

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posted by: connecticutcontrarian on March 10, 2014  2:32pm

Am I the only person utterly befuddled by the fact that an inaugural ball for the mayor of NEW HAVEN is being held in EAST HAVEN?? The address for Robinson Aviation is 50 Thompson Avenue East Haven. Surely whoever’s organizing this shindig could have found a suitable spot that’s actually within the city. smh

posted by: ElmCitizen on March 10, 2014  3:37pm

Semantics. Tweed is part of both communities, and everyone knows it. Where should it be held? In a high school gym? A church hall? Yale? Anthony’s Ocean View? The airport - even the East Haven side - seems like a flexible and interesting venue.

posted by: Isitjustme? on March 10, 2014  5:56pm

Yes ElmCitizen any of those location would be more sutible than a location in East Haven. Does it make sense that our first black Mayor is to hold her inaugural ball in a city which is known not to be very welcoming to minorities. Not to mention investing money into businesses outside of New Haven.  It is unbelievable that there is not a suitable location in New Haven to hold the inaugural ball… TONI HARP!  WAKE UP you dont see a problem with this???? Shouldn’t the ball be located in the city in which you are the Mayor?????

posted by: Career High School Parent on March 11, 2014  6:10am


John Daniels was the first black mayor. I believe he was elected in 1987 or 1989? Someone else here will know the exact date.

[Editor: He was elected in 1989. His term began Jan. 1, 1990.]

posted by: Isitjustme? on March 11, 2014  9:52am

Im sorry first black “female” Mayor!  Yes and John Daniels had his inaugural ball here in New Haven.

posted by: Babz Rawls Ivy on March 11, 2014  1:36pm

It is going to be a FABULOUS event! The airport is Tweed New Haven a wonderful space that will comfortably accommodate all the well-wishers! And what better way to foster stronger relations with a neighboring town?

Come out and enjoy yourselves. New Haveners & East Haveners alike LOVE a good party!

Dress up and come and eat, drink and dance until the wee hours! We can all go back to our respective sour dispositions, lamenting the current state of affairs of New Haven the day after.

You don’t want to miss the Party of the YEAR!

posted by: getyourfactstraight on March 11, 2014  8:49pm

Come on Babz and Elmcitizen are you kidding me?!!!!!!! An inaugural ball outside of the city of New Haven? I would bet my last bottom dollar Mayor Harp had no idea she was holding her ball in East Haven! The truth is, I don’t think she knows this city very well at all. One embarrassment after the other. This one takes the cake!

posted by: Don in New Haven on March 11, 2014  11:15pm

I’m very confused.
Aside from the fact that Robinson IS in East Haven, why is the City of New Haven hosting a party that raises money for a private organization?
How much will Robinson be paid for use of Hanger?
Is this proper use of our tax money?
Why is the City advertising and managing this event for some private organization? How much will this cost the City?
Will extra policemen and firemen be assigned to this event?
Will East Haven be compensated for extra police and firemen? Has this been coordinated with East Haven?
Who knows how to get to the Hanger?
How will they get there? Where will they park?
Will there be a bar & grill in the Hanger? Will it meet State standards for service?
Will they serve alcoholic beverages?
Raise my property taxes by 4% and have a Ball to celebrate? What a City!!!
Yes, I am very confused. Please help me understand what’s going on.