Traffic Calming Coming To Quinnipiac And Hemingway

Rubber duckies — known professionally by traffic calmers as “temporary, flexible lane delineators” — are expected to arrive soon at a problematical intersection in Fair Haven Heights.

“The angle at Quinnipiac and Hemingway is challenging,” said Transportation, Traffic and Parking Director Doug Hausladen, as he delivered the news to two dozen participants at the Quinnipiac East Management Team (QEMT) meeting Tuesday night at the St. James Church, 62 East Grand.

Brought to his attention by Fair Haven Heights Alder Rose Santana, the intersection features a sight line challenge. A privately owned hedge makes it difficult for drivers to peek around as they try to enter from Hemingway southbound onto the avenue.

‘The hedge needs to be adjusted for sight lines,” Hausladen said.

Hausladen said that his department’s research indicated seven recent crashes — not counting unreported crashes and near misses — were serious enough to merit an intervention.

“We want to get something in there as soon as possible,” he said.

That’s where the “rubber duckies” come in.

Hausladen said he wants to get the delineators in there as soon as possible, in May, pending a longer-term solution.

The delineators, though temporary, need to be fixed to the ground.

“2018 is the year of Quinnipiac and Hemingway,” Hausladen concluded.

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posted by: nh foodie on March 13, 2018  3:27pm

I thought the city left the potholes along Quinnipiac as natural traffic calming.

Seriously, there needs to be a long term solution to the many potholes that plague Quinnipiac Ave (as well as the speeding dilemma). Simply patching doesn’t work…over the years I’ve blown several tires and damaged rims.

The city managed to find the funds to repave Quinnipiac Ave. from the E. Grand past the Ferry ST rotary and beyond, but did virtually nothing from E. Grand towards RT 80.

posted by: jim1 on March 13, 2018  3:47pm

The rubber duckies are just the thing needed to slow down the cars, if they don’t throw them into the Q. river.