Warrant Issued For Candidate’s Arrest

DSCN3057-Edit.jpgVote09_logo_02.jpgIf aldermanic candidate Marcus Paca sets foot in New Jersey, he can be jailed for not paying child support.

A judge in Somerset County, N.J., has signed a warrant for Paca’s arrest for falling behind on his child support.

The warrant, issued on July 13, does not extend outside of New Jersey. It directs police to arrest Paca (pictured) in that state unless he pays the latest $500 he owes on outstanding support bills that at last count reached $20,000 for two children with two different mothers in two states.

“It’s not a good thing,” said Vicinage Chief Probation Officer for Somerset County John Higgins, who confirmed that the warrant is active. Higgins provided a non-actionable copy of the warrant by email. The July 13 warrant is the third that has been issued for Paca in the last year, Higgins said.

Paca insisted in an interview that he did nothing wrong. He claimed that he has been keeping up with child support payments and that the warrant, which he hadn’t known about, is in error.

Paca is locked in a battle for Ward 24’s aldermanic seat in the Edgewood neighborhood, running against 22-year incumbent Liz McCormack. They face each other in a Democratic Party primary on Sept. 15.

The campaign between the two Democrats has become a proxy battle pitting competing camps within the city Democratic Party. While Paca has received the support of the mayor and top party officials, McCormack has secured the Ward 24 Democratic ward committee’s official endorsement as well as the backing of state legislators and several fellow aldermen critical of the DeStefano administration.

Paca is the second aldermanic candidate to have had an arrest warrant issued in his name this year. The first was West Rock’s Carlton Staggers, who was sought by police earlier this year for an alleged hit-and-run and for driving with a suspended license. He paid a fine and the charges against him were nolled earlier this month.

News of Paca’s ongoing child support problems initially came out in May, when the Independent reported that the candidate owed $20,000 to the mothers of his two children in different states. He has a 3-year-old in New Jersey and a 10-year-old in Virginia.

Higgins said that there have been two previous warrants issued for Paca for missing child support payments. The first was on July 15 of last year. Paca was taken into custody for that warrant when he appeared in a New Jersey courthouse on Aug. 1 for another matter, Higgins said. Then on Sept. 17, another warrant was issued for the same reason. Paca turned himself in on Oct. 27 and paid up at that time.

Paca could be in for another arrest if he’s pulled over in New Jersey. “Any encounter with law enforcement” in New Jersey would mean an arrest for Paca, Higgins said. If he’s pulled over for having a tail light out, for example, New Jersey police would scan the records, find his warrant and arrest him, Higgins explained.

Higgins said that the warrant is the result of missed child support payments. At a June 12 hearing, a judge found that Paca had fallen behind and gave him a month to come up with $500. “There was a requirement that he make a lump sum payment by a certain date and that payment was not made,” Higgins explained.

By July 13, Paca had not sent in a payment and the warrant was issued, according to Higgins.

Higgins said that he could not reveal the total amount of money that Paca owes in child support. If Paca continues to miss payments, the charges will accrue, Higgins said. “ If you don’t pay, it’s going to go up.”

On Wednesday evening, Paca was sitting in the living room of his Maple Street home with his campaign manager, Cherice Dykes. He said that he was not aware that there was a warrant for his arrest.

“This isn’t right,” he said, looking at a copy of the warrant. (Click here to view it.) “I’ve been making my payments.”

Paca said that he made his last child support payment two weeks ago. “I make them every two weeks. It’s coming out of my check,” he said.

“My payments are up to date,” he said. “Obviously they got it late or processed it late.”

“Where’d this come from?” Dykes asked Paca.

“I don’t know, but why didn’t I get it?” Paca said.

“I know where this is coming from. Somebody’s stealing my mail,” Paca said.

Paca said that someone was “playing dirty.” He didn’t specify who. “I didn’t receive anything in the mail. No phone calls that I’m not making my payments.”

“We’re going to take care of this immediately,” he said. “It’s not going to have any effect on the election.”

“As a matter of fact, why don’t you go ahead and tell Eli [Greer] to drop this in the entire neighborhood and see what it gets him. I know that’s what’s next,” Paca said. Greer, a co-chair of the Ward 24 Democratic Committee, has been an outspoken supporter of McCormack.

Paca refused to answer further questions. “Are you a voter? Do you live in this neighborhood?” he asked. “If you’re not a constituent I don’t need to answer that.”

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posted by: working (too hard)mom on August 27, 2009  2:41pm

Mr. Paca- Please remember you are a Dad. Perhaps you should consider being more active in your children’s lives instead of devoting all this time and effort into becomming an Alderman.  I would venture to guess that your various children need you more than the good people of Ward 24. 

Also….from your final comment above, I gather you will only speak to those people that vote????  Gee, how discriminatory of you. I thought you would be willing to represent ALL of the people, not just the ones that you can benefit from. 


posted by: Downtown on August 27, 2009  2:56pm

This has gone on long enough.  The Destefano campaign team is lousy.  This candidate is lousy. ...These people all need to leave now.

posted by: JZ on August 27, 2009  3:09pm

On a similar topic, what happened with Babs Rawls-Ivy?  Was she released from jail?

posted by: Ka Ching on August 27, 2009  3:15pm


Campaiging for alderman takes at least ten hours a week.  Being a responsive, responsible alderman takes at least fifteen hours a week.  Use the time to get a part-time job and send your kids their child support.  Your choice to run for office rather than pay your child support speaks to a set of values that I simply do not share.  I’m disappointed but not suprised that the Mayor and his lackeys don’t feel the same way.

posted by: James on August 27, 2009  3:17pm

I bet Greer is staling your phone calls, too, Mr. Paca. It’s a conspiracy! But no, you seem like a quality guy.

posted by: Tom on August 27, 2009  3:20pm

Before anyone jumps on this bandwagon, I encourage you to contact Marcus and get his side of the story—the actual facts and the manner in which he was approached for comment: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

posted by: PS on August 27, 2009  3:20pm

What type of message is Mr. Paca sending to his constituents and the young people of our community? If elected, will he take care of the people in his ward the same way he handles his child support payments? I don’t see how anyone can vote for someone that handles their responsibilites with such poor judgement.

posted by: JZ on August 27, 2009  3:23pm

Arrent warrents are public knowledge.  You can find out that type of info using the internet quickly and easily.  Welcome to the electronic age, Mr. Paca.  The warrent was likely available on the internet almost immediately after it was issued.

posted by: James on August 27, 2009  3:36pm

But JZ, Greer is probably stealing his email, too! Hey, how about, I don’t give a ... if he paid or not. Multiple kids by multiple mothers in different states to whom he is not married? Sounds like a stand-up guy to me.

posted by: Poppy on August 27, 2009  3:46pm

I think you are thinking too small.  With a past like this you are ready for prime time.  I think you should apply for a for job with the Obama team.

posted by: cedarhillresident on August 27, 2009  4:13pm

Wow he really is fixing it and making it right…what by staying out of Jersey?? Dam the sheep just keep following for the kill.

But Here this song is dedicated to Paca
Can’t go back to Jersey- Glove


posted by: JZ on August 27, 2009  4:46pm

New Jersey isn’t particularly exciting anyway and parts of it are downright unattractive.  Newark is the car theft capital of the country, for example.  No sense in risking your freedom and your car.  Most importantly, aldermanic duties don’t cross state lines.

posted by: cedarhillresident on August 27, 2009  4:50pm

And paca do you really think Eli went in your mail. Come on that is sad. For $4.00 I can go to New Haven PD get your record with that info I can call the Jersey Court and or PD and get the rest… it is public knowledge.

posted by: Cherice D. on August 27, 2009  4:58pm

Marcus is employed and has been for several months. He makes consistent payements for his children. Tom (NHI reporter) showed up to our home yesterday unexpectedly to “go canvassing with us and have an interview” He said that he was writing an article for all the candidiates and that he had went canvassing with Liz the day before and did the same. I told Tom that we did not want to give an interview or have him come canvassing with us.  Only after we declined the interview request, he disclosed a document (the warrant) which Marcus had never seen or had any knowledge of. If we would have recieved this letter issuing a warrant this would have been taken care of immediately. (Which is why we are concerned about our mail being stolen or mishandled) We are also having this investigated.

Marcus contacted the person who gave this information (Higgins) in the NJ courts today to validate this information recieved from Tom. Marcus was ordered to pay $500 in June, he paid that (we have the receipts).Apparently the $500 Marcus paid was not applied appropriately. This error has been reconciled today. Marcus will recieve a letter rescinding the warrant within the next few days.

All those who grace concern should direct questions to Marcus as he is open and willing to speak to this issue. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

posted by: truthtopower on August 27, 2009  6:48pm

Why do we need an inefficient bureaucracy to chase after people who owe child support while the children wait and the parents either pay for a lawyer or die a slow death at the Bureau of Support?

The fact is, anyone dedicated to beating the system can.

We would do better to guarantee parents and children the money they are due and have a smaller bureaucracy dedicated to obtaining reimbursement without penalizing the parents who are raising the kids.

The present system requires numerous frustrating court appearances and many times it is a dead end. Some people even risk losing their jobs because of the endless court time.

Society is great at celebrating the importance of family and children, but then it leaves a single parent to raise kids without resources in too many cases. We can change that.

Ask Cedar Hill resident. The system doesn’t work!

Change the tax code and make child support tax deductible. It’s certainly more important than some other deductions allowed. Incentives work better than punishments.

posted by: cedarhillresident on August 27, 2009  7:15pm

I agree 100% The system does not work. Case loads are so heavy that paper shuffling happens and no real work gets done. Most mothers(and some fathers) give up because the system is so bad! That is the case with Paca’s oldest child. All it takes is a move to another state and you (the parent raising the child is fu*ked). My case I finally got justice but only after 16 years. And I did give up… so worker in VT came across my case and decided I should have my day. Thank god for good people.
but even in Paca’s case he got behind and then men get scared they will go to jail so they start avoiding it together instead of trying to fix it. At one time when my ex was still in CT I told the court I would be fine with $50 a week as long as I know I would get it. They refused to lessen it so it remained at 140.00 and I got nothing. To me something was better than nothing. I feel for the fathers. They say they will not have enough to live on. Well I worked 2 to 3 jobs to put food on the table…why can’t a man work 2 to 3 jobs to pay his support?? Support is only based on your 40hrs
But with that said Cherice would love it you posted the papers that it was a mistake and that a payment was not just made after the fact.

posted by: Charlie O'Keefe on August 27, 2009  8:25pm

The real issue is this man has deserted two children. They will be deprived of love and affection and could end up as drug addicts or criminals. To me this means he is missing human decency and should not be considered for elected office. Our Mayor is backing him. Our city has already fallen in to a moral abyss.

posted by: James on August 27, 2009  8:38pm

Doesn’t matter, Cherice. He got kids in two places that he’s not raising. That doesn’t scream “responsible leadership material” to me.

posted by: strangerthanfiction on August 27, 2009  8:39pm

Paca always blames everyone but himself for his problems. And he’s not going to waste his con on a reporter or anyone who can’t vote for him in this election. He’s super slick and obviously very focused on saying whatever he needs to say to whomever he needs to say it to get what he wants. I feel sorry for his kids - they never had a say. That the Mayor and Voigt continue to give this guy their seal of approval is very disturbing.

posted by: David on August 27, 2009  9:01pm

Glad that’s worked out for you Marcus.  Now there is nothing that can stop you.  Everything they have thrown at you has been wrong, morally and factually.  Liz, Eli, all her “proxy” supporters and CCNE should be ashamed of themselves.  You’ll show them on Sept 15!

posted by: smitty on August 27, 2009  9:02pm

Marcus keep your head up and dont forget what I told you at your fundraiser. I have faithfully paid child support all of which none went to the kids. I am tired of people talking about fathers and their failure to pay child support. Most of these mothers when they get the child support dont use one penny of it on the child, which if you are a decent father still end up coming out of your pocket even after paying them the child support. Marcus politics is ugly, but continue to be a man of integrity, what you do behind close doors, do in front of the world, because you have nothing to hide. Produce the proof that you paid, then stop giving interviews. Run a clean race, dont sling mud at no one, because if its GODs will that you be Alderman in that ward you will be. Stay focus.


posted by: City Hall Watch on August 27, 2009  9:49pm

Charice and Tom:

Paca doesn’t answer his email. He sends back a response asking if you live in the district and then saying if you do, he will talk to you face to face. This is lame. If he wants to be an alder, whether you are in his district or not, he should speak and be concerned. At the end of the day, if he wins, he’ll damn sure be taxing us all.

Secondly, Charice - Paca may be making payments through garnishment of his wages but that is not bringing what he owes his children up to date. He’ll be considered a deadbeat father as long as he’s not involved with his kids, and while he’s delinquent. As for somebody stealing his mail? Get off it. Aside from being a federal crime to do so, it is beyond highly unlikely.

Paca: Man up and take personal responsibility for your sorry behavior. It’s notbody’s fault but your own. This latest story reminds me of your race baiting strange announcement when you chose to run.

posted by: cedarhillresident on August 27, 2009  9:50pm

David nothing was proven yet. Need to see the papers that he did not just pay it today. Word and actions are two separate things.

And I totally agree with the above comments that this man is no man… a man would be there for the children he but on this earth, put the money aside…he has abandons them! Sperm donor daddy!

posted by: Jack on August 27, 2009  10:15pm

Wait a minute, you mean this guy still hasn’t paid his child support?, and he is still running for Alderman with the support of the local party machine? Didn’t they start to extradite dead beat Dads across state lines a few years back? Wasn’t Blumenthal a big advocate for that?

posted by: Brian V on August 27, 2009  11:04pm


Yet ANOTHER Great pick by King Johnny!

1st you endorse the felon who leaves the scene of the accident, then you endorse the guy who leaves the scene of fatherhood!

What’s next?

posted by: lol on August 27, 2009  11:44pm

What’s next?

The guy who paid the prostitute with bad checks from his law firm.

posted by: jc on August 28, 2009  9:38am

alderman is not a rehab internship or parenting class
clean up your act before you insult the voters by having the audacity to ask that they officially declare that you represent THEM in any way

posted by: cedarhillresident on August 28, 2009  9:58am

Interesting read on some stats.


posted by: john d'oh on August 28, 2009  10:06am

It’s good to see such high standards for candidates supported by our mayor—-even if we take him at his word, he is the father of two children from two different women in different states—one assumes he has little role in raising them.  He has been employed for “several months” and responds to questions with “I’ll speak with you face-to-face if you live in my district—otherwise forget it”.

This is the best the mayor can come up with—I’m embarrassed for our city.

posted by: Joe on August 28, 2009  10:12am

This Higgin’s guy sure gave out alot of information to just be a state employee and then on top of that wrong information. He should be worried about his job. I never heard of emailing warrants to the press.

I guess the real question is who/what prompted NHI to pursue Paca’s records from NJ??? Especially because Paca never recieved this in his mail. This just seems way to shady to me.

posted by: Sandra on August 28, 2009  10:18am

Cherice, Thanks for providing some clarity to this madness. It all makes sense now.

I knew Marcus wouldn’t risk anything especially with regard to taking care of his children.

posted by: Lori on August 28, 2009  10:32am

City Hall Watch- Marcus does reply to his email that is how I am in constant contact with him as well as others in the neighborhood. (of course if you send him an email he wants to confirm your identity) He is a face to face type of guy and will literally come by your house or invite you to his to talk. It is clear that you do not know Marcus nor have you tried to contact him. People have his cellphone number, he is always visable, and speaks to anyone inside and outside the ward. Before you bash, if you really want to talk contact him .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

posted by: cedarhillresident on August 28, 2009  10:48am

Again PROOF is needed!!!!!!!! I can type I am 5’8’ 120lb, ass like Jlow, 22 year old. Does that make it fact or just words type d on a page??? I want to see he did not just pay it that day because of the story. He has to prove it is wrong. Second HE ABANDON TWO KIDS IN TWO DIFFERENT STATES. That may be fine to those who except this type of behavior as normal…but most of us see that as a loser!

posted by: Man do I know... on August 28, 2009  10:55am

CityHallWatch- Chances are if his wages are being garnished they tact on the arrears so that he pays for current and bring the owed amount up to date. When you are uemployed or your wages change they keep adding on to the amount owed. It takes forever for them to update your records.

2kids in 2states can be tough…did you ever think of the affect it has on Paca and the kids. Things don’t always work out with parents and their is no manual to this stuff. I try to play devil’s advocate because SOME women can be unreasonable when they don’t want you in the childs life which is a harsh reality that is often overlooked.

posted by: James on August 28, 2009  11:03am

I knew Marcus wouldn’t risk anything especially with regard to taking care of his children.

You mean except from having more children after fathering and not raising the first, or living a state away from his kids? Yeah, they’re clearly his top priority.

posted by: Darryl Johnson on August 28, 2009  11:46am

Cedarhill, You seem to be soo angry and attached to this issue without facts on Marcus’ issue. You also acuse Marcus of things that YOU DO NOT have proof for yourself. You have nothing to do but come back to comment over and over on a situation you have NO facts on. If you want something to do start passing around the hat and start the fund off with a $10,000 check, I will follow with $1,000. It’s worth it given the nonsense that Marcus goes through daily to play an active role in his children’s lives. Let’s stop assuming and criticizing and HELP. Anyone know any lawyers to help him fight for his parental rights??

posted by: Nakia on August 28, 2009  2:03pm

Wow.  It is interesting to see people taking up for a man who may or may not have paid child support but IS running for Alderman.  I don’t know Marcus, don’t live in the ward, but truly wonder what about this situation screams “good Alderman”.  Even if this man did pay his support, is the hint of impropriety something you want in an Alderman?  And as far as the “nonsense that Marcus goes through daily to play an active role in his children’s lives”, try being a single mother not receiving any financial support.  As for Smitty…you sound like someone who wants an accounting all the child support money you send - disregarding the fact that someone comes out of pocket for your child long before your money arrives.  For every 1 mother who is “misusing” child support money, I can show you 50 who are still waiting for “reimbursement” for all that they go without for the sake of their child(ren).

posted by: kyle ward 24 on August 28, 2009  2:22pm

Paca….why don’t you get your personal life in order and run another time…
Susie Voight and the mayor should be ashamed what they are doing to our city…..let the wards vote for who they want not the strong arm of city hall…. it will be another struggle next year when the co-chairs elections take place…

posted by: WARD 24 on August 28, 2009  2:26pm

Marcus, know that you still have us behind you. On Sept. 15 your victory will be testament of your hard work and preserverance! You’ve run the best campaign this city has seen in the history or New Haven.

You are a great role model for your children, this community and this city. Despite dealing with unemployment, custody battles, constant character attacks, you have overcome.  You have not shown any sweat in it all. You continued to be strong, lead our community, and be a fighter and advocate for change.

YOU’RE the type of leader we need, hang in there!

posted by: cedarhillresident on August 28, 2009  2:26pm

Nahh I just keep asking for him to prove things different PROOF not words. His supporters keep saying that He proved it… duhh how because he said it?? No I dont think so Show me that the warrant was a mistake… not that he payed the $500 yesterday because of this story. He want his kids but he will not pay $20,000 in child support… no judge on this planet would give him the kids because of that. $10.000 No try $2000-4000 Been there done that.

I am just trying to cut through the BS. They same he is uniting the community HOW?? They say he is a good father HOW? They say the warrant is a mistake well prove it and prove when the payment was made! What is so wrong with these simple requests?? They are not accusations… saying he is a deadbeat is true he owes 20,000 in child support pretty much above and beyond the def of deadbeat. The women in VA wants nothing to do with him… that I will give him he was younger and she went on to a better place. But the child in NJ how many times has he seen the child this year??? That would be proof he did not totally abonadon. I am asking for answers to question that show the charater of this man. PROVE ME WRONG PROOF NOT WORDS
Why am I working so hard… because he is going to be a mayor kiss ass

posted by: lol on August 28, 2009  3:29pm

Ihave not commented on this before, but to all those who love Paca so much, what is the story you claim we do not know. What we do know is he slept with and had children with two different women in two different states. In at least one state, he is very behind in his support payments. What else is there to know.

How can he be so involved with his children if his first story was that he didn’t know he even had them. He can not visit them, since he will go to jail if he enters the state.

posted by: HewNaven?? on August 28, 2009  3:44pm

Thanks for NOT posting my comment in support of Marcus. Do I get a “I got censored” mug? This is sick, Paul.

posted by: HewNaven?? on August 28, 2009  4:34pm


Thank you for responding. You can remove the above comment, although I think the “I got Censored” mug is still a good idea.

From memory, here is the part of my comment that was approved, although not initially.

TO City hall Watch:

Meeting face to face is lame? I think 21st Century democracy is lame. Posting comments on blogs does not substitute for real political activity. Maybe you have something to hide since you rebuffed Marcus’ offer to meet face to face instead of e-mailing.

I’ll wager that Marcus has made himself more available than any other candidate during this election. Here’s a test: Try to set up a face to face meeting with both candidates in Ward 24, and see who responds first.

posted by: strangerthanfiction on August 28, 2009  9:45pm

The best thing that can happen for Paca is if he loses this race, and then uses the opportunity to reconnect with the kids he left behind in Virginia and New Jersey. Despite leaving women with kids in these two states… he seeks to represent the concerns of an aldermanic ward. Yet he has no remorse, no self awareness or regrets. If he gets elected you know this kind of stuff will just keep on coming up because he just doesn’t get it.

posted by: Jack on August 29, 2009  8:47am

A man who won’t take care of his own family,won’t take care of you.

posted by: Edward_H on August 30, 2009  9:53am

Is this a new trend? Democrats asking for your address before they answer questions?


If this catches on King John will refuse to speak to anyone who does not have a NH ID card.

posted by: Insider2 on August 31, 2009  9:50am

Paul what I find interesting is that you will not print anything that is critical of anyone that your paper likes and support. You have consistently either removed important segments of my post or just refuse to post them at all. Again in response to CEDARHILLRESIDENT question Paca does not have to be qualified to run and what has he done to deserve the seat? Nothing.

He has done the exact same thing the guy she supported in the 94th district did. Nothing. As to Paca’s personal life I would advise him to focus his time on getting his personal life in order. The welfare of his children should come first before any political asperations he may have.

posted by: Paradox on September 1, 2009  12:35pm

Meanwhile we lose focus as McCormack defends her record…20 years of helping to build the Greer empire and segregating our community (lets not forget poisioning our children with lead paint)http://www.newhavenindependent.org/archives/2007/04/feds_fine_greer.php, diminishing community based policing (I forgot we have guardian angels to protect us)http://www.newhavenindependent.org/archives/2007/06/blacks_jews_den.php, inactive block watches (no wait we DO have block watches LOL no really its all a joke)...I can go on and on but, Until someone can explain to me why I have lived on Winthrop Ave. for 12 years and have not met Mrs. McCormack, I will only vote for the man (MARCUS PACA) who has come to my house to discuss community issues several times within the the past months. Not because he wants my vote, because he cares about this community and will represent ALL people in the ward.

One more thing…McCormack has yet to come to by my house or even give a call. Save the paper it does no good, I’d like to put a face to your name!

posted by: cedarhillresident on September 1, 2009  12:54pm

Ya but mine was in the military for some time worked up in Hartford for bill dyson, works at the college and worked with community’s on many African American issues and is NOT A DEADBEAT DAD.

But with that said did anyone hear Blumenthol this morning on the radio about deadbeat dads and what losers they are running state to state to avoid support orders, He said people don’t like the word DEADBEAT, but that is what they are DEADBEATS, he wants a national system to protect women and men from having to go through what pacas kids mother and many other parents have gone through….ANYWHO where are the papers to vindicate paca ...the papers that say he payed the money before the the story came out…and how he united this community??? and how he is a good father???

posted by: cedarhillresident on September 1, 2009  1:25pm

hmmm also in this story click on the Ethics link… hmmmmm I am thinking not!

posted by: Insider2 on September 1, 2009  3:32pm

As an intern, WOW. As for college and boards he was an administrative asistant and has done no more than anyone else. His enlistment and the work he performed in the service is a extremely embellished. He is no more qualified than Paca. Furthermore Paca is not accountable to you or anyone else. His accountability is to his children.

The real fact is that neither you or I have a vote in the ward. The voters in the ward will have the final say.

posted by: Paradox on September 1, 2009  4:01pm

What happened to the space on Whalley which was proposed as a laundromat. Greer slammed that with his co-signer Alder McCormack.  DID ANYONE ASK THE PEOPLE IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD FOR IDEAS! Alder’s are representatives of the PEOPLE not just What are we left with…a vacancy! and where is the contigency plan? I know what we can put there Gan School II. Be sure to build the fences high and paint it mushroom, olive, and burgundy. 

O wait what about the trees she has been so influential with planting, that she really hasn’t done much for(on the other side of the ward of course) http://www.newhavenindependent.org/archives/2009/04/500th_tree_plan.php#entry-014747more

Or what about when the lease was up for the Police Substation. The City of New Haven rents the space on Whalley from Egdewood Corners aka Greer. McCormack and Greer fought to keep it open only because the rent circulates more $$$ to the Greers. I love it!

posted by: SUNRAZE on September 1, 2009  4:12pm

some of you sound like scatterbrains. None of you know what the situation is with his kids and their mothers.  If you were thinking instead of judging you would realize the women have the power to take their children and move to whereever they want to.  Just because the man is not physically with his children everyday, you do not know what his relationship is with his kids or their mothers. He could have a better relationship with them than some of you who see your children everyday. Judge the man on his record not on his personal issues, which have nothing to do with his ability to do a good job.

posted by: cedarhillresident on September 1, 2009  4:46pm

He at least had some political experience where paca has none. And second Gary has been doing an amazing job for a freshman!!! He worked in the nuclear sector of the military! Paca just started a sales rep job with
One communication he is my rep.

But I will say finally some intelligent comments Paradox. That was what I was looking for. First the people in the area plant the trees and if the people on the other side want to plant trees I am sure we can hook them up. They just have to get dirty and come out and do the work. Like many do in the city. They will not be planted for them. It is called community.

As far a s the laundry..please that was the right move and all were invited but know one ever came. That is what a management team is… do you go to them??? They talked about alternatives and the whole nine yards with that property. I would of invited crime. Most area shriek at the thought of laundromats going up because of the lack of regulations they have…times ect. the loitering and illicit crime that happen at them.. I would be thankful for the halt on that.

As far as the sub station I am not up on what happened with that so can not really comment.

But thank you for having facts ect. that is what debate is all about!

posted by: Insider2 on September 1, 2009  5:35pm

So did I. I kept inventory while serving my country. So your point is? As for political experience what has he done prior? If folks and NHI had put him under the microscope as many are putting Paca you would have been amazed what you would have discovered. Just ask anyone from his hometown and all you will get is a snicker.

Only in New Haven can one come out of nowhere land a leadership position and no one raises an eyebrow. So why not Paca. He cant do any worse than McCormick. What has she done but take up a seat. God Bless New Haven Politics. Yes Paca has some serious personal issues and his time would better spent putting his affairs in order. However there is no reason he can’t do both.

As for your man doing well in his freshman year. Well I can see it doesn’t take much to impress you. Nothing he has done has translated in to any real services for the district. It is all about him.

posted by: strangerthanfiction on September 1, 2009  7:26pm

Like others, I’m still waiting for Mr. Paca to come forward with the papers and materials that prove this was a misunderstanding, that he has been making payments on schedule and that these legal matters are behind him. Anything else is just talk. I’d like him to show proof that the NJ courts got it wrong.

posted by: Paradox on September 2, 2009  9:40am

Cedarhillresident- I went to a few Management team meetings. I stopped going primarily because Greer ran the show. It seemed that he influenced all the ideas and everyone fell right in line with the BS. You seem to be really active, how are the meetings looking lately? I will take you up on that tree…who exactly is responsible for those projects? Whats the process if one wants a tree? Is their anyway to inform everyone in the ward?

My concern with the laundramat is, fine we decided it may not be the best business for the place, but WHAT IS? Let’s find a solution better than a vacancy which is sure to bring loitering and illicit crime.

I do have to object to some of your statements about Paca. In my conversations with him (trust me I gave him the 3rd degree), he seems to be a lot more politically savvy then McCormick and majority of our alders for that matter. Being an alderman doesn’t require much experience. However, he has certainly done his homework before jumping into this race. Just to name a few things, he went to democracy school to learn the interworkings of New Haven politics, attended BOA and finance meetings consistently, worked on numerous campaigns, goes to all management team meetings (tried to get me to come back), PoliSci major in undregrad. The kid even got his MBA several years ago. The kid has a quite impressive background. There is no way he is your sales rep because he hasn’t worked for One communications in months. I remeber when he was first got his new gig and told us about it. Honestly he is too well put together to be Destefano crafted. So I do not buy the rubberstamp claims. 

posted by: Steve Bradley on September 4, 2009  3:00pm

Mr. Paca,

    Welcome to New Haven style politics!!!