Weed? Sure, Here It Is.

When cops pulled over a man and asked him if he had any drugs, he obligingly handed them a bag of weed. He didn’t mention the other bag of marijuana cops found on the floor of the car, or the bags of cocaine cops found on him later at the police station.

Here’s what happened, according to police spokesman Officer Dave Hartman:

Just after 5:30 p.m. on Friday, Officers DeCrescenzo and Martin Feliciano were walking their beat in Fair Haven when they spotted a BMW blocking a driveway on Poplar Street. As they approached the car, the driver rolled down his window. The cops smelled weed and asked the man if he had any in the car.

“Yeah,” said the 23-year-old. He handed them a sandwich bag of marijuana.

“Any more in the vehicle?” Officer DeCrescenzo said.

“No,” the driver said.

“The response should have been yes, because the officers found more,” said Hartman. They found another bag of weed on the floor of the car under the passenger seat. Police also found $1,805 and an iPhone.

Later, during an intake search at the police station, police found four bags of cocaine on the 23-year-old. He was charged with eight drug crimes.

In other police news:

Related Robberies?: At 6:18 p.m. on Thursday, Officers Renee Forte and Terrence McNeil responded to a hold-up alarm at Moe’s Market on Dixwell Avenue. The owner and witnesses told cops that three masked men had entered. One had a gun and jumped over the counter and held up a clerk. The robbers took cash from the register and a carton of Newports.

“Witnesses and surveillance footage from the store’s security cameras have provided Police with strong leads,” said Hartman. “It appears at least one of the suspects was casing the store earlier in the day. He didn’t change his clothing before coming back with his accomplices, this time wearing a mask. There were others who’d seen the three together, pre-masks, walking back and forth in front of the store prior to the hold up.”

Moments later, at 6:30 p.m., two men robbed Fun City Two, a few blocks away on Dixwell Avenue. The men held an employee at gunpoint and took his wallet, money from the cash register, two Canon camcorders, and Metro PCS cell phone.

“An anonymous tip made to police has offered some valuable information as to the identity of the perpetrators,” Hartman said. “We are also investigating the possibility that this and the armed robbery minutes earlier just a few blocks away could be connected.”

Lou’s Lodge Stabber Snagged: At 12:34 a.m. on Saturday, cops responded to Lou’s Lodge in Fair Haven on a report of a fight. They found two stabbing victims.

“That guy cut me,” said one of the men, pointing to a man fleeing the bar. Officers Ryan Macuirzynski and Leonardo Soto went after the man, who made it to Shelter Street, ignoring commands to halt.

Officer Edwin Rodriguez found the man hiding under a car in a backyard. It took several cops to pull the 28-year-old out. “He was still clenching the knife used in the attack,” Hartman said.

Witnesses told cops the man had been thrown out of the bar repeatedly earlier in the evening, but kept returning. The bar owner told cops that the two injured man had been trying to help him when he started swinging the knife.

The victims were treated by EMTs. The knife-swinger was arrested.

2 Sig Sauers Recovered: Just before midnight on Sunday, cops pulled over a tan Honda on Wolcott Street after a report of an armed man getting into a similar car outside Porky’s Cafe in Fair Haven. They took the driver out at gunpoint.

“As they were detaining him, Wilson Reyes, the owner of Porky’s Cafe, drove up to the officers,” Hartman said. “He said he had the gun the detainee had left behind and handed it to the officers.”

According to witnesses, a bouncer at Porky’s had stopped the man to give him a pat-down as he tried to enter the bar. The man bent down and a handgun fell to the floor. The doorman pushed the man back and grabbed the gun. The man fled and drove off in a tan Honda.

The man, a convicted felon, was charged with three gun crimes. The Sig Sauer P228 9mm handgun the bouncer recovered was found to have been stolen from a home in Fairfield.

At 7:52 p.m. on Sunday, Yale police pulled over a Mercedes Benz after it ran a red light on Park Street near George. When they asked the driver for his license, he leaned over and revealed a holster on his waist. The 36-year-old Hamden man told cops he’d recently moved from North Carolina where he hadn’t had his gun registered, and wasn’t aware he needed to register it in Connecticut. He also had no permit for the loaded Sig Sauer SP2022 .40-caliber pistol.

“A call to the Anson County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that according to NC law, there is no tracking of firearm purchases and no permit was necessary to carry a pistol,” Hartman said.

The cops arrested the man on a motor vehicle violation and two weapons charges.

For block-by-block year-to-date crime info, check the Independent’s Crime Log.

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posted by: Charl on November 20, 2012  2:11am

Are you legally required to pull over when a private police (security guard) flashes his lights?

Is this something unique to Yale and New Haven?  New Haven Independent, please investigate this further, or if it is somewhat widely known, please provide a link to the legal requirement to comply. 

Just seems to open up a whole series of ethical questions-  for example, is the Yale Police Department tracked for racial profiling?  Is there any incentive for the Yale Police to issue infractions (i.e.- a “kickback”?)

posted by: MotiS on November 20, 2012  9:48am

Hi Charl:

As I understand it the Yale Police Department is on equal footing with the New Haven Police Department and have full arresting powers. The Yale Security force have no arresting powers and can’t pull you over. You can make the distinction by the fact that the Yale PD has a light bar on the roof of their car with red & blue and Yale Security has a yellow bar only.

With regard to the fellow from Hamden that moved here from North Carolina, buddy when you move the obligation is on you to check the laws for firearms.