When Are Police In The Right?

“Your perception of me,” Terrell J. Starr said, now breathing hard into the receiver, “does not validate your right to kill me.”

Already, his patience had been tried in listening to the audio from Ray Tensing’s body camera. Now exasperation crept into the edges of his voice. 

The room was silent for a moment. Then, Stacy Spell leaned in, and called for a broader discussion.

There are not that many places left, it seems, where cops and journalists like Starr can still come together over coffee to talk about police brutality, the #blacklivesmatter movement, and the roles of the community and the clergy in preventing needless police violence. The WNHH studio, it turns out, is still one of them. On the latest episode of “Urban Talk Radio,” host Shafiq Abdussabur brought together Starr, senior editor at AlterNet, and New Havener Stacy Spell, current head of the U.S. Attorney’s “Project Longevity,” a former member of the NHPD and a lifelong community activist.

You can listen to the episode by clicking on the audio above or finding it in iTunes or any podcast app under “WNHH Community Radio.”

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