2 Sad Scenes

Police responded to two heart-breaking calls involving young children.

Here’s what happened, according to police spokesman Officer David Hartman (with his precise words in quotation marks):

The first incident occurred around 6:45 p.m. Friday. Some called the cops to report that “two young children hanging from a second-floor window and throwing objects from it,” while no one was responding to door-knocks.

Officers Terrence McNeil and Duane Biros responded—to find “the kids in the window approximately 20 feet from the ground below. The children were throwing curtains, clothes and other objects from the open and unscreened window. There were adult neighbors there trying to get inside. Officer McNeil walked to the back door and pounded on it until it was eventually answered by a “disoriented” 33-year-old man “with glassy eyes and smelling of alcohol.

“The officers entered the apartment. There were empty 24-ounce. beer cans on the kitchen table and the apartment was in disarray. The report described cigarette ashes on the floor, a window fan with exposed blades, filthy bedding, trash on the floor and a sink filled with dirty dishes. They found a 7-month-old girl, crying in a dirty crib in a back bedroom. Her diaper was soiled. The other children were a 1-year-old boy, also wearing a soiled diaper, and a 3-year old boy.”

The 33-year-old man said he’d consumed the three 24-ounce beers “to window” down after “a long shift at work.” “He said the children’s mother had left when he got home and he was charged with looking after them. He said he fell asleep. Police notified the state Department of Children & Families and the Yale Child Study Center. The children were removed by DCF as [DCF] investigates the evident neglect.” Police arrested the man on risk-of-injury charges.

The second incident occurred around six hours later, between 12:30 a.m. and 1 a.m. It, too, involved alcohol.

It occurred in a third-floor Read Street apartment. A witness called to report overhearing a man scream, during an argument with a woman, “You got blood on my bed. I should kill you.”

Officers arrived in the apartment to find a 2-year-old girl “in a rear bedroom” with “a bloodied lip, swollen knee, and red marks across her face.” Three other children—6, 12, and 14-year-old boys—were in the apartment. No adults were home.

“As officers arranged for emergency medical treatment for the 2-year-old girl, her mother arrived at the apartment. She told them the girl was the daughter of the assault suspect and was staying there with him and his new girlfriend. The girlfriend would soon show up—herself the victim of an assault.

“The suspect’s girlfriend described her boyfriend drinking, which she claims makes him violent. She said she heard him trying to discipline the young girl with a belt and as she tried to prevent him from doing so, became the target of his violence.

“She had a severe laceration to her left elbow—an apparent defense wound from trying to fend off his attack with a knife. She had swollen black eyes as well.

“The apartment was secured as a crime scene while detectives applied for a search warrant. The injured child and woman were taken to the hospital by ambulance and the search began for their assailant. A short time later, detectives would find 106 bags of marijuana in the Read Street apartment bedroom and the suspected assailant hiding beneath a pile of dirty clothes in the basement of” a Shelton Avenue building. Police arrested the man, who’s 39, on assault, risk of injury, and drug charges.

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posted by: Curious on March 25, 2013  2:52pm

Horrible.  I hope those kids and that woman get the support and protection the deserve.