Hope Has a Spring in Her Step

A day after veterinarians pulled out a small stuffed toy from Hope, a black pit bull-lab mix who was near death when she was brought to the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter last week, Hope jumped into a shelter car eager to go for a ride.

Laura Burban, director of the animal shelter, said she was visiting with Hope and brought her to her car to get something. “She jumped in the car and then all around in the car. She was curious, she was wagging her tail and she just looked like a dog that wanted to go for a car ride. That made my heart smile and brought happy tears to my eyes.”

Hope had a sprint in her step. She moved quickly about as the video shows. 

“Today was a really, really good day for Hope,” Burban said.

She is believed to be between 5 and 7 years old. She was found by a driver on Route 1 near Branhaven Plaza last week. The driver saw the dog walking and falling down. She stopped, put the dog in her car, and took her across town to the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter at 749 E. Main St.
The dog, whom shelter staff later named Hope, was emaciated and near death and could not stand up or walk when she was taken to the shelter last week.

“Made Our Hearts Soar”

With PermissionNow she seems better, eager, curious and well, acting like a dog who wants to take a ride with her favorite people.

Burban said in her latest update that “Hope still has quite the road to recovery but we have to say that today made our hearts soar. We still need to follow her blood work closely to ensure her liver and kidney values stabilize. She is still eating small amounts of food every few hours and she is drinking water nicely now. We are still cautiously optimistic for a full recovery. Today was a much more positive step towards that.”

Burban has been keeping Hope’s legion of newly acquired fans updated on Cosgrove shelter’s Facebook page, which has been exploding with views, shares, and comments. Burban said Hope was one of the worst cases of animal abuse the shelter has seen.  An investigation is underway to finder the dog’s owner. 

With PermissionBurban (pictured) said in her post that Hope’s support system includes folks from Australia, the UK, Hawaii, California, Georgia, Massachusetts and Chicago. And, of course, Connecticut. Her fans post on Facebook. Burban asked if people would supply their town, state or even country from which they write. “We are going to make a map and color in all of the places where people have reached out from. Once we are finished we will frame it and keep it besides Hope.”

“We will continue to say that we believe all of your prayers and good wishes have helped Hope through this. We are also so thankful again to all of the amazing vets, vet techs and staff members that have dedicated so much time and love towards Hope. Both the medical and emotional support is what has allowed Hope to progress to the point that she is at,” Burban said.

Burban said, “We know people are still asking how they can donate. Donations can be made at branfordanimalshelter.org and then click on donate. Or you can mail payments to Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter, 749 E. Main St., Branford, CT 06405. “


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